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Three weeks in love

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Ashley Gabriella Collins is a 21-year-old girl. She must comply with her father's request - Matthew Eduardo Collin, to live with a man named Lucas Samuel Franklyn, who is none other than the son of her best friend. At first, Ashley flatly refused her father's request, because she thought it made no sense. However, Matthew's various efforts and persuasion paid off. His daughter—Ashley, would accept his request with the condition: Live with Lucas for three weeks. Ashley did not expect that the man who would live with her would be the man who crashed her new car. The man came to her mansion and then acted insolently on Ashley, having taken her first kiss. Until Ashley kicked his heirloom assets. Because Lucas's insolent actions have made him upset and emotional. However, all of that did not last long. Lucas kissed Ashley again when he wanted to make a deal with her. Unfortunately, Ashley firmly rejected the deal.

Chapter 1

***20 years-ago***

Matthew Eduardo Collins was a 34-year-old man awaiting the birth of his beloved wife’s daughter, who had been waiting for a dozen years.

Soon, the sound of a baby crying was heard from inside the delivery room. The doctor who handled his wife came out, congratulating the happy couple.

The presence of a new family made the entire Collin family very enthusiastic, especially Collin’s elder, Nicholas. Who was already looking forward to his second grandchild, as the successor to the Collins company.

The relatives also took part, for the daughter of the happy couple. Especially the family of Franklin, a friend of Matthew, who came with his wife and child.

“Congratulations on your daughter.”

“Thanks, Nolan. We’ll be in-laws later,” Matthew said.

“TSK…! Are you serious!” asked Nolan in jest.

“I’m serious. We’re going to be in-laws. Wait until my daughter is 20 years old, then we’ll set her up.” Matthew replied, enthusiastically setting his daughter up with his best friend’s son, Nolan.

Nolan also asked Matthew’s daughter’s name, which he didn’t know.

“Beautiful. What’s your daughter’s name?”

“Ashley Gabriella Collins,” Matthew replies, smiling meaningfully.

“Such a beautiful name, just like her face.”

“Thanks, dude!”

Of the many people who came, there was one 10-year-old boy, staring at Ashley so intensely. Without blinking, his eyes. Then he said something that made the others turn their heads towards the boy.

“Beautiful! Daddy, can I marry this little baby?” asked the little boy, named Lucas Samuel Frankly, son of Nolan Franklin and Elizabeth Franklin.

Seeing Ashley’s beautiful face, with green eyeballs, made Lucas stunned and mesmerized.

Nolan approached his son, aligned his body, and stroked the top of Lucas’s head. “Do you like that little baby? “Nolan asked Lucas.

“I love it, Daddy, it’s beautiful and tiny. When she grows up, I will be her prince and marry her,” Lucas said, making everyone in the hospital room laugh. Hearing Lucas’ funny story.

“Son, if you like that little girl. Daddy approves, but you have to remember, you can’t hurt her and make her cry and sad. Will you promise Daddy? “Nolan asked Lucas. Asking his son—Lucas promised to always be Ashley.

“I promise, Dad, I will take care of Ashley. And wait for her to grow up.”

Matthew, Nolan, and their wives smiled at Lucas’s statement. The little boy was already hypnotized by Ashley’s beauty.

Nicholas was silent. He didn’t seem to like it. Hearing that his newborn grandson was already claimed by a 10-year-old snot-nosed boy.

“You are too confident to marry my granddaughter. If you are lucky to get her, I will approve of your relationship when my grandson grows up.” Nicholas said sarcastically, sounding so cynical.

Unexpectedly from them, little Lucas is so confident, answering Nicholas’ grandfather’s question. “Grandpa, when I grow up, I will pursue your grandson. Even if your grandson rejects me. I will still do whatever it takes to get your grandson and your blessing.” said little Lucas, not afraid of Nicholas.

However, Nolan pulled little Lucas. He really didn’t expect his son to be brave with such a scary Collins elder.

Among those who came, no one dared to stare or chat much. They knew who Nicholas was with his demeanor and nature, which was cold and rigid. But little Lucas made them incredulous with such a convincing reply.


***20 years later***

**San Francisco, California**

Ashley Gabriella Collins, known as Ashley, is the only daughter of the famous couple, Matthew Collins and Whitney Collins.

Ashley is a beautiful girl who is spoiled by her parents even though she is already 21 years old.

Every whim she wants, Ashley has to get it by whining to her parents or by sacrificing her hungry stomach.

Like this morning, when the entire Collins family was enjoying their breakfast, Ashley whined to her father. She wanted the latest Aston Martin Valhalla that was only produced in a few units.

“I want Daddy to replace my car with a new one,” she said matter-of-factly.

“A car,” her father replied

“Yes, Daddy.”

“You just bought a car one week ago honey, now you’re asking me to buy you a new car again?” asked her father.

Ashley just nodded her head in response until she heard her father speak again.

“What’s wrong with your car? If it’s broken, you can take it to the nearest garage, or you can call someone to fix your car.”

Ashley let out her breath. If it was like this, it was hard for Ashley to persuade her father.

“I’m tired of that car,” Ashley said.

“The car is not suitable for use, but many of my college friends have been using the latest model. The price of the car is not too expensive at only US$1.3 million, so purchasing it for me will not cause financial hardship.”

Matthew choked on his breakfast bun after hearing the nominal price of the car explained by his daughter.

The entire Collins family gave Ashley a disapproving look, especially when Alena, her cousin, heard Ashley ask for the latest car.

“The consequences of your actions Ashley, you always make a mess and make everyone shocked at your request,” Alena quipped, with a sad face.

Ashley just rolled her eyes, reluctant to respond to Alena’s words, which always dramatized the situation.

Ashley gave her a glass of water and asked about her condition. “Daddy is okay right, sorry if my words shock you dad, but I really want that car, I promise this is my last request and I won’t ask for anything else dad, swear!” Ashley said while showing her two index and middle fingers that formed the letter V.

Matthew could not bear to hear the whining of his favorite daughter, finally Matthew told Ashley to meet him after they had breakfast.

After they finished their breakfast, Ashley immediately met her father in his study. Without wanting to knock on the door, Ashley just walked in and saw her father waiting for her there.

“You’re always on time for your desires, honey,” Matthew chuckled, seeing his daughter so enthusiastic about getting into the car.

“Of course, dad, you’re the best. I love you,” Ashley said in response to her father’s words, and hugged the middle-aged man affectionately.

Matthew accepted his daughter’s hug and stroked Ashley’s almond brown hair

“If you want Daddy to buy you the latest car, except Daddy’s conditions,” Matthew said.

Ashley widened her eyes, looking surprised by her father’s words that asked her to fulfill the conditions of his request.

“Come on, dad, why are you asking for conditions from me? You won’t go bankrupt if you just spend a little money on me, dad. After all, the price of the car is very cheap, only US$1.3 million.”

Matthew no longer understood the attitude of his son, who almost every day always made his head dizzy. “Obey my request, or I won’t buy the car you want or whatever you want,” Matthew said finally.

Unable to argue anymore, Ashley reluctantly agreed to the conditions of her father, even though she knew the conditions given by her father must be very heavy for her.

“So what conditions will daddy give me, if it’s not profitable for me, I don’t want to accept the conditions from daddy,” Ashley replied with a slightly pleading tone.

Matthew smiled, seeing his daughter was already willing to accept the conditions from him. “Listen to daddy, don’t interrupt daddy’s speech before daddy finishes talking”

Ashley returned her father’s smile and nodded her head in agreement.

“Daddy is going on a business trip for a month or even months.”

“Isn’t that usual? Daddy always goes for months with mommy without wanting to invite me,” Ashley replied, annoyed.

Matthew chuckled at his daughter’s annoyance, “Ck … Forgive your daddy and mommy dear, daddy promises to take you next time, but for now daddy can’t take you, come here dear,” Matthew pleaded to his daughter before he continued his words.

“Daddy wants you to stay in his penthouse Lucas, daddy’s best friend’s son, he will look after you during daddy’s absence.”

This time, Ashley was shocked by her father’s request. What was her father thinking about that? Her father asked her to live with someone else.

“I don't want dad, I don't know that person, anyway. Why are you telling me to stay with that person, you can tell Aunt Elena or Uncle Gabe to come here,” Ashley said, not sure if her uncle and aunt would accompany her.

“Honey, listen to daddy. Daddy knows him, he’s the son of daddy’s best friend, and daddy is very confident that he will take good care of you. There’s nothing wrong with you staying with him for three weeks. Daddy promises after that he will give you whatever you want after Daddy finishes all the work.”

The girl pressed her lips together, looking unhappy with her father’s words. The girl reluctantly agreed with her father’s promise.

“You promise to give me anything I ask for, Dad.” asked the girl.

“Anything you ask, daddy will oblige, but you must be willing to live with him, only three weeks dear, no more than that.“

“Well, if that’s what daddy wants, I can’t refuse, but remember your promise dad, and before daddy leaves for a business trip with mommy, daddy must buy my dream car,” said Ashley negotiating with her father.

Matthew thought about his daughter’s words before he replied to Ashley’s words

“If you don’t keep your promise, daddy will withdraw all the assets you have, including your dream car. Deal.” Matthew held out his hand to his daughter as a sign that he wasn’t playing games with his promise.

Ashley also accepted her father’s hand as a sign that she agreed with all his promises.

“Good girl, this is daddy’s beautiful daughter. Tomorrow, daddy will introduce you to her.”

“And don’t forget my newest car. I want it on the mansion grounds by noon,” Ashley said.

The father and daughter chuckled together, and Matthew persuaded his spoiled daughter. Matthew only had to tell Lucas about this matter.

Chapter 2

***Franklin corp***

Lucas Samuel Franklin, a handsome man with a perfectly sculpted body like a Greek god, entered the skyscraper, where he was looking nominally radiant.

The eyes of the female staff in his office stared in awe with interest as he strutted in front of his staff. Full of a cold aura.

Lucas ignored the stares of the female staff in his office as he walked. For Luke, they were all the same. Only aiming for wealth and thirsting for popularity to skyrocket their careers by opening their thighs wide for Lucas to enter.

Lucas’s phone rang. Lucas looked at the name of the caller on his phone screen, quickly picking up the phone as he walked into the square tube reserved for him.

“What’s up, uncle?”

“Yes, I just arrived at the office.”

“Well, after the meeting is over, right at break time, we will meet. You can come to my office or somewhere else.

“Okay, I’ll be waiting fo


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