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Aina:Mated to 7 Alphas

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Aina's mother is brutally murdered by a pack of seven Alphas shortly after giving birth. Aina is on a revengeful mission as instructed by a ghostly figure who claim to be her mum. She goes on a clandestine killing spree and murders the sons of the Alphas who killed her mother, until she is then tackled by someone she fall in love with, she is then caught in the middle of the War between the warewolf and the shapeshifter. Aina must master all the uniqueness in her if she must survive the inter-beings wars,in all she must be strong always.


Mille Pov:

" This is my last day, I vividly know today will be my last day on earth, "I mustered the energy to push out the baby.

"A little more, Mrs."

I gathered more power and pushed harder; the nurse had left my child and me on the bed by ourselves. What she was checking on the fetus monitor still left me skeptical of what nurse she could be.

I was suffering from labor pains alone here, and the person who was supposed to help me was preoccupied with checking the equipment.

"Hey, come on over!,"

I screamed again and called, squeezing more air into my lungs.

I could smell wolves from approximately three kilometers away.

" We need to hurry up, they will be here soon for me and my baby," I said in a frightened voice.

"Who?" The nurse asked. She focused her eyes on the head of the baby that popped out of me.

"Just hurry up," I said, concealing things to myself. I knew I was in a deep mess. They must be very close to this hospital now. I knew because my wolf sensed it.

Finally, it was out of me. I watched as the nurse cut off the umbilical cord that connected us.

"Why is the umbilical cord wrapped over her neck," I asked the nurse. Who was busy washing my baby's blood stains

My wolf gives me more strength. I stepped down from the hard cot and collected my baby from the nurse.

I looked into her blue eyes, and her tiny little face. I kissed her and s*ck*d her mouth to my breast. I could hear her cry seize as she sipped fluid out of my breast.

The gate shook, I knew they were here at the moment. I quickly took my precious baby girl and gave it to the nurse.

"Her name is Aina," I whispered to the nurse as tears of pain flowed from my eyes.

"Take care of her for me."

I use my hand to wipe out the tears flowing from my eyes. The pain I had was not leaving my beautiful girl behind, but in the hand of a nurse, I rarely know.

All I knew was there was just a sense of trust I had for the nurse from the moment I stepped into this hospital and saw her.

"You can't just leave her like that."

I quickly walked out of the labor room. I didn't want to hear another sound from my baby whom I left in the hands of the nurse. It hurt my soul.

I quickly transformed into my wolf immediately after I left the room. I could hear a loud growl coming from down the skyscraper. I knew they were here for me.

I leaped out of a fifth-floor skyscraper window and landed on a small house below the structure.

At least if they want to disgrace me, it would not be in the same hospital or environment where I had just put my child to birth. I knew whatever was in her would react if my blood was eventually split.

I ran through the forest like a warrior queen, fully ready for battle. I could hear the sound of their paws beating the rustling leaves on the floor from behind.

There was more than one, I knew from the so-called crime they said I committed, the fate of my life wouldn't be left in the hands of just one alpha.

My heart was panting in terror as my wolf dashed through the dense mangrove, leaping from its limbs. I arrived at a large body of water. They wouldn't be going back for me at this point.

I must summon the courage to face the beasts that had been chasing me for almost a day now.

I look into their hungry eyes with a different variance of color on their fur. I was surrounded and there was no place to run to.

"She'll return to haunt your kids, " I whispered and gave myself to them.


16 years latter

Aina pov:

" Your oatmeal is gonna get cool if you don't go and consume it quickly." Aunt Ella said. I wiped off the sleep crust from my face and walked toward the dining table.

Sometimes I feel like beating up aunt Ella, I think she is just so overprotective of me, telling me to do this and do that.

"Thank you, aunt."

I knew I hadn't eaten all the oats that were left for me. I quickly stumbled into the kitchen to throw the remaining oats into the waste bin.

I don't know if I was not hungry. Something in me was just longing for fresh blood. I have never tried that before and I have never had such feelings before.

My name is Aina. People in this wonderful town of Altona always ask me about the meaning of my name. They always say it is such a beautiful name to pronounce.

Anytime I am asked, I normally lie to them saying it means joy giver. I live in a town predominantly occupied by


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