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Wild Desire

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Success
  • Chapters: 63
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 4.1K
  • 7.5
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Maddison is a 19 years old innocent sweet girl, she has always dreamt of living a luxurious lifestyle. She has everything that a person could wish for in a girl but her only obstacle is her parents. But when she ultimately crossed paths with Xander the world-famous billionaire, she did everything to lure him into sleeping with her. Will Xander find her appealing or attractive? Or will this bumpy road of her quest for money crash their relationship?


It was raining heavily in June, and I'm sitting here with a lot of impressions, and thinking about possible ways I can move out from California to further my education. For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with two things, which I have nursed since I was young: becoming a graduate, and living in Los Angeles.

As I grew older, the likelihood of my dreams coming true continued to diminish, and by the time I got into high school, the reality was staring me right in my face so harshly that I could almost hear its wicked laughter.

The life I foreknow was truly not as easy as I thought it would be. I'm done with my high school education and my parents could not afford to send me to a new college in Los Angeles. The tuition fees and cost of living were beyond their budget. So even though I was one of the best in my class, my academic future seemed bleak due to the financial limitations of my parents.

I have lived in California all through my life and have grown tired of seeking a new pilgrimage. There a is smallness that chokes me, the fact that every day is the same scares me; I can not bear the thought of such a depressing, for almost 20 years, I have been dreaming of escaping from California to a place where I can spread my wings and soar like eagle, where I would be able to express myself and become the woman I'm meant to be.

Honestly, I can't wrap my head around the fact that I might end up as a tailor if I don't find my path by myself. That will be the death of all my imagination, hopes, and aspirations. my hard work and sacrifices will be in vain, and my excellent outcomes would become worthless, I can see tears stinging my eyes just as a thought. There has to be a way. I must go to Los Angeles and I must get a college degree.

I have been speculating on someone who can help me in any possible way. I have no rich auntie or uncle to whom I can flee for support. My friend Andrea is the only one I know that can help me financially. I can't tell how rich she is, but she has since become successful. Andrea is two years older than I am.

She recently celebrated her 21 birthday at the Westin Bonaventure tavern and suites. She has been shuttling between Los Angeles and California for about 3 year. Every time she goes and returns, she appears richer and even more beautiful.

Her lifestyle and influence constantly have been wagging for two years, she has opened two boutiques here in California, and everybody knows the money didn't come from her parents because they cannot afford such superfluity. Yet, no one knows what Andrea did to get all this money.

At one point, I was interested in speculation and the source of her money. I need help, and I Think That she will be able to help me at this breaking point.

I should have a heart-to-heart conversation with her. I sent Andrea a"please call me "text. I rarely have airtime on my phone, even when I did, it was rarely sufficient for calls. So I sent her an SMS hoping that she would respond, and I waited patiently. It was only a few minutes, but it was the longest wait of my life. Even though I was expecting it, I jumped to my feet at the sound of an incoming call.

"Hello," I said as soon as I answered the call.

What's up? I got ur-text message," Andrea replied.

Noting much babe, just chilling, please, I need to see you urgently."

"I hope it's nothing serious. I'm at the bouquet right now, so you should come over," She said.

"Ok," I'll be there shortly".

Hope climbed through my whole being as I hung up and I was somewhat relieved. Not only did she call back, but she also sounded open to hearing whatever I had to say.

I quickly went through my set of unpleasant, worn-out clothes I had brought as secondhand. I didn't have anything nice to wear, my hair was so unkempt. Even though I was going to ask for assistance, I knew she might help me.

To be honest, we were not the closest of friends because my parents never liked her in the first place. They felt she was growing up too fast, as she always acted older than her age. Nonetheless, their opinions did not matter to me at this point.

A tangible education is the best thing parents can give their children, and my parents couldn't afford that. Thinking about the situation got me upset and I have to take a deep breath to compose myself. I reminded myself there was no use in getting annoyed and all worked up over what I could not change.

It was better to focus on finding a way out. I looked through my clothes one more time and decided on a pair of jeans and a white shirt. I pulled my hair into a bun, I laid my edges. put on a little make, and hit the road; I wish I could take a taxi but I just had only $100 in my purse so I have to take a cab to Andrea's bouquet.

She was attending to the customer when I arrived, so I took the chair closest to me and waited, grateful for the air conditioning after enduring the scorching sun all through the ride in the cab.

l watched Andrea as she gestured in conversation with her customer. Her hair, her outfit, her manicured nails, the beautiful jewelry that adorned her fingers and wrists, the perfect makeup, and her glowing skin instantly fueled my hunger for a better future.

I knew I was fashionable, but I had no money to flex or to make myself look good. I quickly looked around the boutiques, all the clothes there were brand new and obsessive, I wanted it all.


"Hey girl,"

I said, standing up as she walked towards me.

"You are always looking beautiful, see how fresh your skin is."

"Stop whining about me being," she said, laughing and leading me to a private corner with a desk that had leather chairs on both sides. She took her seat and pointed to one of the chairs opposite her. She turned to her left, took out a bottle of malt and a glass cup from the small fridge beside her, and filled my glass with a drink."

"Whatsapp you sounded very strange over the phone," she said, placing drinks in front of me.

The glass was frosted immediately, which means the drink would be refreshingly cold, but I wasn't there for that. Ignore it and lean towards her.

"Andrea, thank you I will drink later, please I need to get out of here and move to Los Angeles.

Things are not moving smoothly over there, my parents barely managed to see me through my high school education, and even though I passed with flying colors, it


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