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The turmoil of a young concubine

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No matter how far I try to hide. The truth will still find its way. Being a second wife is not something to be proud of, although there is a sense of satisfaction at first. I am Adriana Zulaikha, my life trapped between two loves. My husband's heart that I can never fully reach. My brother's wound that gapes forever. I wanted to end this knot that was around my own neck. However, things are not as easy as turning your palm. Mr Husein never lets go of what he has grasped. I could only accept fate, and make peace with the situation, that forever I was just a young concubine who would not be the main figure in his life story.

Chapter 1


That night, 2015 in the city of Sumatra, Adriana Zulaikha was attacked by the first wife of her husband. Her name was Areta.Willy City Apartment witnessed Areta's wrath over her husband's betrayal.For almost a year Adriana, who is more often called Miss Khana, has been in a secret relationship with Husein.For the sake of wealth, Khana was willing to become a mistress. She left behind the freedom of her youth."You're finished tonight, Miss Khana!" Areta scolded as she banged her husband's mistress' head against the glass table.


Chapter 1***In a luxurious apartment in the city centre, lived a young woman with a perfect face. Her left dimple was clearly visible as she drew her lips into a smile.Adriana Zulaikha, that was her full name. However, she prefers to be called Khana."Miss Khana... someone's looking for you," said Mani, a middle-aged waitress."Who? Does it matter? You know yourself, whoever wants to see me should be obvious," Khana hissed, playing with her hair."I know, Madam. But seriously this time! That woman waiting outside claims to be Mr Husein's wife."Mani's face was deathly pale as she revealed this to her employer. Her legs felt weak at the thought of the first war about to begin."How is that possible? I have been Lord Husein's young concubine for almost a year, and never once has my whereabouts been known. Then how did my husband's first wife know about this place?" Khana's intonation sounded shaky."I do not know either, Miss.""Alright, then I'll go see her now," Khana said trying to remain calm.The two servants Mani and Khana stepped up to escort their mistress.Khana, she was a young woman who was the concubine of the richest man in her town. For eleven months and twenty-three days she had held the title she was so proud of. Lord Husein's young concubine.Khana walked leisurely with gentle movements. She tried her best to hide her anxiety in front of the headmaster.She had never met Tuan Husein in person, only seen pictures of him."What a life you have, b*tch!" sneered Mr Husein's first wife.Khana's three maids exchanged glances. This was the first time their employer had been humiliated.A drop of sweat fell from Khana's smooth forehead. She tried to remain calm, though the trembling in her body was beginning to be read by her employer."Retract your obscenities, Mistress Areta!" Khana ordered."Wow, you've got a lot of guts," Areta sneered again."Hah!" Khana sighed with a haughty expression.Husein's first wife, Areta, was even more furious and eager to throw a punch. However, her status as an honourable woman whose every second behaviour was in the media spotlight made her hold back all the flames of anger that peaked and almost exploded.Areta took a deep breath, then looked sharply at Khana's three servants."You guys go away, I want to talk to this b*tch face to face!" she ordered.Mani and the other two servants turned to Khana. The three of them waited for their master's order.Khana signalled with a nod of her head. Mani and the others quickly walked away, leaving Areta alone with the young concubine of Tuan Husein."I fear for Miss Khana," Mani whispered softly to her two colleagues."Shall we report to Lord Husein?" Another suggested."No! We'll wait for further orders from Miss Khana," Mani exclaimed.***On the terrace of the elegantly-designed apartment with purple lights favoured by the young mistress of the wealthy businessman, she was interrogated by the woman who was the first wife."Adriana Zulaikha, I must admit that looking for your whereabouts is quite a waste of my time," Areta hissed with a sardonic grin.Thirty-five years old, but not a single wrinkle on her face. Husein's first wife was also quite attractive. However, when compared to Khana, of course her beauty was nothing. Besides being seductive, Khana was also superior in age."Hm, I honestly don't like small talk, Mrs Areta! So it's better to keep it short! Tell me, what is the purpose of you taking the trouble to find me?"Khana was indeed a cold character and closed to people who were not close to her. It was also what earned her the nickname of the tallest young lady."How dare you, b*tch!" scolded Areta as she clenched her fists angrily.Khana responded by exhaling a spoilt breath. Her calm demeanour made Areta even more agitated with anger."Listen carefully to my warning, b*tch! Leave Mr Husein or you will regret it!" Areta said as she stood around Khana's petite body.Her delicate fingers and long manicured nails began to play on Khana's smooth face."You don't know me, Khana. However, I can assure you that your beautiful face will soon vanish into an ugly form, if you do not heed my warning," she whispered right in Khana's ear.Khana held her breath for a moment. Areta's threat was no joke. She did not want to be rash and then get hurt."You don't know who Khana is either, do you?" She brushed away Areta's soft hand roughly.Areta's eyes widened at her husband's concubine's defiant reply.The breeze that night made the atmosphere even more tense. Areta's eyes glazed over, she could no longer hold back the fire of anger that was already burning."Are you tired of living, b*tch?" she shouted with a quick hand movement that grabbed Khana's long hair.Khana's face tilted upwards from Areta's violent pull. She winced softly, but a smile remained on her slightly parted lower lip.Areta stared intently at the face of the woman who had managed to break her husband's loyalty.There was only one word in her heart, 'Perfect'.Yes, there was no denying that Khana's face and body were almost perfect. Every man's eyes that looked at her would surely fall to his knees before her."Be careful, Mrs Areta! Your gentle demeanour in the media is the opposite of real life," Khana hissed.Areta was getting angry.Bugh!She smashed Khana's head against the glass table in front of her. Fresh blood ran down the young woman's forehead.However, Khana's response only made Areta more confused."You're in trouble this time, Mrs Areta!"Khana casually pointed at the cctv installed in the corner of the terrace room.Areta took a step back and released her grip on Khana's hair. Her chest moved up and down in shock and became very agitated.However, her cunning brain worked well this time. "Hah! That wasn't hard, Khana."She took out an expensive mobile phone from inside her carry-on bag. Then a phone call was immediately made."Pick up!" she ordered.Just one word, and she put the phone back in the bag.Shortly after, two well-built men appeared. Khana squinted at the presence of Areta's errand boys.The blood still flowing down her forehead made Areta's two bodyguards a little dumbfounded."What should we do, Miss?" asked one of the bodyguards."Destroy the CCTV!" she ordered with a proud smile."Very well, Miss."The two quickly climbed up the chair and immediately destroyed the thing that could bring disaster to Areta.Unbeknownst to her, Khana was much more ingenious. She picked up her mobile phone that Mani had placed on a flower hanger in the corner of the room.The mobile phone had recorded the entire incident. Khana ended the recording on her mobile phone. Then she sent the recording to Husein.After it was sent, she showed off her cleverness."I say again, Mrs Areta... You don't know who Khana is," she hissed softly as she wiped the blood from her nose."B*st*rd!" scolded Areta as she snatched the mobile phone from Khana's hand.Brak!Khana's expensive mobile phone was instantly smashed to pieces by Areta."Gone," she said triumphantly.Khana was still smiling serenely, though her body was beginning to wobble. The wound on her forehead had caused her to lose a lot of blood."Let's get out of here!" Areta ordered her two bodyguards.Areta twisted her body to leave Willy City's most fantastically priced apartment. However, her steps stopped when she saw a man walking with authority towards her."Mr Husein," Areta whispered with dilated eyes.Continued.

Chapter 2

***Husein's steps were so fast that he was right in front of Areta, his first wife.Plak!A slap landed perfectly on Areta's face. Hot, that's how it felt at the moment.Areta's tears fell, for the first time her husband had been so rude to her."Sir slapped me?" Areta's gaze was full of vengeance. However, she could not resist.Plak!Husein delivered one more slap, making Areta's face feel even hotter and stingier."Go home!" Husein ordered briefly.Areta swallowed bitterly. Her hands were shaking violently. In the next second she left the apartment."Sir, I can't take it anymore," Khana whispered, then collapsed.Husein swiftly carried his young concubine into the room. Meanwhile, the private doctor on special duty for Khana had already arrived."My God... she's bleeding quite a lot," Doctor Han


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