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Lynn and Peter, propelled by a rigid determination to accomplish their dreams of being a Luna and an Alpha respectively, have taken many steps forward and embarked on different tasks. With each step they took, the experiences grew more unpalatable but it granted them opportunities to improve. But as they embarked on their final mission to qualify for a pack house, fate crossed their path to be a companion to them. The mission spot was full of unexpected trials, and discouraging arrows, shot at them, but they never succumbed to despair. Just when they thought victory was within their reach, their journey took an unexpected turn. Trapped by assassin rogues, Lynn and Peter found themselves at the verge of their nightmares, their hopes dwindling into vanity. Will they vanquish, and secure the pack house they've fought so hard for? Will the ominous plans of the rogues smash their plans to smithereens? Unearth the answer to this captivating cliffhanger as the thrilling saga unravels.

Chapter 1 - Silent Murder


"Even if you were to kill me, do you have the guts to sever my possession from its place? Is it disturbing you?!" The man yells and wails as he attempts to reposition his organ, but it refuses to fit back in place. I stare at him with pity, loosening my grip on the knife, realizing he's trying to seize the opportunity to take it from me.

As he reaches for the knife, I swiftly jerk it out of his grasp and drive it down onto his head. A smile briefly crosses his face before he succumbs to death. Glancing over, I notice my partner hasn't yet killed the girl. Instead, he fixates on the remarkable organs in her chest before slipping the knife into his back pocket. With his left hand, he raises her left leg, then pins her to the wall with his right hand. Engrossed, he penetrates her with his manhood, and I'm overcome with the urge to scream as I witness his reaction to the act of penetration, fearing he might harm her with the knife.

The woman remains silent, allowing the wet entry, but now he attempts to withdraw, and she refuses to comply. Anger boils within me, and I storm over, angrily pulling my mate's body off of her, but she persists. I notice his manhood is stuck. What is it with Peter and s*x? Only God knows what he finds so appealing about it. I contemplate cutting him free, but the woman wants to engage with him, and in the process, she cunningly attempts to steals the knife from his back pocket.

In the process of her attempt, I react by hitting her hand, prompting her to look at me. But she had grabbed the knife. Suddenly, she lunges at me with Peter's man still attached and pins me against the wall.

"What's going on? Why is this happening, Peter?" I wonder.

The situation feels like it's spiraling out of control. I consider leaving to at least inform my mother, but the woman refuses to let me go.

"You can't leave, please." She finally speaks up. "Or is this man your friend?"

"He's not just my friend, he's my mate. Please let him go. Why are you keeping him hostage? Why can't he speak?" I shout at her, frustration building within me.

Ignoring her request, I glare at where she's gesturing, refusing to indulge her desire.

"What are you talking about?" She mumbles. "I'm speaking to you. Can you help me make my breasts more comfortable? Help me press them."

"Are you part of the LGBTQ community?" I inquire.

"Obviously." She confirms, confirming my suspicion. LGBTQ? This is the first LGBTQ wolf that I'll first encounter.

"Can you just leave?" I demand, my tone seething with fury and authority.

"Nope. This man must pay. He doesn't know my gender or preferences, yet he took advantage of me." She complains.

"I didn't penetrate. Her structure is just irresistible." Peter interjects, and I feel a slight sense of relief, although I know I shouldn't.

"What structure? If you say another word, I'll use this knife on you!" She threatens, brandishing the knife she had hidden.

"Why would you attempt that?" Peter retorts, and the woman aims the knife at his throat, but I intervene just in time, snatching the knife from her hand swiftly.

"He's my mate, and he's well-known. Why are you doing this to him?" I yell at her, frustration and anger evident in my voice. She rolls her eyes at me and scoffs slightly.

"Why am I doing what to what?" She asks, eventually rising to her feet. Peter stretches his limbs, feeling somewhat relieved now that he's been freed, but she quickly moves to straddle him once again. I refuse to let this happen again.

As I sit down, refusing to let Peter penetrate me, his manhood curves, but at least the woman doesn't remain on top of him. Suddenly, I notice her behind me, wielding two guns. What does she need guns for? Is she planning to kill an animal, or am I missing something?

Before I can comprehend her intentions, she fires a bullet at my neck. Strangely, I don't feel any pain. When I turn to mock her, she's gone, but the bodies of the two men we killed in bed continue to bleed, their vital organs detaching as well.

"Do you think we should dismember their bodies instead?" I suggest, feeling a mix of confusion and detachment from the surreal events unfolding around me.

"I don't think so." My mate replies. "Let's leave them be and see what they're capable of. Perhaps they'll transform into wolves and challenge us. They clearly don't know who we are."

"But, mate, you always act foolishly whenever you see a naked woman. Why is that? Why are you so weak?" I ask him, and he breaks down into sobs like a newborn baby.

"It's not my fault, Lynn. It's my nature. And I don't want to change it. I wanted to mutilate her breasts instead."

"That would have been more difficult." I remark. "So where's Melissa? She was the one next to the guy whose manhood I cut off and head I hit?"

"Yes, she's the one. She's returning in her ghost form, and she'll follow me or us back to the pack house. I think we should wait until tomorrow to go, not today."

"What's that?" I inquire. "I think one of them is moving. Or am I mistaken?"

"I don't see any movement. Let's stay calm and bathe together. It's been a week since you became pregnant. How many months ago was the kid supposed to have been conceived?"

"Just two weeks. This week makes it three, and I still have to go through four weeks times six, that's twenty-four weeks. I have more tasks ahead, so please get a pack house for me on time before I lose my patience." I insist, with a hint of seriousness in my tone.

He chuckles softly, especially at my last words. "You know how challenging it is to acquire a pack house, yet you speak of it as if it's something I can simply request and it will be handed to us." He counters.

"It's possible. Aren't you close to the moon goddess?" I inquire.

"Not that close." He replies. "I mean, not close enough to the point of acquiring pack houses from her. I'm not sure how that would work."

"You can always ask in advance." I reassure him. "Nothing is impossible. Or is that only for God, huh?"

He nods in agreement.

"Now that I recall, my father promised to give us one of his pack houses. He owns several, and he's willing to grant us one if only you can be humble." I explain.

"Why haven't you mentioned this before?" He retorts. "You should have told me earlier. Now that I'm going to the pack house, I've been planning to start my reign there."

"I'm sorry." I apologize sincerely.

"You don't have to apologize, it's fine." He reassures me, and I let out a sigh of relief.

"Whatever you decide, just make sure it's done in a timely manner." I urge him. "Are you considering what Dad is offering, or do you still want your own pack house there?"

"I prefer having the pack house there." He responds. "But let's consider the pack house your Dad wants to give me. How good is it?"

"Do you like Mom's pack house? The one we're in now?" I inquire.

"Yes, I do." He confirms.

"And what about the pack house facing us?" I ask again.

"Yes, I like them both." He replies.

"Our pack houses are better than that. It's actually two, but like two in one." I inform him.

"Better? Even if it's just the same as this, I would love it, but what about the necessary things?" Je asks, seeming concerned.

"Necessary things?" I inquire.

"Yes, don't you know?" He asks.

"Oh! The warriors. Yes, there are warriors, and we would be given well over one hundred!" I confirm.

"Tell me you're joking!" He yells, seemingly incredulous, and moves as if he wants to lift me up.

"No, I'm not joking! It's true. But how do we get these people out of here? What if Mom even comes?" I ask, feeling anxious. Then, a knock sounds on the door, and I freeze in bed. Unable to find my voice, my mate has to speak up.

"Who the hell is that, please?" He asks, and we hear a voice that sounds like Mom's, or maybe not.

I lean my back against the door as my mate gathers up the individuals and stuffs them into a large plastic bag, tossing it into the bottom bin in the wardrobe.

"Open the d*mn door!" The person outside hollers, rapping on the door with more force.

"What is it? I'm naked and can't just open the door." I excuse, hoping to buy some time. The person outside seems to calm down, at least for a moment.

"Are you done?" I whisper to my mate, and he nods, already spreading another bedsheet on the bed as the person enters the room.

It turns out to be the Mom we were discussing.

"Mum?" I inquire again as I see her roll her eyes towards me.

"You and your mate should come to my office right away!" She commands.

"Why, ma'am? Why should that be?" Peter asks.

"I don't know." She answers sharply. "And stop questioning me. Just come! We need you at the moment."

I exchange a quick wink with my mate, and we both follow her outside to see what she's talking about or ranting about.

"Not there yet?" I ask, but she knocks her fist on my head.

"Who is this?" She demands, pointing at someone in front of me, and I gasp in surprise.

Chapter 2 - Sex Addict Alpha Acquires A Pack

"Mom, please, enough with the antics. I've met Dad before." I say, trying to stifle a laugh. "Let's drop the act, okay?"

My friend snickers and glances back as Mom shoots him a disappointed look.

"You've really met him?" Macy asks Copeland, who stands before one of the highest-ranking Warriors.

"Yeah, I've met him. Came to see his mate, who's been keeping him hidden for a while. Where is he?" Dad's tone is flat.

"Right here, Alpha." Peter signals by raising his right hand. Copeland inspects him, then spits to the side in disgust.

"So, what have you been up to?" Copeland asks.

"In what regard?" Peter retorts, and Copeland lets out a heavy sigh.

"...getting a pack house sorted. Or has my daughter filled you in yet?" He questions.

"Yeah, she mentioned you were offering us a pack house with over a hundred warriors." Peter


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