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Waiting for that Warm Sunlight

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: huhu
  • Chapters: 16
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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In the cold winter days, amidst falling snowflakes and the silver-coated small town, there's someone quietly waiting. He is Zhou Yuexian, born into nobility, yet due to the whims of fate, lost his beloved. Bai Ruan, a gentle and graceful girl, was raised in the Xu family since she was young. She always followed Zhou Yuexian, her eyes only on him. But when she heard that cruel statement - 'She's just the adopted daughter of the Xu family. How could I truly care for her? Our backgrounds demand we choose our paths wisely.' - her world shattered in an instant. Lou Ruan, once a constant presence by Zhou Yuexian's side, chose to depart in sorrow. She disappeared without a trace, despite Zhou Yuexian searching every nook and cranny, unable to find her trail. Years passed like flowing water. When Bai Ruan reappeared in Zhou Yuexian's sight, she was no longer the innocent girl. By her side was a cold young man in black, and together they walked into the familiar yet unfamiliar gates of the Xu family. Zhou Yuexian couldn't help but grab her, his eyes full of plea and regret, 'Soft, do you still want me...' However, the response came in the cold voice of the young man, 'Sir, if you don't want to spend the night in the police station, release my wife's wrist.' Zhou Yuexian was stunned, never expecting the once innocent Bai Ruan to be married to another. His heart ached, but he had no choice but to let go. Time passed, yet Zhou Yuexian couldn't forget Bai Ruan. And Bai Ruan, in an unexpected turn, discovered that the aloof young man was actually an illegitimate child of the Zhou family, entwined with Zhou Yuexian in an inexplicable fate. Fate always seemed to play games. When Zhou Yuexian realized his deep love for Bai Ruan, she was already far away. He searched frantically but found no trace of her. Until one day, an unfamiliar phone call came... 'Waiting for that Warm Sunlight' tells the story of a girl starved of love finally encountering a unique affection. It's a tale of love, waiting, and growth, fraught with complexities and twists. In this world, there's always someone willing to wait, to give everything for you. Are you, too, waiting for that ray of warm sunlight meant for you?

Chapter 1: You Took Advantage of Me

In a dimly lit room, two figures intertwined.

The exquisitely featured man lowered his gaze, concealing his emotions beneath the cover of his jet-black eyelashes. His eyes fixed upon the girl as he spoke in a low, hoarse voice, "Lou Ruan, tell me, who am I?"

The girl's thick, curled eyelashes brushed against his skin as her fair arm reached up, lightly hooking around his neck. A warm breath grazed past him, accompanied by an intense scent of alcohol that entwined itself around him, teasing his senses.

Instinctively, Xie Yanli steadied her to prevent her from falling. His grasp upon her slender waist sent a shiver down his spine. His movement paused, offering her an opportunity. Unaware, the girl leaned closer, her porcelain-white arm brushing against him.

Through the fabric, he felt a warmth that ignited a certain sensation. Lowering his head, Xie Yanli noticed the crimson lipstick mark imprinted on his own snow-white shirt. Yet, the instigator remained oblivious to the consequence of their actions.

She curved her eyes into a sweet smile, her soft voice dipped in honey, "You're... Xie Yanli..."

The once attentive eyes that gazed upon her suddenly became dense and obscure—

The sky began to lighten, gradually casting golden rays through the layers of clouds. Lou Ruan's head throbbed, and she rubbed her sore eyes, not fully awake before last night's fragments rushed into her mind.

"Just an adopted daughter of the Xu family. How could I truly care for her? Our backgrounds demand we choose our paths wisely."

Lou Ruan halted for a moment. She and Zhou Yuexian had grown up together, with her chasing after him for over a decade. Wherever he went, she was there, yet yesterday, she heard him mockingly refer to her as "just an adopted daughter."

For years, she had been by his side, running errands during school, covering for him, handling company matters as they grew up—her affection for him was known to everyone except him, as Zhou Yuexian pretended not to notice.

In his eyes, she was merely an "adopted daughter."

An uncontrollable bitterness surged into her eyes, coupled with the laughter of the people around him from yesterday, bringing an endless sense of sourness. Her thoughts were tangled like chaotic knots, rolling like turbulent waves, slowly engulfing her.

Lou Ruan felt suffocated within her pillow, everything around her seeming airless. The suffocating sensation almost robbed her of breath until the nearby light, filtering through the sheer curtains, flooded in, abruptly relieving the suffocation.

The lazy, pleasing voice echoed in her ears.


Lou Ruan suddenly lifted her eyes, beholding an exquisitely beautiful face. The person stood by the bed, arms crossed, glancing down at her, then hesitated for a moment before speaking. "Miss Lou, you took advantage of me. Shouldn't I be the one feeling sorry now?"

Lou Ruan's fingers clutched the blanket. Taken advantage of?

Fragments of disjointed memories flashed before her eyes—the dim streetlights, the scent of orange-flavored liquor, her gripping onto someone's neck and refusing to let go, and then... even biting.

Lou Ruan's eyelashes still held traces of tears. Her expression was dazed. Her face, previously filled with sorrow, now flushed crimson with embarrassment.

The pair of pitch-black, clear eyes instantly lifted, focusing accurately on the other person's pale throat.

There, a faint blush-colored tooth mark was visible.

Lou Ruan couldn't help but examine it closely. The slightly protruding throat was akin to a piece of artwork, but at that moment, because of that red mark, it appeared particularly ambiguous and romantic.

She tightened her fingers slightly, her pitch-black pupils gradually dilating.

That was her bite... she had bitten last night.

Oh no, too much.

The person standing by the bed seemed to realize something as they curled their crimson lips.

"Miss Lou."

Lou Ruan awkwardly lifted her head, meeting those slender, dark eyes. His gaze felt almost searing, causing Lou Ruan to instinctively flutter her eyelashes.

As she observed him, she struggled to recall. Apart from clinging to his neck, biting his throat, and kissing his face last night... did she do anything more outrageous?

Chapter 2: Lou Ruan, How Will You Compensate Me?

The man by the bed lifted his hand, gently tugged at his collar, pointing to the teeth marks on his neck. "I understand that Miss Lou Ruan might have some ill intentions towards me, but was this necessary?"

Lou Ruan looked up, dazed. "?"

She had ill intentions towards Xie Yanli?

Lou Ruan involuntarily recalled moments from their schooling.

They attended the same high school and university. Whether it was at Beijing North High School or Huaqing University, Xie Yanli was always the popular figure, quite appealing to everyone.

During high school, when she was waiting for Zhou Yuexian, she saw him playing basketball once. Upon their return, when Cheng Lei and the others saw her sitting there watching the game, Cheng Lei jokingly asked if she, too, had fallen for Xie Yanli's charm.

"What's with this Xie Yanli? Seems like all the girls in school like him. Soft, are you going to abandon our Brother Yue and start


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