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Young master, your wife is reborn again

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She died in peace, guarding the river for three days and three nights, came to collect the body but not her husband - looking at the man gently kissed his swollen and rotting corpse, she shook in her heart, secretly promised: if she can be reborn, she must marry him! ...... Later, she was really reborn, but became his sister (⊙o⊙) Murong Cheng said, "If you dare to die to me again, I don't mind changing my mind and cavorting with a corpse." She can't cry, my brother! You've been a pervert for a long time, okay?

Chapter 1 She is dead

Suzi was killed.

    On a starry midsummer night, she was pushed off the boat and died before she could even cry out for help.

    Her body sank to the bottom of the river, soaking and swelling and rotting, while her husband was nowhere to be seen, and the boat that recovered the body withdrew after just one busy night.

    Su Zi was very upset.

    But there is no way ......

    She can only watch herself rotting a little ...... abdomen swelling, eyes bulging, pale skin covered with rotting dirty green patches.

    There are also big and small fish in the river, scrambling to peck and nibble, making the body more and more tattered.

    It was a pity that ghosts didn't have tears, otherwise seeing herself in such a miserable state, she really wanted to cry a lot!


    Her soul floated alone on the river, watching the sun set and the stars rise, alternating between day and night, with the occasional boat passing by, but no one ever found her.

    She was like a person abandoned by the world, lonely and desperate.

    I don't know how many days later, a group of boats came up on the vast river.

    Su Zi saw a man sitting steadily on the boat, wearing a diving suit, his appearance is blurred, his voice is low and hoarse.

    The man told the crew to get into the water to fish for the body, and then he himself jumped in, and under the moonlight the water shimmered.

    Su Zi felt strange, she was fatherless and motherless, besides her own husband, who else would be willing to come and salvage her body?

    The group of people salvaged the river for three days and three nights, and found her entangled in the water plants.

    A disfigured female corpse, on this beautiful midsummer's night, finally slowly surfaced--


    Su Zi couldn't bear to look at herself.

    She admired the mental quality of the crew, surprisingly none of them had thrown up.

    The body was carried to the front of the man, edema body is like stuffed with white flowers rotten noodles mud, more disgusting is that the skin and flesh crowded with layers of dense shells or snails and other creatures, obviously her body as a breeding ground!

    The man looked at her corpse for a long time without saying anything.

    Just as Su Zi was speculating about his intentions, the man made a move that made her jaw drop!

    --He leaned down and kissed her!


    He kissed that swollen and rotting face!

    Su Zi was shocked!

    How deep must one's love be to come down on such a face?

    How did she not know there was a man in the world who loved her so much?

    If she had known that there was such a man, why would she have married Mu Zenin in the first place for the sake of the old man's dying wish?

    Su Zi was remorseful and sighed.

    Thinking that there was actually someone in this world who loved her so deeply, she felt incredible and at the same time felt strangely satisfied.

    This kind of satisfaction was very out of place, very weird and absurd, and also very genuine.

    --After the tragic death, Su Zi in her own failed life, finally found the last trace of solace ......

    It's just a pity that it's still too late ......

    She is already dead, everything ...... can not be undone.

    Su Zi was close to the man, almost face to face with him-

    Being this close, but she still couldn't see his face, foggy.

    Too bad, it was so hard to find a man who loved her deeply, but she did not know who the other party was until she died.

    She choked in her mind.

    The man took her body out of the city and into the backwoods countryside-

    Su Zi thought to herself: maybe he loves me too much, so he's going to bury me in a place no one knows about and remember me alone from then on.

    Tsk, this possessiveness, it's so exciting just thinking about it.

    If there is an afterlife--

    The grace of burying my bones today will be returned in kind in another day.


Consciousness, chaotic for a long time.

    The first sensation after waking up was pain!

    Her limbs were sore and weak, the inside of her stomach burned like fire, and her head ached like she had been hit with a hammer!

    She opened her eyes and saw a white ceiling, blue medical linings, clear infusion bags with various labels.

    ...... Here, it's a hospital, right?

    She frowned uncomfortably and closed her eyes, her mind vaguely recalling the last few memory fragments - that man, who took her corpse to see an eccentric old man, and said that he wanted to bring her back to life ......

    It was hard to believe that she had really come to life?

    She raised one hand and pinched herself, and then stared blankly at the black painted nails on her fingers.

    She really lived ...... just don t know, whose skin is being used now?

    Su Zi subconsciously wanted to find a mirror to see.

    Her mood was very excited, and she eagerly wanted to verify whether she had really come back from the dead.

    At this time, the door of the ward suddenly opened-

    A middle-aged woman with a beautiful appearance walked in, her eyes red and said to the man behind her, "What should we do, Zi Zi has not woken up, the doctor said that if she does not wake up, her life will be in danger ...... Zi Zi?!"

    The voice ended abruptly.

    The middle-aged woman saw Su Zi who woke up on the bed, surprised and quickly walked over, "Zi Zi! You woke up? Is there anywhere uncomfortable? Don't do anything stupid next time, okay? Mom is about to die of worry!"

    Su Zi was a little confused.

    Isn't this woman ...... Auntie Bai?

    Auntie Bai called her Zi Zi, could it be that she had become ...... that most unpopular adopted daughter of the Mu family, Mu Zi?

    Bai Wei wiped her tears and added: "Fortunately, your brother brought you to the hospital in time, otherwise ...... what should mom do ......"

    Su Zi was even more confused ......

    Brother? ...... Yes, if she became Mu Zi, Murong Cheng should be her brother.

    --Murong Cheng, the fourth youngest member of the Mu family.

    Su Zi's husband, Mu Zenin, ranked the third oldest in the Mu family, so Murong Cheng was considered her brother-in-law, but now ......

    Oh heh heh, sister-in-law changed sister, this generation is also too messed up, right?

    Moreover, Murong Cheng this person, sinister, cunning, vicious, but also very vindictive!

    He is the old son of the old man and Bai Wei born, the old man died after no one to give him backing, Bai Wei is a cowardly nature, so Murong Cheng in the Mu family from childhood suffered a lot of bullying!

    This guy deliberately put on a playboy defeated look, paralyze Mrs. Mu's vigilance, in fact, in the secret development of forces, ten years of hibernation, just to give the Mu family a blow!

    Mrs. Mu, who had abused him, died in a car accident.

    Mu Ershao, who bullied him, bribed his way into prison.

    Even the third youngest Mu, who has been playing the sauce, is facing the dilemma of bankruptcy!

    Su Zi believes that this is no coincidence and is definitely due to him!

    In order to save her husband's company, she ran around to raise money, but repeatedly hit a wall. Later, a close friend reminded her privately, and Su Zi realized that Murong Cheng's other layer of identity was by no means simple!

    He wanted to collapse Mu, Qingjiang City, no one dared to help each other?

    It's a pity that Su Zi died before she had the chance to find out his depths.

    --Of course, she didn't have time to tell her husband either, so let him be played to death by Murong Cheng! She definitely didn't feel any heartache at all!

    Bai Wei saw her daughter staring blankly at Murong Cheng and couldn't help but worry, "Zi Zi, what's wrong with you? Do you ...... you still recognize me? This is your brother, don't you remember?"

    Murong Cheng lazily raised his eyelids, his tone sneered, "She is alcoholism plus slitting her wrists to commit suicide, it's not like she cut her brain, she won't lose her memory."

    Su Zi: "......"

    My brother, can your mouth be more poisonous? Please take care of your sister's fragile mood after her suicide attempt, okay?

Chapter 2 Venomous Tongue Brother

Bai Wei frowned slightly and persuaded her kindly, "Zi Zi is young, she just can't think straight for a while, don't talk about her like that."

"It's because you're always spoiling her that you've raised her to be so stupid." Even if it was his own mother, Murong Cheng disliked her without mercy.

Su Zi's a small face reddened.

He actually called her stupid!

When she was alive, she was the best female prosecutor in Qing Jiang City, known as a goddess of both beauty and wisdom! There were also netizens who affectionately called her Astrea!

Do you know who Astraea is? --Ancient Greek goddess of fairness in charge of the human realm!

Suzi had grown up in praise, and no one had ever called her stupid!

...... No, maybe she really is stupid.

Stupid enough to be killed by someone and not know who the murdere


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