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A Strange for the Alpha

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Synopsis Lea Wulfric is a woman who has lived as a nomad for years, just after she turned eighteen. Anyone who knows her would never imagine that her lifestyle is because she is running away from the worst of evils, after all, a girl as normal and ordinary as her, couldn't be in any danger, could she? She arrives in the village of Earthwolf, ready to spend a couple of nights and continue on her way. That's when her plans come crashing down, Lea gets involved in a freak accident that turns the whole town upside down. After she loses consciousness, she turns up in a strange room, where she meets Enzo Black, a magical, mysterious, and enduringly handsome man. Enzo doesn't want this intruder to stay in his town, much less get involved with his pack; however, he's going to have to put up with her for a while, because the woman can't leave so quickly, especially since he wants to know why she's hiding so many secrets. Don't miss the outcome of this story full of longing, fantasy and lots of love. Lose yourself in Earthwolf, and become another stranger.


Enzo Black

I see the fire growing out of control among the shops in town and I know I need to stop it, otherwise, the whole town will be engulfed in flames. I am convinced that this incident has to do with magic, Alfie and I have thrown every drop of water we have at hand in order to put down the flames, and nothing its happening, it seems that with every amount of the water the fire since to grow mocking of me, and my incapacity to protect my people.

«Alfie! » I cry out loud in desperation in search of my beta, «Where have you gone? »

«Here I am,» he replies as I see him emerging from the flames, carrying Emily in his arms, which makes my heart tremble with terror.

After rushing to their side, the only words I can articulate are, «Are you all, right? » Earlier, I had assumed everyone was safe, but Emily's sooty blonde hair testifies otherwise.

«I'm fine,» she replies, coughing. Her voice sounds a little hoarser than usual. «But there's a girl in there, in the middle of the mess. You have to get her out, or else she’ll die. »

Just then, the sound of fluttering informs me that Draco and his brother Longwei are about to arrive. I look up at the sky and, although it is overcast due to the smoke that continues to pollute the atmosphere, I can see the pair of dragons swooping in my direction, one completely black, darker than the night itself, and the other a brilliant blue. Its scales glisten in the starlight, and I breathe a sigh of relief. Dragons are the only ones capable of extinguishing magical fire.

«They're here at last! » I shout as soon as they land next to me.

They make a movement much like a dog shaking off the water, and soon their dragon bodies have transformed into two humans standing upright on their long legs.

«Have you got everyone out yet? » Draco asks me, without much flourish, he is a man of few words.

«No, there's still a girl in there,» Emily replies in my place.

I glare at Alfie, growling audibly at him, telling him to get the blonde out of here, or I'm going to kill him. He nods quickly, scoops Emily into his arms, and runs in the direction of the ambulances that are tending to the wounded.

Anyone seeing us, not knowing we're shifters, would think it's crazy that four grown men are walking around totally naked, without shirking back, not even a little bit. However, everyone around here is used to it, we're shifters, and our clothes usually end up torn to shreds every time we jump into our animal skin.

«Let's go,» Draco demands, heading for the fire as casually as if it were a picnic day.

Longwei apologizes to me with a rueful smile for his brother's gruff behavior, but I don't really care, as it is an attitude befitting our kind. I follow them closely, without intervening, one of their abilities as dragons allows them to absorb any kind of fire, no matter where it comes from, even if it is from a spell or a curse. That's why I called them in the first place.

«Sh*t! This is heavenly fire,» Longwei complains loudly, struggling to extinguish the gigantic bonfire.

«Don't stop, Long, keep absorbing,» orders his brother and alpha.

I watch as the fire dissipates, redirected toward the chests of the two men. I find myself safe just by standing on the sidelines, both men seem to be having trouble extinguishing the fire, battling to the best of their ability.

«Enzo! » Draco barks at me, «Find the source of the fire, whatever's causing it, it's still in here. »

It's an order, and I don't like it. Being the alpha of my own pack, I'm not about to allow myself to be pushed around, but my instinct to protect my people overrides my desire to smash Draco's pretentious face, and teach him how’s the real alpha.

I transform into my wolf skin and my animal jumps with excitement, he is a sick lunatic who is fascinated by the idea of putting himself in danger, because it makes him feel alive. I slip quickly through the flames, looking for the exact spot where the fire has started.

And it is right in the middle of the scorched restaurant that I come across a woman who leaves me with my snout hanging open. She is suspended in the middle of the inferno, as if the flames are lifting her off the ground, completely naked, her hair going in all directions as if she were floating on water, with the difference that she’s actually a lot of feet far off the floor, standing in the air. It is both terrifying and fascinating to watch. Her lips move, reciting some kind of spell under her breath.

I move my wolf backward, changing back to my human form, and I take a step in her direction. Ultimately, she is the one causing such a mess. I can't understand what is happening to me, but I am drawn like a moth to the light. Something inside me screams “mine”, and it can't be, I can't develop any kind of possession towards someone I've barely seen, not again.

As if by inertia, I extend my hand in her direction, intertwining it with one of hers. Her eyes widen in surprise, she looks around and then falls to the floor, as she does so all the fire goes out, being s*ck*d out by this woman.

The unbearable heat disappears as an art of magic, and the place is pitch black, yet I can appreciate the beauty of this being. Her curves are as pronounced as the roads around the mountains, her black hair frames her face and other factions. I try not to stare at her turgid breasts that point in my direction, but I can't help it, her white complexion is so alluring that my fangs leave my mouth cavity, burning with the desire to take a bite. The ash falls on her looking like snow, I feel like I have stumbled upon Snow White, and that I am the evil huntsman captivated by her beauty.

«She must be a witch, one who doesn't know how to control her powers,» Draco speaks behind me, who has hedged himself in once the crisis is under control. «Witches are no good, Enzo, they're always trouble. Get her out of your village as soon as possible. »

«What shall we do with her? » Asks Longwei. There is a fascination in his tone of voice, apparently, I am not the only one captivated by this beauty.

«Shall we? Plural? That sounds like you guys have to do with this, and let me remember to you, that you are not part of my pack. »I don't understand why, but in my chest roars a feeling very similar to jealousy. Don't he dare touch her; I suddenly think to myself, I'll smash his face in if he does.

Immediately and as naturally as breathing, I decide that she is my problem now, so I kneel down beside her and carry her in my arms, I’m taking her home.

«Where are you taking her? » Longwei speaks again.

I turn to look at him, then growl at him, not at all happy with his intrusion.

«Fine, do what you want, » he replies, taking a step back, and raising his hands in the air in defeat.

«Let's go, » Draco barks. Obviously offended at going for his brother's throat.

We all leave the scorched establishment and as soon as the chill of the night hits us, they take flight for home, while I hold mine in my arms.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Lea Wulfric

When I manage to regain consciousness, my brain can't figure out where I am or what has happened, nor can it wake up enough to allow me to open my eyes. When I try to move, I am harassed by nausea and it throws me even more out of balance. Did something bad happen? Am I okay? Did I pass out because I was dismembered and couldn't stand the pain inflicted on my body? Panic takes over me and I silently take a mental inventory of each of my limbs, looking for signs of wounds, blood, or any suspicious substance. I find nothing, beyond the fact that I remain in one piece, none of my limbs have been torn. I smile to myself due to my obvious stupidity, everything is fine, and I'm exaggerating.

Snap out of it Lea, this is no time to be laughing, open your eyes, I mentally yell at myself.

I try, but my eyelids seem to refuse to open, I struggle furiously with them, but nothing happ


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