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A Strange for the Alpha

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Synopsis Lea Wulfric is a woman who has lived as a nomad for years, just after she turned eighteen. Anyone who knows her would never imagine that her lifestyle is because she is running away from the worst of evils, after all, a girl as normal and ordinary as her, couldn't be in any danger, could she? She arrives in the village of Earthwolf, ready to spend a couple of nights and continue on her way. That's when her plans come crashing down, Lea gets involved in a freak accident that turns the whole town upside down. After she loses consciousness, she turns up in a strange room, where she meets Enzo Black, a magical, mysterious, and enduringly handsome man. Enzo doesn't want this intruder to stay in his town, much less get involved with his pack; however, he's going to have to put up with her for a while, because the woman can't leave so quickly, especially since he wants to know why she's hiding so many secrets. Don't miss the outcome of this story full of longing, fantasy and lots of love. Lose yourself in Earthwolf, and become another stranger.



Review after half of the novel

I like the story. The characters are great. I like the different view point that are given. However some of the chapters are mixed up.and the author give different version of a chapter that was already done. It makes it confusing to read and also the author put in random chapters of completely different books which I didn't want to spend my coins that I have to pay for, for some non-related to the actual story. I like that the world they are in seems so real and possible

April 19, 2024

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