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Youth of You

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: ANNA
  • Chapters: 73
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 4.6K
  • 7.5
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Davian and Alicia… They were lovers on the screen but not in real life. But Alicia loved Davian because he was the man of her dreams and he had a warm and kind personality. Davian made one mistake six years ago and fell for another woman, the woman he believed he would always be responsible for. When he is forced to marry Alicia - his best friend's sister - instead of the woman he loves, he has no choice but to make it a contract marriage. But as the lies start to become untangled and the events from six years ago become clearer, he understood everything. He found who is the rightful owner of his youth...

Chapter 1

“Is it true that you’ve loved me for six years?”

A man’s cold and deep magnificent voice aimed at the woman who was standing in front of him with her head lowered. He eyed her coldly, he traveled his eyes through her curvaceous body. She was gorgeous, she was always gorgeous as she held the title of the most beautiful woman in the entertainment industry.

She was called the pure queen as she never did anything dirty to climb high. Everything she had gained was all using her own strength and ability. There were no dirty little secrets behind her success. It was not a new thing to him, he knew about her well because he was Davian Howard, the best male actor and a billionaire who owned a few entertainment companies..

No matter what, anything about her didn’t even affect him because, in his eyes, there was a woman way more beautiful and pure than the woman who was standing in front of him. His heart has set on her and he will always love her instead of this woman who was standing in front of him. He sighed and threw the cigarette bud into the ashtray before getting up from the sofa he was sitting on.

“Alicia Blake... Answer me, will you?” he asked her again with an annoyed voice.

He stared at her face, then she slowly raised her head and looked at his face with her glowing emeralds. Those eyes were always gorgeous as she possessed uniqueness. She stared into his eyes with her big watery eyes before biting her lips nervously. Then she took a deep breath and forcefully smiled at him.

“Yes, it’s true..”

Her voice was broken and pathetic. He ironically chuckled looking at her before taking a few steps closer to her. How can he believe what she says? She loved him? It was such an impossible thing. How can she love him while knowing that he always had a relationship with her cousin? She knew it very well.

“Alicia.. Don’t you dare to lie. Even though your brother is my best friend, and we’ve known each other since we were young, I would never forgive you for lying. It’s been also six years since I started to date Selena. You know it! You know everything so how can you say that you loved me? Why are you lying just to make things hard for me?”

His voice was calm but deadly as he spoke. He was helpless and lost because of this woman in front of him. He was asked to marry her, he was asked to be with her because everyone in his family said that she was the girl who was perfect as his wife. But he didn’t want to, he didn’t want it because he didn’t love her.

“No... I’m telling the truth Davian. I loved… I loved you but you only paid attention to Selena.” she spoke as tears washed her gorgeous face. He clenched his jaws angrily, he was angry because of her but as an intelligent man, he was enduring his anger not wanting to shout at her or hurt her.

“Leave! I don’t want to shout at you, Alicia. Just go and tell that you can’t get married.” he said looking at her. She stared at him for a while and shook her head with tears in her eyes. Seeing her reaction, Davian’s heart filled with anger. He strode towards her and grabbed her arm as he dug his nails into her smooth skin.

“Do as I said!” His voice was calm but filled with anger. Alicia looked into his eyes and watched him for a while before shaking her head innocently. Davian’s heart filled with annoyance, he stared at her emerald eyes before tightening the grip he had around her hand.

“What’s wrong with getting married to me Davian? I... I would just do everything for you”

Teardrops fell down from her eyes as she said that. He stared at her crying face and let go of her arm before moving away from her. His mind was a mess, he thought that this woman would at least help him with this d*mn marriage because he treated her as a sister but looked at her, wanting to get married to him while knowing that he loved Selena.

“So you don’t want to clear this mess?” Davina asked. His heart was hammering against his chest with anger.

“Let’s just be together Davina. Please…” she smiled at him and came to him before taking his arm and intertwining their fingers. Her touch gave him goosebumps. He immediately pulled his hand away from hers. Taking a few steps back, he stared at her angrily before walking into the room.

He didn’t have any choice. If she didn’t agree to marry him, at least he could have done something but now seeing that she also wanted to marry him, his heart filled with helplessness and anger. Davian entered his room and grabbed the paper on the bedside table along with a pen before walking out angrily.

As he came out, he saw Alicia was lowering her head while wiping her tears. He watched her for a while and threw the paper at her face angrily. Then she looked at him and slowly bent down before picking up the paper. Davina didn’t miss the way her body trembled seeing what was in the paper. He eyes her coldly until her eyes fall on him with tears.

“I only treated you as a sister. I don’t have any feelings for you and I never expected you to have either. But let me tell you, Alicia, you know I only love Selena. She’s not here but she'll come back soon. When she comes back, you will just leave my life. Don’t keep too many hopes. I will not love you”

“Sign the contract and I will marry you now.”

He said looking at her gorgeous eyes. She stared at him for a while and lowered her head before looking at the paper in her hands. Davian saw the pain and hurt in her eyes and she bit her lower lip looking at the contract. Then she again looked at him and smiled through her tears.

“Do you dislike me this much?” her question made his heart somewhat heavy. He looked away from her eyes and clenched his jaws along with his muscles as his mind was suppressed by the memories. He couldn’t help but recall the first day he saw her. Remembering that day, his heart ached. He didn’t know but he felt so weird.

“Don't be amazed by her beauty. I’m warning you Dav!”

Davian laughed hearing his best friend, Aaron. He knew that Aaron had a gorgeous sister but he never got a chance to see her. He always wanted to see the girl but he didn’t know the reason behind it. Leading him into the house, Aaron asked him to follow him. Davian followed him and then they stopped in front of a room.

The room was just a dancing room. Aaron’s family was rich and held high status in the country so there was no surprise to see a dancing room inside of a house. Then inside of the room, there was a girl and a middle-aged woman. Davian’s eyes fell on the girl inside of the room, wearing black leggings with a red crop t-shirt exposing her perfect waist and creamy white skin. She was wearing her ballet shoes. Her hair was tied into a high ponytail with a ribbon but short hair strands were falling down through her face.

She was dancing to the rhythm. Seeing her, his heart skipped a beat. She was gorgeous. Her body was perfect and beautiful. He expected her to be beautiful but he didn’t expect this kind of beauty. He stared at her as if he hadn't seen a girl before. But soon his view was disturbed by Aaron’s face.

Davian groaned and rolled his eyes before letting out a deep sigh. Then he looked at Aaron’s face to see he was smirking.

“She’s going to be an actress. She’s gorgeous and lovely.” Aaron said before pushing the door open and walking into the room. Then Davian also followed him.

“Alicia…” Aaron called her. Then she looked in their direction and both Alicia’s and Davina’s eyes met for the first time.

“Yes. I dislike every woman who is not Selena. Sign it” Davina heartlessly replied as he forced his memories back. He was not lying, he only liked Selena.

Chapter 2

‘You will stay away from my life and keep this marriage as a secret.’

‘No love or care for each other. This is just nothing but a contract marriage just to impress my parents'

‘You will have your freedom to be with any man you desired but it should not be in public’

‘Don’t try to meddle with my personal life.’

Alicia stopped reading the contract seeing the first few lines. Seeing the paper, there was a dull ache inside of her with a crushing sensation in her chest. There were no words to describe how hurt it was to get a contract like this from the man she loved for six years. She looked at his pitch-black irises and forcefully made the pain in her chest back.

She walked towards the coffee table and bent down. Placing the contract on it. She brought the pen to the empty space where she was asked to sign and signed on it with a trembling hand. For the first time in her life, she felt that this is the first time her sign became this ugly because it w


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