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Wrong Desire

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Hero: William (18 yrs old, college student, rude, ruthless, tattoos and super handsome) Heroin: Crystal (18 yrs old, college student, good girl, beautiful and shy) PLOT: Beginning: William is going to college, starting his new journey on campus. He has been looking forward to it too long. he meets his new roommate, James. he is outgoing and has made lots of friends here already. James asks William if he will join their party next week. William agrees to join them after thinking. Development: Those young people have fun at the party, drinking and dancing. William meets Crystal at the party. Then someone proposes to play Truth or Dare. Then it is Williams turn. he refuses to answer the Truth question "Is he still a saint" and chooses Dare. But he needs to kiss Crystal. William regrets coming to the party after the kiss. he can't believe he kissed a strange girl there. he even thinks he is cheating on his girlfriend back at home town who is one year younger than him. Few days later, William asks Crystal out for fun. They know more about each other and find they have feelings for each other.   Climax: Crystal's boyfriend comes to visit her and finds something strange between Crystal and William. He breaks up with Crystal. Crystal is so sad. William confesses to her officially and she agrees to be his girlfriend. But someday Crystal receives an encrypted video. She watches it and gets to know William bets on that he will make Crystal his girlfriend with his friends. Crystal thinks she is mocked by William and can't believe all he did is just a prank. She avoids seeing him. Ending: William hasn't seen Crystal for so long and finally convinces her to have a private talk with him. William explains everything and confesses to her again. Happy ending…

Chapter 1

William's POV (ML)

The time was 12:00 AM when I looked at the silver-colored clock hanging above me. Night had crept upon the earth's surface; the eerie absence of a human voice made my room feel like a graveyard.

I couldn't sleep; yet, I tightly shut my eyes, trying to fall asleep. The night would have been lovely if not for the horrendous dream I had. I woke up in a cold world of terror and viciousness. I peered around, but there was nothing, not even a building. I shifted my gaze towards the sky, and it was a dark red color, like blood.

Suddenly, panic started growing in the pit of my stomach, making me feel sick. The first drop on my cheek made my lower lip quiver uncontrollably. It was blood, not water; my entire body was soaked in blood. My heart was beating so hard that I didn't understand why it didn't break through my ribcage. 

Horror gripped my brain and was transmitted, wave-like, to my toes. Tense in every limb, my dress stuck to my vibrating body.

I started running in no particular direction; shadows drifted eerily, ghost-like in the uncommunicative darkness. 

Then, I came to a halt because my trembling legs couldn't move any longer; my tensed toes were pinned to the ground. My eyes were peppered with hot sweat, and despair flooded my mind. Then I saw a figure detach itself from nowhere and move like an errant ghost towards me.

 I felt a shiver dance down my spine, and I looked at my hands, and, behold, I was holding a gun; my hands trembled with the gun I held. Then I turned towards the figure, but it wasn't there anymore. I pointed the gun fearlessly into space as a sudden boldness enveloped me. 

"Drop the gun!" a deep voice ordered from the back. Immediately, I saw some police cars surrounding me. Then the rain ceased, the bloody rain, and the stars emerged from under the black skin of the night. I turned towards the policeman that stood right behind me, with the gun in my possession.

Then a gunshot was fired; the bullet pierced through my forehead, sending me flat on the ground.

**William mum POV 

"William!" a voice brought me to reality.

l rubbed my eyes and stared at the door. Mama was standing, hands akimbo, her loosely-tied wrapper around her waist.

"Good morning, ma," l said in a low tone.

"How can you still be sleeping by this time?"

Her voice was a pitch higher.

l looked at the wall clock; it was 9:00am. "I'm sorry ma," l said, getting out of my bed.

She frowned and shook her head like a parent whose child had given the wrong answer to a simple homework question and then she left the room.

l sat down on my bed, reflecting on the dream I had earlier. "it was a dream, just a dream," l assured myself.

The morning was exquisite; the sun was caressing "its citizens" with warm, loving fingers. l smiled, seeing that it was already the second month of the year. Papa had said that 2010 did not favor him and l had hoped, within me, that this year would be better. 

I walked towards the window; the warm breeze that swept into my room, rattling its shutters, presented a wonderful atmosphere. I stared at the small-screen television that sat elegantly before me and then at the wall. The conspicuous pictures of Mama and Papa adorned one side of the wall. My bed at the left end of the wall, which was the size of a sports car, took up much of the space in my small room.

I heard a scream from downstairs and I rushed towards the window and looked down at the two-storey building. It was Blessing, our housemaid, who behaved like someone who was possessed; at least, that was what Father said when Blessing fought the bus driver that lived under our flat.

 She screamed just because Father's Toyota Camry had made a peep-peep sound when she touched the steering wheel. Five years in the city, yet she behaved like a village champion; her scruffy appearance wouldn't tell otherwise. Even though Mother usually called Aba a village because of its dirtiness and bad roads, I had often wondered how Blessing's village would look since she referred to Aba as a paradise. 

I inhaled slowly as the pungent fumes of kerosene mixed with the aroma of curry and nutmeg from the kitchen floated into my room. I had always preferred Mother's food to that of Blessing.

Blessing's food was never tasty; maybe my tongue tastes differently whenever I eat her food because Father would always applaud her after each meal she cooked. I looked at the wall to my right; the picture of Mother and me, which we took three years ago, hung hopelessly.

 It was the picture that Papa always teased me with, saying that I looked like a dog in a baby suit. The cake was almost taller than I was if not for the pair of big shoes Father bought me as a birthday present that I insisted on wearing before taking any picture to avoid burying my face behind the cake; the shoes Blessing called a bulldozer. 

I walked into the living room only to see Father coming out of the bathroom. The pair of boxers he wore was the size of Mother's towel, big enough to accommodate Mother, Blessing, and me put together. His skin was as dark as the bottom of a pot and Adam's apple pushed out of his long neck like a wrinkled nut. His tall, slim body looked more like a plank of wood.


William POV  (ML)

 "Father, good morning," I greeted him politely. "How are you doing?" he spoke in British English. Father usually spoke British when he was happy. He used ambiguous words, mostly medical terms, when he got upset.

 He would say, 'I can see you are suffering from diabetes insipidus or acute pericarditis.' This made me wonder if all doctors behaved like that at home. I'm fine," I replied, smiling as he walked past me into his room. The walls of the rectangular-shaped living room were painted lagoon blue and the sky-colored curtains further accentuated the beauty of the living room.

The figurines stood on top of the flat-screen television like soldiers in the 1960s ready for war. I heard raucous noises downstairs and remembered that today was Friday, when Charles's mother and her husband would fight because of what Charles's mother referred to as 'money for the weekend,' and Charles's father would deny having any money, asking neighbors why a woman would demand money for weekend.",

I ran quickly and stood by the iron bars of the black-coated railing of the apartment's balcony. The balcony gave a clear sight of everything happening in the small compound.

"Okay, it is one thousand naira, not five hundred," Charles' mother shouted, holding her husband's trouser and tapping her feet on the ground.


Charles dad POV (SC)

"Woman, leave me alone; that is all l have.

How can you use a thousand naira to prepare a pot of soup for the weekend, eh?" Charles's father voice was lower than hers.

"When you were using me to manufacture eight children, you didn't know that a pot of soup would be costly, abi? Abeg, give me the money sharp sharp, before l show you," her electrifying voice was rising in pitch. 

Funny enough, Charles' mother was more muscular than her husband; you would never be able to tell that she was a woman unless she was wearing a skirt, which she found rather unfashionable to put on. Her chest was just as flat as my father's own.

Charles' father 's eyes were darkened with fear; It was a shame to be beaten by a woman. Worse still, the crowd had increased rapidly from the neighborhood, watching in silence. I was really enjoying the scene. Mum had earlier said that Charles' mother should become an actress, that she had the makings of a good actress. 

Mother was right, considering the nonchalant behavior Charles' mother had exhibited, not even concerned about the crowd that was increasing in number. Heh, people are here, I will wound this woman,' Charles' father said at this time. The fear had disappeared from his eyes, anger was written all over his face. 

A short laugh escaped like a burst of air from Charles' mother's mouth, and she paused as if something had choked her. Then, like a time bomb, her laughter lengthened with a few more syllables. She withdrew her hand from his trousers, and then, as if it was a challenge, she hit her hand on her chest. 'Oh, you will wound me, eh; you want to fight me, she,' She said and turned around as though to make sure someone was watching her.

"This thing is going to wound me," she said, pointing her finger at him. Her dark skin was covered with beads of sweat that gleamed in the sun.

To Be Continued....

Chapter 2

Crystal's POV (FL)

Dawn came swimmingly, flooding the entire flat at 6:00 a.m. The lavender rays of dawn provided an impeccable atmosphere. l heard a cry from the living room and l hauled myself out of bed and went straight into the living room. Crystal was answering a phone call and Blessing sat happily on the couch.

"Which hospital?" l heard Crystal ask in a sober tone and then she ended the call. Her eyes hardened and darkened all the more.

"What is the matter?" I asked, looking directly into her eyes.

Her countenance gave nothing away. She bent down as a tear dripped down her cheeks. My jaw clenched hard; I hated seeing her this way. It made me want to cry with her. 

"Your parents had an accident on their way to the village," she said, looking at me. 

Something lurched in my stomach and l felt my stomach tighten so hard. My mouth became watery, full of questions. "Where? What di


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