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Vampires' Obsession

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"Who are you?" I asked again, ignoring his care and affection. "I'm …...and I'm just a friend," he smiled. His smile tugged at my heart and I can't believe I'm in the presence of someone this beautiful and breathtaking. He's six feet, two inches tall, almost a giant to the short five-foot me. His dimple was one-sided and that made him extra attractive. I love how his sharp jaw is perfectly shaped to fit his face. He's so perfectly built that his biceps are almost bulging out of the black shirt that he was putting on. "How do you feel, Bella?" He asked, pulling me out of my thoughts. His hand landed on my shoulder, trying to force me back to sleep and once it made contact with my skin, I felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach. "You're perfect Bella, so perfect" After meeting with Adonis for the first night, Bella asked for her memory of the night to be erased so she could forget about everything that happened that day and Adonis did as she wanted even though it was hard for the 200 years old vampire to let go of his soul mate. The only problem was Adonis couldn't keep off Bella and those memories wouldn't stop hunting Bella's dreams every night, especially with the mysterious man who seemed to be stalking her.

Chapter 1


The first time I saw her was outside the main door of the nightclub at Mellow Street.

It's been so long since a woman had gotten my attention and not only was I mesmerized by her red hair but also by the way my heart skipped when her eyes met mine for just a second. I almost held my breath at that moment. Everything else was invisible and all I could see was her.

She might not have seen me through the black tinted windows of my car but those eyes let on more than it appears. She looked troubled as if looking for something.

I didn't get the opportunity to talk to her; I lost sight of her. As I turned to direct my driver to stop the vehicle at that point, I'd lost her. She wasn't there anymore.

I usually get picky with nightclubs. This makes my driver drive around town every Friday night just to get to one nightclub that'll be to my taste. I hate mingling with humans, especially those with bad blood.

But tonight, this is the first club we've come to and surely will be the last.

"Will you be going in, sir?" Gregory, my driver of over fifty years asked.

"I think I should," I replied.

I looked around one more time, checking if she’ll turn up but nothing. I didn't see the red-haired siren who had managed to get my attention for the first time in two hundred years.

Before opening the car door, I turned to look at Gregory, "You should go home to your family tonight, Gregory. I'll find my way home"

"I already informed them I'll be staying late, sir. I'll be around, you can call me when you're done"

Gregory's loyalty has lasted more than I expected. He's been working with me for more than fifty years, even when I've changed countries more than three times.

Even though I never told him my secret, he knew I'm human and for a long time, he'd kept mute about it.

I've managed to stay as invisible as possible, trying not to get any unnecessary attention to myself, which has helped. No one has ever wondered why a man has lived for more than two hundred years and still looked like a thirty-year-old because I never stayed too long in the same place or the same country.

I'm lucky to be among the remaining five existing vampires in the world, despite how hard vampire hunters are trying to take us off the surface of the earth.

Opening the car door, I surveyed my environment before walking out. Once I got closer to the bouncer, I brought out my VIP card, then realized it was for the club I'd gone to last Friday.

I quickly placed it back in my pocket and moved closer to one of them. With my hands in my pocket, I stood, watching him scrutinizing me from head to toe.

"You can go in, sir" He finally said, after probably assuring himself that I was a VIP.

"How much is your VIP card?" I asked.

"Fifty bucks"

"Where can I get one?"

"The manager will sort that out inside"

I nodded, about to go in when I stopped and decided to ask about the siren I'd seen.

"Have you seen a red-haired girl tonight? She was standing right here when I saw her" I said pointing to the pillar I'd seen her standing beside.

"No, I don't think so. A lot of people have been here tonight. Recognizing one would be difficult"

"I bet you'll recognize this one if you've seen her. Find a way to inform your manager that he should see me" I instructed.

I walked into the party.

This club is in a prominent and rich environment, so I couldn't have expected less from them. They were two DJs at the edge of the club, standing behind their instrument and doing what they love to do best.

The blasts reverberated through the chest cavity and tens of people yelling "what, I can't hear you" at one another, or pretending to hear what the other person said and laughing.

I went straight to the bar, waited for one of the bartenders to finish an order before I tabled mine.

That made me turn around to look at the bodies dancing, screaming, and smiling while enjoying the beat of the music.

"What can I get you?" A bartender screamed, getting my attention.

"A VIP section and the most expensive drink here"

He looked at me surprisingly as if he wasn't expecting me to say that.

"Your card, sir" he stretched his hands out after recovering from the shock.

I gave him my card and waited for him to remove whatever amount he needed.

While waiting, I saw a red-haired woman. I'm not particularly sure about who it was but I followed to make sure it was her.

Before I could move to follow her, the bartender stopped me, giving me back my card and instructing me to follow a female waitress to the VIP section. When I turned, I lost track of her again.

"This way, sir" The waitress grabbed my attention, leading the way. I realized her uniform was the same as the one I saw on my siren.

So I decided to ask about her.

"How many red-haired females work here?" I asked as soon as we got to the VIP section where the noise was lower.

"That'll be Bella. She's the only red hair working here, sir"

"Can you get her to attend to me tonight?" I requested.

"I'm sorry sir but she's in charge of another client, precisely the one in the room next to you and it'll take a while before she's free. I can give you anything you want"

I knew what her last statement meant but I didn't care. My mind was hell-bent on one person.

"Leave" I instructed.

She suddenly brushed her finger against her hair, "I could give you what you want, handsome"

"Do not make me repeat myself, leave!" I roared, almost not recognizing my voice.

She screamed out without thinking twice.

Getting impatient, I stood up and walked out of the VIP room.

I needed her like I needed air and if I don't see her within the next few minutes, I might end up killing everybody in here.

As I moved closer to the door, I heard muffled noises, which sounded just as if someone was tied up.

Angrily, I kicked the door open, ready to kill as my fangs came into view. I've learned to control my anger and temper during my long existence but this time, I can't. Nothing can stop me from killing anyone messing with her.

My siren was being held up by two guys to a wall while the drunk old man was trying to touch her.

The room was dark but I could confidently see through the darkness.

Her hands were tied up and her mouth was covered up with duct tape. She was struggling to get the man's hand off her body. Rage overclouded my thinking and I wanted nothing but to let their blood be splattered all over the floor.

"Can I f*ck you? Will you let Daddy take care of you?" The old man asked, earning a laugh from the two boys. The boys were busy grinning at each other.

"Or maybe I'll send Daddy to a hospital and have the doctors take care of his damaged d*ck and broken bones," I threatened, gently appearing to the four of them.

"Run along boy, this isn't your business," He said waving me off, as spit came out of his mouth. He looked seventy-eight and that made me wonder how pathetic and foolish he could be at this age.

"She's my business" I replied, taking a look at her once more.

"Let the girl go and we'll all leave with our heads intact" I bargained, trying to give them the chance they'll beg for if they don't agree. I don't want to scare her off by killing them in her presence.

"You cannot tell me what to do, boy," The old man spat.

I saw red, my vision became dark and my fangs came into view unexpectedly. I don't care if she's here or not, these people are dying tonight.

"Well, I can show you what to do"

Without any effort, I picked up the old man and threw him into the wall, making him collapse to the floor before facing the two boys. His face concocted with pain. I kicked him in the head, making him lose consciousness.

Both boys left the girl and faced me. As one of them was waving a knife at me, I attacked the other, strangling him with one hand while the other watched, fear in his eyes. Tears were running out of his eyes as his mouth began shaking on its own. The boy in my hand was already losing all his energy as he struggled against me. Once it reached the climax, I dropped his body on the floor in a loud thud.

The last boy made a run for it once he saw his friend was dead but I was faster, met up with him right in front of the restroom. I pulled him into the toilet, locked the door tight to avoid people staring. I dragged him towards the sink and whispered to his ear,

"In your next life, you'll remember not to mess up with a girl"

I banged his head right against the toilet faucet, making his brain spill out from his skull. I dropped his body angrily and washed my hands and made a phone call.

Somebody needs to clean up this mess.

By the time I was done in the toilet, I went back into the room and saw Bella on the floor, trying to get the ropes off her hand with tears rolling down her face.

I quickly bent down to her level, released the rope from her hand, and removed the duct tape from her mouth, making her shriek a little.

Placing a finger on her lip, I caressed it gently trying to ease the pain. My eyes met hers and I saw fear. I caressed her face a little more but this time I was trying to get her to relax a little bit.

The sweet smell of blood hit my nose and I quickly turned to control my fangs.

"Are you okay?" She asked worriedly.

Finally able to draw them back in, I faced her with a smile on my face.

"I'm fine, Bella. You're bleeding" I said.

I turned her so her back could face me and saw her cloth covered in blood. So badly did I want to have a taste of her sweet-smelling blood but I knew I had to have self-control and not make my girl run away from me so quickly.

"How do you know my name?" She asked wearily.

"That's not the major issue here. Let's get you to a hospital and take care of this wound"

"Is it that bad?" She asked.

"Yes, mi Amor" (T: My love)

"No hospital, please" she pleaded, her eyes boring into mine, taking my breath away.

"Please" she begged again.

I nodded.

Instead of carrying her bridal style, I picked her up like a baby. Her head was resting against my shoulder while she wrapped her legs and hands around me.

"Agárrate fuerte por mi bebé, te cuidaré. lo prometo"  I pleaded. (T: hold on tight for me baby, I'll take care of you. I promise)

I walked out of the club and saw Gregory smoking beside a pillar outside the club. Once he sighted me, he quickly went to bring the car, opened the door and I went inside with my woman, still wrapped around me.

During the ride to my place, she only woke up once, looked at me closely, and asked;

"Where are we going?"

"Casa" (T: Home)

Chapter 2

Bella's POV

Startled, I jumped up from the scary dream I just had. I’d dreamt of being chased by a man with two heads, long teeth, and four legs.

I've always had that scary dream since I was a child and it never stopped scaring me even as a grown adult. I remember how my mom used to tell me it was just a dream. I smile at the memory of her that was still etched in my brain.

I sat up on the bed that I was on and observed my surroundings. I was in my bedroom. I reached over to the desk, picked up my clock, and saw that it was a little minute past eight. I was already late for work and I needed to get ready quickly.

A knock sounded on my door, stopping me from entering my bathroom.

"Come in" I yelled, knowing who it was.

My roommate, Eva, walked in, still in her pajamas just as I was.

"Hey girl, what's good?"

Eva is a junkie. She's always high every time but aside from that, she


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