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A Luna For The Ghost Alpha

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Ghostly Mate Interventions. How do you feel if one, two, say three Alphas want to be your mate when even your right mate is there in the spiritual world? Lynn Copeland is the daughter pup of Alpha Copeland and Luna Macy, the rightful owner of the Sun Wolves' pack. Situated in one of American open cities, they rubbed minds together and created their pack house like a normal house, getting disadvantaged since moon goddess doesn't like such pack house and can't appear to them for help. Luna Macy, the mother of Lynn, insists Mike in Lynn's high school is Lynn's mate and of surety, moon goddess told Lynn such but Lynn sees him as not much to look at. She doesn't like him a bit and luckily for her, Mike joined with other students and a teacher, Philips in the high school, to attack their pack house. Luna Macy didn't believe until Mike himself landed in the pack house and did as he wished while Lynn and her other vigilant friends, the gamma and a stalker calling himself a monster, escaped, since she has strictly warned the Alpha and Luna but they gave her a wide berth. Can they escape totally from Mike and others if her Rightful Alpha Ghost Mate doesn't help? Will he help or forsake her since Mike and few others want her still?

Chapter 1 - Whispers in the Dungeon: The Alpha's Daughter Faces an Unseen Threat

A playful tap on my head catches me by surprise. In return, I playfully respond, expecting laughter to follow. Instead, she guides me to the field, commanding two formidable warriors to train me in the intricacies of combat.

"But, Mum, I was just trained," I explain, only to receive a swift hit on my chin, throwing off my balance. As I begin to tip over and descend towards the ground, a hand intervenes, gently cradling me and preventing my head from making contact with the earth.

"Thank you." I mumble but two fierce warriors stand in front of me - the Alpha and the Luna who happen to be my parents. Alpha Copeland and Luna Macy.

"Who did this little b*tch appreciate?" Mum dismissively inquires. She forces me to stand while sighing furiously.

"I'm not a little b*tch." I quip. "I know what is good for me and it is not Mike - do not force him to be my mate." And I forcefully remove her hands from me.

"You've got guts to talk back at me? I'm certain you have secured a backup that encourages your d*mn actions." Copeland scowls. He beckons to the top warriors to take me to the field for training.

"Don't respect emotions. Train her with your iron hands." He instructs the two warriors.

"Even iron hands can't control me." I splutter and stop abruptly, noticing two eerie hands gesturing to me from a distance.

"Okay, I'm coming." I say, waving at the unseen hands.

"You seriously need a check-up by the pack doctor. I'll call for you when he's available." Copeland remarks.

"For now, go to the field with John and James. School activities will resume by next week. You need more ability to fight any kind of wolf or vampire." He relays.

Macy sighs and asks for the Alpha's permission, "I want to see Lynn for a minute. John and James, I'll force her to the field. She can meet you there."

"Your wish is our command, Luna." James and John assert, while they leave our presence and head back to the field where tough training is going on with young wolves. I keep my stare fixed at the direction of the field before mum forcefully pulls my hands into hers as she leads the way to her room.

She pushes me to the bed, looking slightly violent. "Lynn, tell me now, did the moon goddess show you any secret? Maybe who your mate is?"

"I swear!" I exclaim, and remain quiet, trying to cope with her grimaced face.

"You swear what?" She contends and fist her palm. She knocks it on my forehead and mercilessly squeezes my ears.

"Talk to me, waste product. I'll sell you off to the rogues if you remain quiet." She challenges.

Alpha Copeland and Luna Macy are popular Werewolves that rightfully founded this pack - Sun Wolves Pack. We don't have more than fifty warriors though - with two Betas, one Alpha and one Luna, as it should be. This pack is located around Moonlight Springs, Colorado. It's a modern Werewolf pack and more secure than the packs in times past.

One of our past warriors, Nice, once shifted to her wolf and lost control so that she broke out of this pack and sped away, reaching my high school. It was the dead of the night, security wolves sped after her but couldn't catch up. She caused my school to declare an unexpected vacation since some of the buildings were destroyed. Resumption pends till next week, while they renovate the buildings.

Back to my mother right here strictly warning me not to go against the wish of the moon goddess. Truly, moon goddess revealed to me that Mike is my real mate but I have no feeling fo him - not at all. Though I haven't seen him physically but I've heard of him and seen his pictures.

"Are you even aware that Mike will compete for the Alpha position when you resume? He has higher chances to win than his rivals do." She brings to my notice.

She scoffs, capturing my attention even more, "He will win the contest and the title will be his. If you accept to be his mate, you will be a great Luna and it will favor your parents as well."

I decide to falsify the truth so she will quit asking the same question all over again, "Well, the moon goddess hasn't revealed who my mate is. I still anticipate that."

"We can expect her to do that before school fully resumes." She rejoins. "It should be this night. She promised us it will be very soon. I'm certain she doesn't disappoint."

"Am I free to leave now?" I ask her, becoming more impatient. I leap up from bed but she shoves me back.

Her fingers grow wilder and into claws, as she darts towards me on the bed; she snarls and whines, muttering to me that her wolf is pro active.

"No. No. No." I calm her wolf down. "I didn't offend you. Please don't thrust out."

Then, she calms down and squats beside me, "If you don't know this, I'll tell you today." She whispers into my ears as precariously blunt as ever.

"What…" I stutter with a shallow voice. "...what, mum?"

She heaves a sigh of relief as she quits being aggressive and lays on the bed.

"Before you take your leave, let me leak a secret to you." She snaps.

"I have a special ability - I hear spirits. I hear them speak." She reveals. She shushes me when she notices my shock at the revelation.

"Each thought that pops up in your mind, pops up in my mind as well - ever since you've been on holidays." She reveals to me. "I know your intentions. You seek to disobey all what we say."

My lips move but don't utter a statement.

"Do not say a word. If you ever reveal this to anyone, including your father, consider yourself dead." She threatens as my heart throbs with fear.

I shake my head and affirm, "I won't tell anyone. I promise. Never will I tell it to anyone."

"Fine. Do not give Mike a tough time. I clearly heard the moon goddess say to you that he's your destined mate. I just wanted to know if you will tell the truth." She informs.

"Why were you playing along then?" I inquire.

"Keep shut. If you don't promise me to abide my by rules, I'll expose this secret to the Alpha and the whole pack." She shuts her eyes, saying these words.

I slightly chuckle but cover my lips when it looks disrespectful. After I am able to suppress the laughter, I speak up.

"What in the actual f*ck do you want to report?" I sass. "It will have much effect on you than it will, on me. Do you agree?"

She shrugs her shoulders, "I don't care if the Alpha knows about this - I only care about how he knew. I will link his mind with mine and he will view those horny thoughts of yours. The desperation in your heart to resume and cuddle cute male wolves while building your team to attack Mike and kill him so the moon goddess will give a freehand to choose whoever you want."

"Hold on - this looks like a set-up. The Copeland I know is not so daft to listen to this and believe without confirming properly." I fire back.

She mockingly chuckles, "I have more experience than you do. I can frame you up and won't break a sweat."

"Agreed. Mike Johnson - he is my mate. My destined mate." I affirm with my lips, and refuse in my mind.

She heaves a sigh of contention.

"Can you still view horny thoughts in my mind?" I playfully ask. "As though it never crossed your mind while you were still a teenager."

"I actually expected you to be more surprised at the revelation. How did you think I was correct about hearing from the spirit realm?" She challenges.

"This is not the first time someone will reveal such to me. It looks normal." I fire back.

"What!" She exclaims.

"This is not my first time seeing ghosts."

"I don't understand?"

"My mate. My preferred mate actually is more involved in the paranormal world."

"Mike deals with the spiritual world?" She concernedly, sitting more properly in bed.

"Not Mike."

"Then who?"

"My preferred mate." I clip. "Your mate is Mike, not mine. My mate is somewhere in school."

She stifles giggles while clutching her stomach tightly. Mimicking my statement, she continues to laugh heartily.

"You are hereby restricted to this pack. I will let the pack know about this. You have been banned from attending high school. You're in your final grade which shows how well we've contributed to your education. Imagine a nineteen year old wolf who will quit being a teenager next year, not being able to shift or mind link." She harshly says.

"That is not my fault, anyway." I sniffle, and try to fight back the tears that pool in my eyes.

"It's totally your fault, trash can." She firmly says. "We summoned the moon goddess on your 18th birthday so we could know your mate but you fled and before we could find you, she left our presence and punished you for one more year. Now you're nineteen, and still not able to transform to your wolf."

"I'm nineteen and I will get my mate. I am no longer interested in any kind of ceremonial wedding between Werewolf lovers. I'll be acquainted with my preferred wolf lover and he will simply mark me while we enjoy our simple life.

"That can only happen if you leave this pack house. Let's watch how that happens." She threatens.

"I need you to leave this room and get to the field now!" She scowls as she says.

"Well, we can bet on this. Whether you allow me resume school or not, I will not be mated to Mike. I will always be available for who I truly love." I sass.

Not arguing further, I burst out of the room and scoot over to the field.

"John? James?" I call and sight them at a corner in the field. They wave at me to direct me to them.

"No. That corner is secluded." I respond. "Come to the open."

"Just come." John whispers to me but I can hear him though I'm not too close yet. "Nothing's here in the dungeon. Let's watch the offenders."

The dungeon is always at the left corner of the field and any wolf that trespasses serves there. It depends on the crime committed. Bigger crimes can lead wolves to the pack cell where bigger wolves serve as guards there.

I encourage myself and walk towards them while being cautious with my movement. After I reach the corner, I can boldly see the dungeon. I've never come too close like this. I can also see John and James carefully scrutinizing the front of the dungeon. We suddenly hear a strange sound - a sound that no wolf has ever made.

James quickly presses his ears against the large and strong gate of the dungeon and he scoots over to my side to give me a report.

"We perceived a different scent. And we traced it back to you. Weirdly, it looks like there's a connection between you and the strange sound." He reports.

"That shouldn't concern me. I know no offender in the dungeon. I can leave this whole place and return to my room please." I grumble.

"The voice keeps mentioning your name." John adds.

"That is totally out of it. How did I become so popular for a monstrous voice to scream my name?" I chuckle nervously as I say in disbelief.

I suddenly sight a stealth movement of a strange being in the dungeon when it is slightly open for more observation. It returns to where it initially hid when he notices our presence. I stoop low to make some observations and inferences but John and James remain standing.

"We have to inform the pack about this. We have never encountered this kind of being." John whispers loudly.

"We can be better at compiling evidence." I encourage them and we get into the dungeon, carefully approaching the strange object to know when to attack and when to run.

"Lynn, we have to go." James suddenly says when he listens to the monster's groans. All the offenders in this dungeon remain silent, planning to attack it if it attacks them.

"Leave me here if you'd like to go. You can inform the pack about it while I keep a close eye." I tell them and move forward. They remain behind, not willing to leave me alone in the dungeon. I stop immediately, and look back to see if they've gone. But before I look at my front, the monster grapples me and escapes with me.

Chapter 2 - Mike Returns To School

"Sh…." The creature shifts into a human form. "I'm Ezekiel, your destined mate."

"But…" I reply in a quavering tone. "...I can't see anyone or anything here. This place looks more like a dungeon than a cave." As I speak, my voice echoes and returns louder to my ears.

"Yes, it's the dungeon. I'm here to take you to my pack to become a Luna." He informs me. "Don't be scared; we can easily get out of here."

"How about Mum and Dad? How about the warriors? They would be worried about me now." I express again, and he runs his hands through my hair. He doesn't reply; he only stares and smiles.

"Is that a reply?" I roll my eyes at him. "Please, let me go back."

"No." He clips. "I want to mark you right here!"

"Under duress?" I reply, shallowly. "Don't even think about it."

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