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Unforgotten Love

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Jenny ,the daughter of a wealthy politician and Business typhoon seeks to go on a love adventure In search of a mysterious man who risked saving her life from the hands of her ex boyfriend and his gang of campus bullies years back. Due to the rigorous fight between him and Jenny's Ex Lover, he was defeated and falls into a short coma, making it slightly impossible for him to remember all that had happened that night. Years Later, after so many fruitless struggles, she finds him and tries befriending him but sadly he doesn't have a clue of who she is nor haven't found out about her Rich Background. Will Fate allow her reveal her identity to him? Find out in this Novel.

Chapter 1

Kennedy, hailing from a very humble beginning was a third year student of (the now popular) Novena University of Delta state Nigeria who studied Bioengineering. Jenny, in the same university as Kennedy, was a wild and vivacious lady but of A different class. A wealthy extrovert girl with a serious craving of the outdoor life. A lady who finds fun in clubbing, attending parties and generally enjoying life. She was a pretty good nuisance to most of her male friends whom she considered "Juniors" to her.

Even the children of the rich and powerful often avoided her or refuse to make contact with her simply because she was incredibly arrogant. She toyed with them and their emotions and they too in return treated her harshly. She lived this way because her father was a senator and a candidate in one of the ruling democratic parties in Africa. Spoilt with all the luxurious like the offspring of a wealthy elite, she had a car to herself, and flaunted it round the campus. She was the only daughter with a male sibling so have been seen as "daddy's little girl" which was very much obvious.

Kennedy, just like any other student in school had also heard about her (Jenny) but I've never seen her face to face, because of how big and industrious the university was. He didn't know her personally, and would barely even recognize her if they met talk more of hanging out. He never gave a d*mn about her existence anyway, all he knew was that she was being referred to as "The politician's daughter" all around campus. He lived his life at school like more students... Minding his own business.

Eric and Jenny dated for quite some months before Jenny allegedly dumped him, he was also one of the rich kids in campus and his breaking up with Jenny did not go down well with him. He felt his ego shattered, and all efforts to reconcile with Jenny came to an abrupt end. He then decided to stalk her and waited for the right time to get back at her and humiliate her in the most horrible way possible.

Chapter 2

One Saturday night some students decided to take it upon themselves to organize a show in order to celebrate their departmental day on campus , Jenny attended and her presence made it seem like she was the life of the party, it was indeed an all night affair.

Ken also heard about the party from a course mate but decided not to attend because of how busy his reading schedule was. He had some exam papers to write and wanted to concentrate on his blog research and complete his project assignment. He had already gotten some books from the public library and decided to Lodge in one of them empty classroom blocks which had a working fluorescent light bulb and decided to study there before heading back to his hostel.

At about the same he was reading, and the party whuch was also going on, Jenny and Eric, her ex boyfriend stood outside the venue engaging in a heated argument.

"What is the matter with you Jenny? How could you just wake up one morning and decide to e


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