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The Secret Of My Husband

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Ellakor
  • Chapters: 74
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 591
  • 7.5
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The story of a wife who begins to suspect her husband's loyalty. When her investigation leads to the fact that her husband is proven to be having an affair, what will she choose? Letting go or forgiving? When there is a baby in their midst who still really needs a father figure. This is the story of Indira Gianina, the figure of a wife who is so persistent in trying to uncover the lies of her husband, Raefal Shahreza who is so good at speaking his tongue. Indira is also a strong and tough wife, who will do anything to prove that as a legal wife, she is much better and honorable than a woman who intends to take her husband.

Chapter 1 Initial Suspicion

I opened my eyes to the sound of the cell phone alarm blaring across the table. Without needing to look at the clock, I know for sure that it is time for me to wake up. At exactly 5 am, I set the alarm.

I took a deep breath before I tried to get up from lying down. My movement stopped because of a hand that was wrapped possessively around my waist. I glanced at the owner of the hand who was still fast asleep beside me.

Smiling a little when looking at the innocent face of my sleeping partner, who is none other than my husband. His name is Raefal Syahreza, he is exactly 36 years old this year. The same age as me because we are the same age, only 5 months apart. The man I've been married to for 10 years. The man who seemed to have always been by my side all my life.

Before officially becoming husband and wife, we were in a relationship for 7 years. The first time we dated, we were still in high school. A smile always tugged at my lips with every sweet memory that crossed my head.

I'm not going to say my husband is a perfect man, maybe many other men are far more perfect than him out there. But for me, this man is perfect. His face I think is handsome, his smart brain that always manages to make me chuckle in awe, and his independence that makes even my family always praise him. He is a person who is so proud not only by his family but by my family too.

But of all the special things he has, his kindness and concern for me and our little family are everything to me. Being the reason that made me stay with him until this second with the sincere love that I only offer for him.

No matter how busy he is at work, he has never once neglected us. That's what made me love my husband so much. For him family is everything. Although now he is shining in his business career. His busy life at work never made him neglect his family.

I know very well how he was when he was nothing when he was just a young man who was seeking the highest knowledge. A young man who is willing to pursue scholarships for the sake of continuing his education because he does not come from a wealthy family.

I am a living witness to how hard my husband struggled until he achieved the success he is now. He was originally just an ordinary worker at a Japanese company engaged in electronics. Hyoma Industries is the name of the company as well as the brand of its electronic products. It's been 7 years my husband worked at the company, now he has served as General Manager in one of the company's branches located in the city of Bandung. It has been almost three years since we have lived in Bandung, occupying the official residence provided by the company.

I moved my husband's hand slowly, worried that my movement would wake him up.

After making sure my husband's sleep was not disturbed, I walked casually to the bathroom, intending to take a shower.

It didn't take long for me to take a shower, it only took ten minutes.

After that I rushed to the kitchen, I have to prepare breakfast for the three of us today. Have I told you that in this house there are three of us living?

Me, my husband, and Raffa ... our only son we got after 4 years of our marriage. He is truly the son we have been waiting for. Now he is 6 years old, and he is already attending a kindergarten not far from my husband's office.

Arriving at the kitchen, I prepare simple food. Toast for me and my husband and cereal for my beloved son. I don't forget to make warm sweet tea for my husband and chocolate milk for Raffa.

"Hmmm... done."

I looked with pride at the result of my hard work which was now served on the table. Our breakfast is ready, now I have to do my next task. You could say this is my routine task every day, especially in the morning.

I went back into my room. I found my beloved husband still coddled and spoiled in our bed. I approached him, and without thinking or feeling doubtful, I uncovered the thick blanket that wrapped his strapping body. I blushed violently when my gaze fell on his muscular stomach because last night he slept with his chest bare. Even though I have been his wife for 10 years, it has been 17 years since we were dating, and I have always been by his side. But still, seeing my husband's muscular body, which is one of the reasons I am proud of him, always makes me blush.

“Honey wake up. It's already 6 o'clock, you'll be late for work."

He didn't respond or even open his eyes. He remained motionless in bed in the same position, which was lying on his back on the mattress.

I reached out my hand, intending to shake her body. And that's when I realized I made a mistake.

With one jerk he grabbed my hand that was outstretched to him. Instantly my body fell on top of him. When I was about to get up, he hugged me tightly so I could not move in this confinement.

"What are you doing? let go. You'll be late."

"I am still sleepy. You accompany me to sleep in a while okay?" he said spoiled, he hugged me as if I was a bolster.

"Don't do this, seriously you'll be late. I have to wake up your son anyway."

I heard his moaning voice, it seemed he did not like to hear my refusal.

When I finally broke free from his clutches, I rushed to my feet.

"Come on, wake up, Mr. Raefal, the lazy one."

I pulled his hand after teasing him with that taunt. He didn't refuse this time, I easily managed to change his sleeping position to sitting.

"I'm still really sleepy, seriously," he said again reasoning.

"It's my fault for staying up late last night."

"Yes, it can't be helped, I have to prepare materials for the meeting."

"You have a meeting today?"

He answered with a nod of the head.

"That means your late home today?"

"Yeah, but I'm trying to hurry home. When the meeting is over, I'll go straight home."

This time I nodded. It couldn't be helped, he was a branch manager, and attending meetings had become his routine. As a wife, I can only understand him when he has to come home late because of meetings that sometimes take up tonight.

"Let's take a shower there."

I see he is still lazy to get up. I was forced to take action. I pushed his back so that his body, which was standing looming before me now, could move towards the bathroom.

"We bathe together, how about?" he asked while winking one eye, ignorant.

"Don't be silly. You're just like Raffa asking to take a bath together." Of course, I refused this ridiculous request.

"We used to take a bath together. You haven't rubbed my back in a long time," he said again, I rolled my eyes lazily.

"Just go to the spa if you want to scrub." He shrugged his shoulders at my answer.

"If Raffa asks, you won't refuse."

"Yes, yes, he was still small."

"Why am I so jealous of Raffa?" He said success made me chuckle.

"Oh my gosh, how can you be jealous of your child? Already there take a shower, I want to wake up Raffa first."

After that without waiting for his answer, I walked closer to the wardrobe. I prepared the clothes that my husband will wear this morning. I breathed a sigh of relief when the tail of my eye saw my husband's movement toward the bathroom.

As my original plan, I went to my beloved son's room. I was surprised when I found him sitting in front of his study table. His gaze fell down the table as if he was working on something. I quickly approached him.

"Raffa dear, are you awake?"

He turned to me with a wide smile, making me excited to want to pinch his chubby cheeks.

"What are doing?"

“Draw a picture, Mom,” he said, showing him the picture he just made.

A picture of a simple house typical of the hands of children of his age.

“Wow, is this our house?”

"Yes, Mother. How did Mommy know?" he asked with round eyes directed at me. he looks even cuter.

"Because the picture is similar to our house."

And my answer seems to make my son happy. He skipped a little on the floor hugging his picture tightly.

"Come on, let's take a shower first. Soon you have to go to school."

In contrast to his father who had a thousand reasons to refuse, my beloved son obeyed my words at that instant.

"Do you want mommy to bathe?"

"No need, Mom. I can shower myself!!” he shouted from inside the bathroom.

I smiled broadly feeling proud of my son who had learned to be independent even though he was still very small.

While waiting for him to finish his bath, I prepared his uniform. I don't forget to make sure of the books and other school equipment that he has to bring today.

It only took five minutes, and Raffa walked happily toward me with a towel wrapped around his waist. I helped him put on his uniform. After his appearance was neat, we walked together to the dining room.

"Good morning Daddy," Raffa shouted happily when he found his father already sitting pretty in the living room. Without hesitation, he climbed into his father's lap. I smiled a little at this touching sight.

"Good morning to champion Daddy. How did you sleep last night? rest well?”

Raffa nodded enthusiastically, laughing out loud when my husband naughtily rubbed his chin on Raffa's neck.

"Daddy, I was drawing a house. Mommy said the picture looks like our house."

"Oh yes? Where are you trying to see Daddy?”

"Mommy, where's my picture?" asked Raffa, his cute look was directed at me.

"It's in your room."

"Take it, Mommy. I want to see Daddy," he pleaded with a whimper. I exhaled slowly when I found my son's spoiled nature starting to relapse.

"Later Daddy looks at the picture. Look, you're going to be late for school. Daddy has to go to work too."

“Well… Mommy,” he pouted, and he pursed his lips. Pout because you don't like my rejection.

"Later after work, Daddy will see the picture. Now Raffa eats his cereal. Don't be naughty, Mommy will be angry."

"Yes, Mommy when angry is scary, like a lion."

And I can only shake my head when I hear my husband and son chatting. After that, there was no more chatter, and both of them started to focus on their food.

15 minutes passed, and my husband finally finished his breakfast. He took his briefcase and kissed the top of Raffa's head who was still eating his cereal, before leading me to the door.

"I'll go first. Be careful when you're on the road delivering Raffa," he advised me. I nod in understanding.

“You also be careful on the road. Have a good job today."

After saying that with all my heart, as usual, I kissed the back of her hand. Just as usual, he would kiss my forehead, right cheek, and left cheek, then end up kissing my lips softly. He walked towards his black sedan parked in front of our house.

I waved at him and waved back at him as soon as he started the car.

At first glance, our marriage looks harmonious, doesn't it? We both seem to love each other without any problems in our household life. Yes, it's true that from the outside, we look like a happy family.

However ... the reality is not like that. At least until I started to lose my faith in my husband.

It all started one month ago. As I was packing my husband's briefcase, I accidentally saw a red velvet box. A box in which a beautiful necklace is displayed. I will be happy if the necklace is prepared by my husband to be given to me.

But after I looked carefully, the necklace was not for me. It has ZK's initials on the locket. ZK is not my initials, because my initials are IG, Indira Gianina.

That's where my suspicions started, especially when I heard a neighbor who is like a sister to me, telling me she once caught my husband eating with a woman in a restaurant.

This is where my story begins. The story of my investigation to prove this suspicion, as well as to find out the name behind the ZK initials has managed to grab my husband's attention.

Chapter 2 Unexpected Surprise Part 1

The time is exactly 8 pm at this time, as usual at this hour my husband is at home. Every day he comes home at 5 pm from his office, because the distance between his office and our house is quite close, at 6 pm he usually arrives home. Even if he doesn't have a meeting or other extra work outside the office that makes him come home late.

It can be said that it is quite rare for him to come home late, even if he has to come home late, he will let me know first. Maybe the reason he was so open to me made me never doubt his honesty during our ten years of marriage.

I found our husband and only son, Raffa... sitting in front of the television while their hands were busy holding game sticks. They were playing the PlayStation game Ninja Ultimate I saw it from the television screen where two ninja figures were fighting fiercely.

“Yeee… I won. Daddy loses!” Raffa shouted happily because he won the game.

Raefal, my husband ... pretende


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