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A Miracle White Lycan

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Mileena Holland is the daughter of the head warriors of her pack that is a royal pack of Lycans called “The Nightingale”. When Mileena shifts at five, something had happened that never in a million anyone will think that will happen. She became a white Lycan. Throughout the years, some consider her a blessing, while others consider it to be an abomination. That she will get bullied by other children. Finally, her mother was fed up and left the pack taking Mileena with them, but something happen that shocked Mileena and her mother all together. Her father stayed behind. From there both women left the pack and became rouges. eventually, they found a pack to settle in, and everything got better till Rouge attacked killing some members including her mother. Will Mileena seek revenge, or will she finally become broken?


For centuries, we consider Lycans the moon goddess's perfect creation. For all to see, Lycans have special gifts. Lycans, with their special gifts, can stand on two feet in their world, strengthening them more than any average wolf and forcing them to be reckoned with. That is why a lot of supernatural creatures fear someone who highly respected them all over them.Now there is a lot more to tell, in a kingdom on the other side of the world. People are gathering around to witness a birth of a pup. Some people thought it was the King and Queen. Unfortunately, if not, the couples are Sapphire and Jedidiah. The royal head warriors of the Nightingale Pack were soon to be parents. For years, the couple tries to conceive. It always turns out to be a disappointment. As time passed, they pray to the moon goddess to send them a pup. When it seems like nothing will happen, the couple was on the verge of giving until one day the moon goddess answer their prayers. When the couple discover they were expecting a pup, it excited them their dream was coming true. It was a cold, and dark night when Sapphire was in labor, it was tense and painful. With each contraction, you can hear the screams throughout the kingdom. Sapphire lies there in the bed in the hospital, taking deep breaths as sweat drips all over her body. Jedidiah was by her side with every moment, holding her hand. Jedidiah was encouraging towards Sapphire, seeing all the pain that she was enduring. He knew Sapphire is a tough she-wolf that will overcome anything, including giving birth. They both are passion for creating a life, they waited so long for this moment. The moment of becoming parents. “One more push, Mrs. Hollands, I can see the baby head,” the doctor said.“You hear that, love? We need for you to do one more push. We get to meet our baby,” Jedidiah said, wiping the sweat from her head. Sapphire nodded with all her might she push with everything in her, howling in seconds. A cry broke out. Hearing their pup was music to their ears. “Congratulations, it’s a girl,” the doctor said, handing the baby to the nurse. A few minutes later, the nurse approach the couple with baby in arms. She gently places the baby in Sapphire's arms. There is Sapphire and Jedidiah cry with tears of joy.“She is so beautiful. You did it love, I’m proud of you,” Jedidiah said.“Thanks, I’m so happy the moon goddess has blessed us with our precious daughter”“I know love, I can that she going to be a heartbreaker” “You want to hold your daughter, Jedidiah?”“I sure love”Sapphire put the baby in Jedidiah's arms. Jedidiah cuddle up with the baby. Seeing the bound that her mate was building with their daughter, put a smile on her face.“Excuse me” Couples looked to see the nurse standing there with a clipboard and ink pen.“Have you decided a name for the baby?”“What do you think we should name her?” Jedidiah asks.“Mileena Norie Holland” Sapphire said.“That’s a beautiful name love,” Jedidiah stated.The nurse smile with a nod as she wrote the baby's name. when she was done, she looked up at the couple. From there she looked at the baby and reply “Welcome to the world Mileena”

Chapter: 1 Narrator POV:

Narrator POV: Today was just like any other day. It was sunny. While the adults were training, the pups ran around playing with one another. There stood 5-year-old Mileena among the other pups, Mileena had blossomed into a beautiful young girl with fair skin and black hair. The blessing that her parents worshipped and thank the moon goddess every day for her. She is the apple of her parent's eyes. Sapphire and Jedidiah showed nothing but unconditional love towards Mileena every chance they got. Mileena was a popular girl, she had many friends, and people consider her sweet and kind. Unlike most pups, Mileena gives off this warm sensation that made people want to be in her presence. No one can explain the feeling. In the middle of playing hide and seek, Mileena ran somewhere in the forest to hide. She found an enormous tree that was surrounded by brushes. Without thinking she ran. Immediately she crawled and hid under the. brush she felt that this will be


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