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A Luna For The Ghost Alpha

A Luna For The Ghost Alpha

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Ghostly Mate Interventions. How do you feel if one, two, say three Alphas want to be your mate when even your right mate is there in the spiritual world? Lynn Copeland is the daughter pup of Alpha Copeland and Luna Macy, the rightful owner of the Sun Wolves' pack. Situated in one of American open cities, they rubbed minds together and created their pack house like a normal house, getting disadvantaged since moon goddess doesn't like such pack house and can't appear to them for help. Luna Macy, the mother of Lynn, insists Mike in Lynn's high school is Lynn's mate and of surety, moon goddess told Lynn such but Lynn sees him as not much to look at. She doesn't like him a bit and luckily for her, Mike joined with other students and a teacher, Philips in the high school, to attack their pack house. Luna Macy didn't believe until Mike himself landed in the pack house and did as he wished while Lynn and her other vigilant friends, the gamma and a stalker calling himself a monster, escaped, since she has strictly warned the Alpha and Luna but they gave her a wide berth. Can they escape totally from Mike and others if her Rightful Alpha Ghost Mate doesn't help? Will he help or forsake her since Mike and few others want her still?

Chapter 1 - A Monster In The Dungeon

She gives me a knock on my head. Unexpectedly, I return it and stifle giggles, expecting her to do the same but no, she drags me to the field and orders two tough warriors to train me how to fight.

"But, mum, I was just trained." I tell her and she hits me on my chin, making me become imbalanced. I drift off and start to fall to the ground and just immediately before touching the ground, a hand touches me and caresses me, disallowing my head to hit the ground.

"Thank you for saving me." I whisper and pout my lips but the only people I see here are the tough trainers, Alpha Copeland and my mother, Luna Macy.

"Who saved who, bitch?" My mum cusses under her breath, helping me up with force and sighing furiously.

"I'm not a bitch. I refuse Mike. I don't want him. And that does not mean I'm a bitch or I don't know what is good." I retort, and jerk her hands off of me.

"You're becoming too rude these days. Seems you've gotten a cockroach in your cupboard." My Dad, Alpha Copeland tells me, and shakes his head while the two tough warriors beckon to mum, asking for permission to drag me to the field and train me with iron hands.

"Even iron hands can't control me." I splutter and stop abruptly, seeing two spooky hands motioning to me from a distance. "Okay, I'm coming." I wave at the unseen hands.

"Seems you're now hallucinating. I'll call for the pack's doctor to check up on you." Alpha Copeland says. "Now, join John and James on the field. Your school will be resuming in a week. You gotta train."

"A minute, John and James, please." Mum pleads. "I need to see Lynn right now."

"Your wish is our command, Luna." James and John repeat and resume working in the field while mum jerks my hands into hers as she makes her way to her personal room.

"Lynn, tell me." She sits me down on a stool after we get into her room. "Who did moon goddess show as your mate?"

"I swear!" I retort and remain silent for few minutes, trying to cope with the disdainful glances she's shooting at me.

"What are you swearing, are you nuts?" She knocks her fist on my forehead and squeezes my chin. "Talk to me, you idiot. I'll sell you off if you'll be like this."

"That would be better, Luna." I reply.

Alpha Copeland and Luna Macy are my parents and the owner of this pack called Sun Wolves pack. We have only fifty warriors, two Betas and one Alpha with one Luna. We are right here in America city, Los Angeles, not even in the wilderness. No one would know this is a pack house unless such is a Werewolf, since we built it like a house and installed numerous soundproofs should anyone mistakenly shift. One of our warriors called Nice shifted into her Wolf and became so furious that she unintentionally broke through this house and landed in my school. It was late in the night, so no one was able to see her. She's the reason for my being at home since school had to shut down immediately to recover all the losses caused by her invasion, and now here is the Luna of this pack, my own mother, warning me not to go against the wish of the moon goddess.

Truthfully, moon goddess told me Mike is the mate but I do not like him a bit - the hands that appeared and saved me from falling is who I love. I haven't even seen him, I haven't met with him but I know he's somewhere in this city and we'd meet.

"Since you're resuming soon, Mike will compete for the Alpha position if it's possible, and once he wins the position, you'll become a great Luna. Moon goddess has been telling us your mate is Mike."

"Well, moon goddess hasn't told me anything yet." I lie.

"Then, wait a bit more." She clears her throat. "She should contact you tonight. She doesn't confuse."

"Can I go now?" I ask her, trying to stand up but she hits me back on the bed.

Her fingers grow wilder and into claws, as she darts towards me on the bed; she snarls and whines, muttering to me that her wolf is pro active.

"No. No. No." I calm her wolf down. "I didn't offend you. Please don't thrust out."

Then, she calms down and squats beside me, "If you don't know this, I'll tell you today." She whispers into my ears as precariously blunt as ever.

"What…" I stutter with a shallow voice. "...what, mum?"

"I hear spirits. I hear minds. I have the ability." Mum tells me and shushes me once I start to exhale.

"What… what you have been thinking since day one you came here for the random holiday, I've been knowing your intentions."

"Don't talk." She clips. "If anyone hears this, you're as good as your dead body."

"Never." I splutter and shake my head. "Never will I tell anyone."

"Good." She gulps. "As you're returning to school, if Mike approaches you, don't act tough for him. He's your mate, I clearly heard moon goddess telling you that."

"Why were you playing along then?"

"Keep quiet. If you don't agree now, I'll expose you to the Alpha and other warriors."

I chuckle and cover my lips with my fingers, trying to suppress the laughter. After controlling myself, I speak up.

"But, mum, report what?" I ask her and fold my arms together across my chest.

"Those horny thoughts. You want to resume school and just pick whatever wolf seems nice." She tells me, making me to want to laugh at her the more. "I'll reveal everything to the Alpha and I'll ensure you're locked up."

"How do you think they're gonna believe you? Did anyone hear me say that?" I retort.

"I have more experience than you do. I'll frame you up." She tells me.

"Okay, agreed. Mike Johnson. My mate." I tell her but deep down in me, I don't mean it.

"Or am I still thinking about horny things?" I ask her, rolling my eyes. "As though you never thought it."

"Hold on, Lynn." She suddenly cuts my speech short. "I actually expected you to be more surprised than you're, when I mentioned the issue of hearing minds."

"It's no big deal." I reply in haste. "This is not my first time hearing that."


"This is not my first time seeing ghosts."

"I don't understand?"

"My mate. My preferred mate actually deals with ghost but he himself isn't."

"Mike deals with ghost?" She readjusts her sitting position. "My God. Tell me more."

"Not Mike."

"Then who?"

"My own mate." I reply. "Your own mate is Mike, and not mine. My mate is somewhere there in school."

She stifles giggles as she holds her tommy tight with her hands. She mimicks my statement and keeps on laughing.

"You're not moving from this pack. You're not even attending college any longer. Since you're in your final grade, it's still good and shame to you, you're 19 yet you can't shift, you can't mind link."

"How's that my fault?" I sniffle, trying to fight back the tears pooling in my eyes.

"It's totally your fault, Lynn!" She yells at me. "We were summoning moon goddess on your 18th birthday to get to know your mate but no, you fled and before we could find you, the getting mated seasons have gone and that's to say, you'll have to come back next year."

"Now is next year. I'm not even going to for any kind of official marking, I'll just get that wolf and let him mark me."

"Then, let's see how you will get out of this pack." She tells me and snickers.

"Let's bet it. Whether you allow me to escape or not, I won't get mated to Mike, I have my own love and mate in school, please."

"Before I open my eyes…" she says, and shuts her eyes. "Get into the field."

Without even arguing with her, I walk out of her room and head straight to the field.

"James and John, I'm here now." I wave at the two tough trainers and they beckon to me to come over to their region.

"No, that place is too secluded." I tell them. "Let's use the open field."

"Just come." John mutters. "Nothing's here in the dungeon. Just to watch some… you know?"

I walk over to them with a badge of intense cautiousness on my head. After reaching where they are at the back of the balcony, I see the dungeon and they are right in front of it. They are both squatting and peering at an object. An object moving around the dungeon but seems stuck in; In turn, making a strange and scary wet squelching sound.

"What..what is that?" I ask them as I also squat beside them.

"We perceived a different smell, and so we traced it here." James says. "It's an entirely different smell."

"How has that got to do with me?" I ask them, rolling my eyes and shrugging my shoulders.

"Because it claims to know you."

"God forbid." I reply almost immediately. "Are you okay? Why would a Monster know me?"

Then, I see the monster flick through the dungeon again, he leaps forward but automatically gets behind again, then he starts to growl.

"Do we need to tell the Alpha?" John suggests.

"We have never seen this kind of object here. I think so." James adds.

They both get up while I remain squatting.

"Lynn, let's go." James tries to help me up but I jerk his hands off of my shoulders.

"Leave me here." I tell them.

"Never! Why would we?" James retorts.

"Then stay here with me." I reply.

And just like that, the monster gets out and drags me into the dungeon.

Chapter 2 - Three Claiming Mates: Revealing The Secret To A Lying Werewolf Master

"Sh…." The monster shifts into his human form. "I'm Ezekiel, your destined mate."

"But…" I reply in a quavering tone. "...I can't see anyone or anything here. Here looks more than a cave would look like." As I talk, my voice echoes and returns back to my ears but more loudly.

"Yes. It's the dungeon. I'm here to take you to my pack to become a Luna." He tells me. "Don't be scared, we can easily get out of here."

"How about mum and dad? How about the warriors? They would be worried about me now." I tell him again and he runs his hands through my hair. He doesn't reply, he only stares at me and smiles.

"Is that a reply?" I roll my eyes at him. "Please let me go back."

"No." He clips. "I want to mark you right here!"

"Under duress?" I reply, shallowly. "Don't try it."

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