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David Smith was a celebrity, an actor and the country’s most distasted idol. While growing up, he got addicted to different kinds of worldly lifestyles like drug addiction and so on. He is also a sexaholic with a very rude personality and his acting skill is below the usual or normal level. His drug addiction led to his unfortunate death. Then came Rose Jack, a female fighter and a soldier who also died the same day on duty to serve her country because she was betrayed by her fellow colleagues out of jealousy. Jason Manny is known as the youngest and most handsome Chief Executive Officer of one of the biggest and most popular Companies in the country. Jason was loved and adored due to his handsome and cute features though he wasn’t an actor or such. His mother was a known actress in the film industry. One fateful day, Rose found herself awake in the hospital bed of an unknown environment with unknown teary eyes staring at her. The people in the room were all excited to see her awake but what got her attention was when she was called another name that wasn’t hers. David… Right then, she realizes that she was in another body entirely. “Oh my, what is wrong with me… I thought I was shot dead… Whose body am I in?? And the BIG question; WHY AM I IN ANOTHER BODY aside from mine and a male one at that? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??? . . Find out what happens NEXT and More in the Story, “THE REBORN IDOL” . . …….

Chapter 1

That day had an odd feel to it. As soon as I opened my eyes, I could feel how heavy my whole body was. Something felt like it was pressing on my shoulder. Maybe you will get sick soon. Rose Jack didn't think there was anything strange about what was happening. In fact, it would be kind of weird if my body were light. Since we started working on our assignment, it has been exactly two months. I didn't want anything but a place to sleep with a roof over my head for two months. I wasn't interested in anything else. "Once I'm done with this work, I'm giving up for good." Jeff, another team member, said something that was very similar to what Rose was thinking. Rose was happy.

Even though she has said the same thing on every mission for the past three years, she is still working in this role.

"Don't make fun of me. I even wrote out my resignation letter, which I want to turn in as soon as I'm done here. Are you interested?"

This jerk kept going on and on about how much he wanted to be a writer, so he wrote this in a way that was so beautiful it was almost like poetry. And Rose asked with a frown, "Why is it so important to write a good resignation letter?" "As we've talked about, becoming a writer is one of my goals in life. Team leader, didn't you have a dream like that? Have you been sleeping?" "Of course I do. Who do you think I might be? Does the team's leader have a goal?" A person who is so dull? This cretin said it in a rude way, and Rose just nodded and said "Ah."

Second, right now all I want to do is take a hot bath, drink some hot milk, and fall asleep in a clean bed until I wake up feeling better. It can't possibly get any better than this. Just thinking about being in that situation made him feel heavy and tired.

".....ah, you are kidding me..."

Why do you act this way as the leader of the group? – This jerk said it in a way that made it sound like he was sick of hearing it, so Rose looked at her watch and asked, "Why are you like this?" in close proximity to the enemy's land."

Even though they look calm, they are on a mission that could make or break their lives.

As soon as they are ready, they will break into the enemy's bunker hideout and either kill the target or be killed themselves.

What do you exactly mean by that? Ashley was putting on mascara behind them, and Jeff turned to his sister and asked, "Sis, don't you think our Team leader is really dry?" in order to get people to agree on the subject. She said, "He told me that all he wants is to take a warm bath and sleep on a dry bed." "That seems like a good idea..." Sam was giving Ashley lipstick when he said something in a whisper that sounded like he was daydreaming. This made Bella hit Jeff in the head. "Don't you think you're a little bit too possessive? What kind of army would want to read a poem like this? "What about poems that are different? I have finally decided to leave this behind. This mundane task. Most people don't like it when people like you read in public places like this. And their heads are so full of muscles they can't close them..." Who are you yelling at with these harsh words?

Do you know how disgusting it looks to see a man who looks like a gorilla carrying a poetry book around and crying over it?

He got hit in the face again. Rose couldn't help making fun of him as she watched him cry while holding his poetry book. She asked, "Did you even pay off your credit card debt?"

"I've never seen a group of people so chill.

Are you guys ready?" Nick, who was guarding outside, peered inside to see what was going on. He was sent to Rose's team three months ago, and after they decided on a plan, he seemed to be very worried about it. He gave the impression that if someone touched him, he would say, "Really, this mission is to kill weapon trader Andrew...," right away. He strongly disagreed with them when they said they would sneak into the enemy's territory while dressed as prostitutes. He agreed that this was the only way to kill the target, who had been in the bunker for about two months with only twelve members of the team. But he kept saying that he didn't like this idea.

"Would you like to stay where you are?" Nick's pride was hurt when Rose asked him, so he said, "I don't need it" with a frown on his face.

Rose saw Bella steal a look at Nick from across the room.

When Bella saw that Rose was looking at her, she smiled in a shy way.

“Hm.” It has nothing to do with me, but he is not a moral person. He is common garbage, just like the average Army. I'm sure she knows that too, though.

Rose was looking at her gun at the time. He kept a small pistol revolver on his ankle because it was easy to hide and had a small frame. He looked at his watch to see what time it was. "If we show up too late, they will think something is wrong. We need to move on." Rose saw the security guards and two actual prostitutes. They were shaky as they stood next to guards who had been tied down and passed out.

They were both light-haired and had fair complexions. He is carefully concealing himself and has a strong personal preference. That certainly made things simpler for her. Rose flashed them a grin in an effort to alleviate some of their anxiety.





Chapter 2

That certainly made things simpler for her. Rose flashed them a grin in an effort to alleviate some of their anxiety.

"About… 30 minutes later.

I believe it is safe for you all to go home now. Andrew's penis will perish like its owner soon. They started crying due to the frightening appearance on her face.

They were left behind, and she drove off with Bella in their Jeep. Nick did nothing except look at Rose with a disapproving expression on his face as Rose adjusted his headpiece behind her ears.

It appeared as though he was telling you to cover your face and asking you what you were doing.

"Since I already have an American appearance, what is the use of covering up?"

"... Are you supposed to find this funny?" He gave a terse response. Nick's expression did not improve even after Jeff stopped him by tapping him on the shoulder and asking, "Hey, what is wrong?"

"With this kind of terrible plan... Why should we have to live in the same


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