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A Slave for the Alpha King

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Aliyah is obliged to work for the Connors, the most influential werewolf clan in the US. Although she has no choice, Aliyah promises to break free and follow her dreams. However, Brayden Connor, the next alpha in line, forced her to become his mate, ruining her life. That's the moment werewolf king Ashton Donovan comes to Aliyah's rescue and offers her a chance to seek revenge against those who wronged her. Aliyah grabs the opportunity, but in the end, she finds herself falling in love with him. Her fate even improves when King Ashton makes her his mate. But what if Alpha Brayden shows up again, bringing information about her grandma's death? What if her urge to exact revenge is clouded by a voice in her head whispering "mate" the moment she sees him again?

Chapter 1


After I neatly folded up my clothes in the wooden dresser, I carefully arranged my medical books on the polished wooden shelf. Seeing them lined up neatly helped me feel more at home in our new room.

Grandma Estelle paused from making our beds and asked, ‘Darling, why did you bring all these heavy books?"

I turned to her and smiled. “Even if I have to stop school this year, I can’t just give up on learning.”

Grandma sighed, then crossed the room to wrap me in a tight embrace. “If your father hadn’t passed so soon, you wouldn’t have to worry about schooling or working for the Connors. I’m so sorry, Aliyah.”

I bit my lower lip, preventing myself from tearing up. The sadness in her voice made me accept the reality of our new life ahead. Grandma was right. If only Dad were still here, things would be different. Perhaps my bachelor’s honors degree was hanging on the wall, and I had already graduated from college. To be honest, Grandma didn’t know that I brought my books with me, both so I could read them in my spare time and to make myself feel better about not being able to march across the graduation stage.

“You don’t need to apologize. I’m twenty-two already. It’s time for me to take care of you, not the other way around. And even if Dad were still here, I would’ve wanted him to stop working eventually too.” I whispered, wiping away her tears. “I promise you that once we’ve saved enough money, we’ll leave the Connors. We’ll go back to our ranch house, and I’ll continue my studies. We deserve better than just being servants our whole lives.”

Grandma Estelle said, “You’ve always been wise beyond your years. I just wish things were different for you, my dear. But we’ll make the best of what we have.”

“Of course. I can do anything if you are by my side.”

Grandma nodded and reached out to cup my face in her hands. Her touch was warm and comforting, and I couldn’t help but close my eyes.

A knock on the door broke the silence between Grandma and me. I wiped my eyes fast and opened them to find Brenda Connor standing there. She had an air of authority that made me apprehensive, but I tried to keep my cool.

“Miss Connor,” I began, my gaze drawn to her steel-blue eyes. “H-how can I help you?”

She crossed her arms, saying, “Bring breakfast to my brother Brayden’s room. He’s not feeling well and needs something to eat.”

“Of course, Miss Connor. I’ll take care of it right away,” I replied without hesitation. Although I was flustered by her presence, I needed to please her and secure my position in their household.

“He doesn’t really come to breakfast with us. He sleeps during the day and stays out late.” She looked through the door into our room and spun around to leave, her long blonde hair swishing behind her. But before she left, she added, “Oh, whatever you see in his room, don’t say anything. Act like you didn’t see anything.”

Brenda’s warning made me feel even more scared. What does she mean by that? With a glance at Grandma Estelle, I could tell that she shared my unease. But she motioned for me to immediately do what the sophisticated woman said as if there was no time to waste.


With a tray of food in my hands, I reluctantly climbed the grand staircase. Although there was an elevator available, I preferred to use the steps, hoping to familiarize myself with the mansion I would be working in for months. Or should I say, years?

As I walked along the balcony overlooking the grand hall below, my mind raced with curiosity about Brenda’s cryptic warning. What could be so strange? Does the Connor family have some bizarre tradition or routine that new maids must participate in? Or is Brayden hiding an unusual collection of items in his room? The thoughts only served to heighten my anxiety, but I reminded myself that I was here to perform a simple task: bring breakfast to Brayden’s room. I couldn’t afford to mess this up. I needed this job to save for medical school.

I steadied my breathing and knocked gently on Brayden’s door before turning the handle. As the door creaked open, the smell of cleanliness filled my nostrils. It was inviting, almost as if the room itself was welcoming me inside. Brayden must be a meticulous guy, I thought, feeling slightly more at ease.

“Brayden?” I called out softly, stepping into the room with the tray of food. My eyes scanned the well-organized space, searching for any signs of life.

But then the small smile I forcefully curved across my face began to fade as I spotted a moving object by the bed. Panic bubbled up within me as a massive ball of fur, glistening in the dim light, gradually transformed into a tall, muscular man.

“W-who are you!” I shrieked, and the tray slipped from my trembling hands. It had crushed to the floor and shattered into pieces, scattering food everywhere. “What did you do to Bray—”

“Shut up, will you?” the naked man commanded, moving toward me in a flash. His hand clamped over my mouth, cutting off my scream.

Terror coursed through my veins, and my pulse pounded in my ears. I stared into the deep blue eyes of the man who had been a wolf moments ago. But then I realized he was the guy I was going to serve breakfast to. He was Brayden because he had the same eyes as Brenda. But this guy’s features were sharp and angular, contrasting with the softness of his sister. His jawline was sharp and angular, and his dark hair looked messy as if he had just come back from a wild expedition. He even smelled like earth and pine. I couldn’t believe that a massive and savage wolf could be a good-looking, rugged human being as well. And, given that he was naked, I could only look at his face, which was the safest place to look.

“You seem shocked.” He slowly took his hand away and frowned. “Are you a freakin’ human?”

“Yes, I am human, and you’re not,” I yelled, stating the obvious.

He made a lopsided grin and tilted his head to the side, revealing a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Aren’t you a little spitfire?”

I could feel his grip tightening around my arms, and the little courage I had left began to fade away. So I said, “I’m... I’m begging you. Please don’t hurt me.”

He leaned forward, so close that I could feel his hot breath against my face as he stared at me. “You cannot reveal to the outside world what you have seen here,” he growled, emphasizing every single syllable through gritted teeth. “... or else you’re dead meat in the morning. Understood?”

As much as I wanted to nod, I couldn’t even move. All I knew was that my body weakened like a melting candle until my senses were numb and my sight turned pitch black.


When I opened my eyes, I found myself lying in bed. Panic kicked my body as I examined myself, making sure that everything in me was still as intact as a rosebud. But then I jerked as a deep voice filled the room. “Don’t make any noise! Don’t shout or scream if you want to stay alive.”

Before I knew it, I was locking gazes with Brayden. His blue eyes intensified as if he was returning to a wolf again. But I was relieved that he was in a gray shirt and sweatpants this time.

“What do you expect? I just dreamed that you have shifted into a beast, and...” My cheeks felt ice cold as I realized something. Well, that wasn’t a dream at all!

Before I could scream again, his large hand covered my mouth immediately, making it difficult for me to breathe. He might have guessed that all I wanted at this moment was to scream until there was no sound coming out of my lungs anymore.

Then I remembered Brenda’s cautionary. This was the secret she was talking about. Brayden was a beast hidden within this seemingly normal family. My instincts screamed at me to run, to get out of this house and away from these people. But then another voice reminded me that I needed this job, I needed the money for my future.

“Brayden, I promise I won’t tell anyone about your... condition. But please, don’t fire me,” I pleaded. Now I regret being sarcastic a few seconds ago.

“You act as if you’ve never seen a werewolf before.” Brayden chuckled. He leaned back in his chair, gazing at me as though I were an entertainment show. “Relax. I won’t fire you.” But then his laughter died down as he leaned forward, pointing his finger to the door. “Now get out of here!”

Tears blurred my vision as I stumbled out of Brayden’s room. My hands shook uncontrollably, and the memory of what I’d just witnessed was still fresh in my mind. I sprinted down the hallway, barely avoiding a collision with an ornate vase that decorated the Connor family’s lavish home.

“What’s the rush?” Brenda’s crisp voice echoed through the grand lobby as I nearly tripped down the last few steps of the sweeping staircase.

“Sorry,” I managed to choke out between sobs, feeling my face flush with embarrassment. “I just... I need to get back to my room.”

“Is everything alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

I’ve just seen a werewolf! I screamed inwardly as I desperately tried to keep my composure. “N-nothing, Miss Connor,” I lied, forcing a weak smile onto my trembling lips. “I just got a little overwhelmed. But it won’t happen again, I promise.”

Brenda walked over to me slowly, and every echoing click of her shoes made my heart race faster. “You must remember that we have no use for maids who can’t keep their emotions in check.”

“I’ll... I’ll keep that in mind.”

She then turned around and walked away, leaving me a frightened mess.

Chapter 2


“Grandma,” I choked out as I stumbled into our room. Everything was thrown off when I abruptly entered, and clothes spilled into a disorganized mess on the floor. “Brayden... he’s a beast. I saw him change from a wolf into a human!”

I stared at her, expecting her to be as shocked as I was. But she remained quiet, continuing her task of transferring the clothes from the luggage to the dresser. I tilted my head in confusion, unsure of how to interpret her lack of response.

“Did you hear me?” I asked softly, reaching out to touch her arm. “He’s a monster, Grandma. And not just because of how he acted toward me.”

Grandma Estelle paused, lowering herself to sit in front of me. Her eyes held an odd calmness. “I know, Aliyah. The Connor family, including the servants, is not ordinary.”

“N-no way...” My mouth parted as I gazed at her. “Are you saying that the entire house is full of... of werewolves? And we’re living among them?”

It was a fact that


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