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The Mafia Boss: His Substitute Payment

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"So, what did I do to you in your dreams?" He kneaded his strong fingers around her core and she let out a long torturing moan. It was pure torture and she couldn't say if she liked it or not. "You touched me." She whispered, her head thrown back in the thores of pleasure coursing through her core. "Touch you how? Where?" He thrusted his finger into her heated and already wet hole. She held on strongly, parting her legs to allow him more access. "Did I touch you like this?" He asked, and left, leaving her there panting for more. Grace Johnson was a payment of her father's death to a ruthless man and next in line for the Walter Mafia's family. She was a normal girl living with her dreams, until her plans got ruined by Jericho Walter, who possessed her completely and utterly.

Chapter 1

Grace walked down the cold street, clutching her sweater to her body, finding her way down to the pharmacy to get drugs for her father."Nina," Bella, the pharmacy technician, who was Hispanic, called out.Grace didn't like it."Oh, I've told you several times that my name is Grace and not Nina." She didn't sound pleasant. She glared at Bella, almost letting out a long hiss."Hmm, you seem mad at mne. Have I done something wrong?" She asked her."It's so tiring that I get to correct you every time. My name is Grace, not ninaaaa." She emphasized."Noted, Grace." She smiled at her, but she didn't acknowledge that. She had moved out to check the weather outside. It was still a bit dark, she stretched her hand to feel the impact of the raindrops on her skin, and itwas still manageable.She did a mental calculation of the pharmacy to her house and realized she would only get drenched a little bit if the intensity of the rain didn't increase. She shoved the small polythene that contained the drugs in her purse and dared to enter the rain."Hey nina, Grace, hey, wait for the.." Bella ran outof the store, but all attempts to stop her were futile. She shrugged her shoulders, returning to crouch down on the stool.The rain increased, and Grace muttered cuss words as she walked in the wrenching rain, she was now cold, and her feet were barely moving. Through gritted teeth and cold shivers, she checked around, but there was no shade to hide for safety. She walked on, hoping a miracle would happen to her.It was getting dark, and the street lights were not on, probably due to the heavy rain. She heard the honking sound of a car and turned away before ithit her. She halted at a standstill staring at her wet clothes and drugs; her father would scold her for not waiting for the rain to stop before returning home.The already wet drugs were not the problem; she could get new ones with the money she'd saved over the months, but her card wasn't with her, and she would need it if she wanted to buy new drugs.She rubbed her temples in worry. Biting her lips regretfully, she wished she had a car. She strolled on and noticed the car that passed her earlier hadn't made a move past the place the driver halted. She walked past the vehicle but was stopped when the driver wound down the window. He smiled at her and asked if she wanted a ride. Grace shook her head and walked swiftly, she didn't trust the men around, and there had been cases of missing bodies lately. The car trailed behind her causing trepidation to creep into her mind. "Can the day get any worse?" She asked herself. Firstly, she was drenched in the rain, and now a black tinted windows range rover sport was following her. Was the driver trying to kidnap her? She didn't understand why he was following her, but she made sure not to wait. She walked asfast as her legs could, but unfortunately, the car caught up.The driver wound down and stopped again."What the hell do you want from me!" She yelled at him."Chill, my boss just want to have a word withyou." He smiled at her, revealing a perfect setof white teeth."Would you wait now?" The man asked her."I don't give a f*ck who you and your lame boss are. I'm drenched and need to get home!" She yelled again and walked away from the car."Sir, she just left. Do you want me to pursue her?" The chauffeur bowed his head slowly and looked back to ask his boss what to do."No, leave her be. She seemed rude and not even one of the types I want." A deep voice responded to him. He nodded his head and continued to drive slowly.They drove past Grace, and she muttered cuss words at them. She hissed and continued walking. The raindrop was less now; she hurried before it would start again. She regretted not coming out with some cash and her card; she got home in a few seconds.As she approached her house, something caught her attention -the car that stopped her earlier, or was it something that looked like it?"Of course, a car wasn't made for one person." She muttered. Even though it wasn't for the man who stopped her earlier, who could be the owner? She lived alone with her father in that house, and he hardly came home with friends. Different thoughts ran through her mind as she walked closer to the doorstep, she flung the door open, and to her utmost surprise and displeasure, the driver who stopped her earlier was right there standing close to a man she was yet to see his face."You again?" She pointed an accusing finger at the skinny man with dirty blonde hair. He smiled at her -surprised to see her as well.Grace walked to where her father sat, lookingweak and feeble."Dad?" She called, and at that moment, hereyes met with the most handsome face she has ever seen.His skin was whiter than hers, though only his face was visible. All other parts of his body were clad, but she could easily make out his perfectly buit body from the blue t-shirt that hugged his body.His face had a dull expression that she couldn't read, and he had his hair packed backwards. She was impressed how a man could keep such long hair. A cigarette was between his long lean fingers, and he slowly took a drag. He didn't spare her a glance.She wasn't even sure if he knew she was there. She was the one doing the body survey. He didn't care about her presence."Dad" She stopped gawking at the youngman and turned to her father. He fidgeted and held his daughter with his weak cold hands.Grace was sad. She didn't know how to tell him that the drugs were wet and she needed to get new ones for him."Is that your daughter?" The strange manwho had refused to spare her a glance asked.Grace looked at him, and his eyes were on her. She wondered why he asked that question from him."Yes, I'm his daughter" She stared back at him; his eyes were blue and very beautiful. How can a man be this flawless? His voice sent cold shudders down her crest -deep, charming, and soothing to the ears."Then I think the bait is done!" Blue eyes man crossed his long legs and let out a small smile that didn't look genuine."What is that?" Grace was confused. She would still ask her father who they were, maybe when they were gone."I think I would need you' He gently took a drag of the cigarette in his hand and sent a puff to the dilapidated ceiling. "You look like someone who would know how to do something right." He laughed; Grace was nowgetting scared. "Since your father refused to train you properly. How about I marry you to teach you ethics?" Strange man looked at his chauffeur and asked "What do you think, Asher?"."That would be a perfect decision, boss!" Asher replied, "A Valid one!"Grace was lost. She stared at them like they were acting in a movie."Richard Johnson, I want my money now." Walter, the blue-eyed man turned to her father with a fierce look. He grinned, "l will send you to jail if you don't provide my money at this very moment." The way he spoke his words was reserved, he had a calm voice,but his words were wicked. "But you do have options here." He relaxed on the tattered couch, giggling as his eyes ogled Grace."Walter, I beg you for some time." Richard finally spoke up. Grace held her father. She didn't understand what was happening between those two. Where did her father know such a man?"Dad?" she called, but he ignored her."Please, I will pay you. I promise to pay you once I have my job back.""Pay me? Where do you intend to even get that money from?" He chuckled and shook his head. "I need my money now." Walter puffed the smoke out of the cigarette again. "And If you don't provide it, you will be jailed.""Who are you, and why are you frustrating my sick father?" Grace flew up angrily, she placed her hands on her thighs and tapped her feet on the marble floor. Walter gawked at her, pitifully shaking his head. "Did your father not teach you to mind the first words you say to strangers?" Her father pinched her hard when she sat back. She winced in pain and stared at him."Who is he?" She whispered in his ears."Let's break it down for the little girl" He chuckled again. "Your father here, Richard, came to borrow some huge amount of money he spent on gambling!" He laughed and retook a drag."Been over three years, and he still hasn't paid half the money. He even had the guts to challenge me to a game! Well, I won it, and the price washuge. He thought he could win over me, but a master would always be your master." Walter straightened up and looked at Grace."Your daughter is ripe enough for marriage," he lapped his lips against each other. "You either pay my money, or you give her to me. You have twenty-four hours to decide if you will go to jail, or I will be planning a wedding in my crib!" Walter said, flouncing out of the small living room before Richard could give a response. His driver followed behind him, slamming the door shut as they walked out. Grace exchanged a knowing glance with her father, he sure had a lot of explaining to do.But before then, she hurried to her room to get her card. She dashed out of the house to get new drugs for her dad before he asked about the ones she had gone to buy before."Sh*t." Richard cussed.

Chapter 2

After Walter left the house with his chauffeur, Grace went to get her father new drugs from her money. It was already late when she returned home.She gave the drugs to him and sat down when he was done taking his prescribed dosage. She coughed out to attract his attention. Glancing at her father, she placed her hands on her chin. "Dad, who was that man?" She was ready to talk about it now. "And what was that whole nonsense he was spewing? I didn't understand anything. Could you pleaseexplain this to me? Properly this time." She demanded, swabbing her feet on the floor.Her father heaved a long sigh. Shaking his head in pity, he stared at his daughter."He's Walter Jericho, the CEO of Walter's Holdings. He doesn't reverse his decisions, he speaks once, he's dreadful, and no one dares go against his will." Richard replied to his daughter in a reserved tone."How did you get invol


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