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The wife he couldn't remember

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Angeles Lopez is a young, aged twenty two, carefree, caring, friendly, naive, jovial, sweet, famous model and actress in California, the United state. Santiago Williams is a popular and famous medical doctor who has successfully carried out many difficult operations and surgeries and was known almost all over the world. He's also from California, in the United States. He's aged thirty and is the direct opposite of Angeles as he's a stiff, business minded, work oriented person. They met each other in China accidentally when they both went there for different reasons and fell in love at first sight and even had a wedding. But their love was cut short when Santiago got involved in a nasty accident while he's trying to protect Angeles and lost his memories after that. After three years, they met each other again and Angeles was surprised when Santiago claimed not to know her or remember her. She never knew about the accident. And when she finally realized that Santiago had lost his memories of her, she tried desperately to bring his memories back. Do you think Santiago remembered his memories of her and rekindled their love? Or were his memories of her never to be remembered and their love left to fade? Or did they start anew even with the forgotten memories? Find out in this interesting book. I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss it.

Chapter 1- A famous model


    Baja, my manager leaned forward to me, she's holding a sleek tablet in her hands. I sat on my seat staring at her attentively, ready to receive her lectures on my upcoming schedules. With a composed demeanor, she began, her voice cleared and concise.

"Alright, let's go through your schedule for this week. Now, you have a shoot with Mr Lee. Tomorrow morning, you have a fitting session at 9 a.m. for the new spring collection at the studio downtown. Following that, there's a casting call at noon for a prestigious fashion show next month"

Baja paused briefly, scrolling through the tablet before she continued.

"On Thursday, there's a photo shoot at the beach…..”

“Arghhhh, Baja. It's enough” I whined and rolled my eyes.

“Angeles, you need to know all your schedules to enable you to get ready and prepare so you don't disappoint anyone” Baja replied.

“You're the number one famous and popular model, you know right?” She asked and I rolled my eyes.

“D*mn being the popular model. I can't even do anything I want, I'm so tired” I complained like a baby.


I shut her up with my finger on my lips. She was about to give me some lectures again and that, I wasn't ready to listen to.

I stood up from my seat and began jumping round the room happily. I was giggling happily to myself, twirling round and wriggling my body in a funny way.

Baja laughed. I've always been like this. As the twenty two years old girl that I am, I've always been this jovial, playful, innocent, friendly, naive girl but I had to limit everything when I became a model and a popular one at that.

I wasn't allowed to be friendly with anyone. I wasn't allowed to play around. I wasn't allowed to be jovial. 

I am expected to be the serious and focused model at all times and it bores me out. The serious me scares people away from me and I was left with no friends, except Baja who's not only my manager, but a very close friend and a member of my team group.

And right now, inside the four corners of this hotel room, away from the watching eyes of the world, I was free to be myself.

“Enough, Angeles. Get a hold of yourself, you have a shoot to make with Mr. Lee downstairs and it's now. Have you forgotten why you came to China?” Baja asked.

Oh yeah! I was in China for a shoot with Mister Lee, a Chinese man.  I rolled my eyes.

“I don't want to do the shoot” I whined like a baby.

“Keep joking, Angeles. Now bring your *ss over here and let's get you dressed up for the shoot” Baja said.

“Not now, I'm still enjoying myself” I retorted back.

“Angeles!” Baja called firmly and gave me a stern look.

“I hate you” I pouted my lips and walked reluctantly back to Baja.

She held my shoulders and pushed me to the big dressing mirror.

“Get me a dress that will fit me” I instructed her.

“You already have an outfit prepared for the shoot. But I'm afraid the outfit was made when you still had some flesh. Now, you've gotten too thin and I don't know if it'll still fit” Baja replied.

“That's not my fault. The agency made me this way. So what are we going to do about the dress?” I asked.

“You need to put it on first and let's check it out” Baja replied.

“Then get it,” I commanded.

Even though I'm a sweet person, I sometimes behave like a rude and spoilt brat and I wonder how Baja was able to put up with my different personalities.

She walked to the wardrobe and brought out a white, short gown. It was a free gown and wasn't as classy as I expected.

“This is so simple!” I exclaimed when Baja brought the gown back to me while I stood admiring myself in the dressing mirror.

“This is what Mr Lee wants,” Baja replied.

“What kind of shoot is it again?” I asked.

“I don't really understand the concept,” Baja replied.

I stared at her and she averted her eyes.

“You don't really understand? And you're my manager?” 

“He explained better to the director,” Baja replied.

I rolled my eyes.

“Get me dressed up” 

She took off the clothes I was wearing while I stood staring at myself in the big mirror.

I am slim with an average height, really slim, with long flowing light brown hair, huge brown eyes, cute small lips and nose. My breasts were very small, my *ss is nothing to write home about as it's flat. 

I am really beautiful, very very beautiful and when I smile? Oh my goodness, my smile is one of the best smiles in the world. And it's no wonder why so many modeling agencies wanted me to work with them.

Baja was done with dressing me up and she's right, the white dress was looking so free on my body and wasn't fitting at all.

“I look awful in this dress” I complained.

“I noticed. But there's nothing we can do, you have to wear it like that” Baja replied.

“I can't wear this rubbish for the shoot” I said.

“There's nothing I can do. I'll just hold it with fancy pins at the back to make it more fitting. That's the only thing we can do right now” Baja replied.

“Do whatever you want to do, just make this dress fit for me to wear” I snapped.

“Alright Angeles” she replied and went to fetch the fancy pins.

She clipped them at the back of my dress and the dress fitted me a bit. The pins were long and colorful for everyone to see.

“I feel so ashamed going down like this. I feel like I have eight tails at my back” I complained.

Baja laughed.

“It's just for a short time. You don't need to turn your back, they just need your face and your front view” she replied.

I rolled my eyes again. Rolling my eyes is one of my favorite things to do.

“I'll go and tell them that you're ready,” Baja said.

“Whatever” I replied.

Just then, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.

“Ouch” I screamed and held my stomach protectively.

“What's wrong?” Baja asked. She ran back to me in concern.

“My stomach feels uneasy,” I whined.

I sat back in pain, still holding my stomach.

“Are you sure you're okay?” Baja asked.

“I'm fine. Let's get done with this f*ck*ng shoot. I need to rest” I said.

“Okay, wait here. Let me inform them that you're ready” Baja said.

I nodded my head as I couldn't reply due to the uneasiness and pain I felt in my stomach and why do I feel like I going to poop on my body??

Oh no, no,no!!!

Chapter 2- Scared of the water

            Baja went downstairs to her team group, the director and the waiting Mister Lee.

“Angel is ready” she informed them.

“Good. Where is she?” Mister Lee asked. He spoke Chinese.

There was an interpreter, helping them to interprete.

“He's asking for her whereabouts,” the interpreter said.

“Ooh, she's still up in her room” Baja replied.

“Go and get her downstairs,” the director said.

“What's the shoot all about?” Baja asked.

“She's going to take some pictures in the water” Mister Lee said in Chinese and the interpreter, interpreted it.

“Angel is scared of water. She can't do a shoot in the water” Baja replied.

“I don't care, she agreed to do whatever I say” Mister Lee shouted.

“Calm down, Mister Lee. We didn't know it's going to involve taking pictures in the water. Angel is scared of the water” Angel's director stepped in to defend her.

“She wouldn't stay


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