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The Mafioso's Treasure

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MAFIA/OBSESSION/ JEALOUS/POSSESSIVE/LOVE/ A non-standard Brazilian woman had her dreams brutally destroyed when she was kidnapped by black market sellers. Her dream was to be a plus size model, but that's not what happened to her! What she didn't imagine was finding a man who was madly possessive and obsessed with her. He, an utterly cruel and arrogant man who cared nothing more than killing or torturing someone. But he ended up falling to his knees for her, and will do anything to have her as his wife. What was she supposed to do? Submit or try to run away from it?


Sophia Rodrigues.

10:00 "Sao Paulo." Brazil.

I've just arrived in São Paulo, and this is where I'll become a plus size model. Since I was a little girl, this has always been my biggest dream, I fought a lot for it, I worked and studied for thirteen years, very diligently to achieve my goal in life." I left the state of Pernambuco in Recife and came straight here, where I will fulfill my biggest dream.

Once I got in the taxi, I gave the driver the address. I found the way he looked at me strange, but I decided to ignore it because I was so happy. I always thought it would be impossible for me to achieve this, even though it's a company for chubby models, I don't have good self-esteem, I'm a black woman and I weigh 100 kilos." I am confident that in this place I will finally be able to accept myself.

Arriving at the indicated place, I got out of the taxi and noticed that the building was abandoned.

''Did I get the address wrong?" I question to myself.

I walked to the building with my bags to check the place better, I let out a sad sigh when I realized that I had been tricked.

''Sophia Rodrigues?" I got scared and turned around to find a man full of tattoos all over his body.

''Y-Yes." I answered nervously and scared, because like it or not, I don't know anyone in São Paulo.

The creature looked me up and down and grimaced.

''Yeah, you might be good for something.'' He said it in a disgusted way.

"How?" I asked quite scared.

He makes a sign with his hand and I don't understand, just as I considered running, two very large men appeared in front of me. I started to struggle as the two held my arms.

''Let go of me!!! Help!!!" I screamed trying to break free.

''Shut that girl's mouth!!

A cloth is placed in my mouth and I smell the strong chloroform, it makes me dizzy and I can't see anything.


Vincent Santoro.

20:25 "House of Santoro." Office" Italy.

''Capo, the drugs have already been handed over to the Irish.'' Enrico said as he walked into my office.

''Is there a problem?'' I asked and he shook his head. Can go.

''Si, capo.'' He withdraws, leaving me alone once more.

My name is Vincenzo Santoro, the capo of the Italian mafia, let's say that in our world they know me better as Il diavolo. I'm a forty-five year old man and I own several technology companies, several casinos and brothels all over the world. I'm not a man to play and much less to give myself to someone, I have several women warming my bed and I don't need a wife, much less children.

The door was opened again, but this time by my younger brother, Matteo.

"What are you doing here?" I asked without even looking at hi


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