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The Mafia & The Billionaire

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: R.Y.E.
  • Chapters: 40
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 21
  • 7.5
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Serendipity, or Serene, was a smart and strong woman who was a mafia leader. She returned to her father to get what was rightfully hers that her stepmother, half-sister, and her father were trying to take. In her mother's will, she had to marry a wealthy man for her to be able to get her mother's shares, which are equal to 57% of the company's shares, which her father will try to stop from happening while she uncovers her mother's death. Alexander McGregor was a billionaire who had no plans of getting married. But because his father and mother wanted him to get married to stop the board of directors, who wanted him out of his position, from attacking him, he decided to look for someone he could work with as a wife. They agreed to marry each other just for convenience. But because marriage was important to Alexander, he told Serene not to cheat on him and to do her duty as a wife. Serene, who had no faith in marriage, didn't like the idea. She planned on leaving Alexander after she got her inheritance. What would happen if Alexander found out about Serene's true identity? Will he let her stay or let her go just as she wanted? Serene's grandparents also wanted a great-grandchild, which made it hard for her to leave Alex, who had no plans to let her go either. Find out who will win against two dominant married couples. Who will dominate, and who will submit? The mafia or the billionaire?

Chapter 1

Serene's POV

"Serene, you need to keep in mind that you hold the future of our organization, so you'd better make wise decisions at all times,” said Grandma. We were in the living room of our mansion in Portico, discussing my departure. I looked at my Grandpa sitting beside her, waiting for him to say anything, but he just shrugged his shoulders.

I knew how worried my grandparents were since my father called me to discuss my inheritance. So, I needed to return to Ling City immediately, where I had spent six years of my life. "Serene, do you understand me?" Grandma asked in a monotone yet strict voice. I looked at her, took a deep breath, and answered,

"Yes, Grandma."

"By the way..." She paused for a long moment, and my forehead began to sweat, feeling uneasy. "My dear Serene, you're already an adult, which means you are of age to get married and have your own family. Took this time to find someone who will be there for you, but I also want you to choose someone you're attracted to if not love." 

I don't know about the "attracted" part, but I don't think there will be any man who will attract me. After what have I experienced with my own father? I didn't want to argue with Grandma, so I sipped on the cup of tea my ever-attentive Grandpa had prepared, hoping it would calm my trembling nerves. "It's not that I'm rushing you, Serene, but you must choose a suitable husband who understands the intricacies of our family and can support our business endeavors," Granny emphasized, her voice carrying a mix of concern and expectation. "You must claim what is rightfully yours, but be mindful not to squander the wealth that your mother has painstakingly built." 

I gathered my courage to speak up despite the tremors coursing through my body. "Grandma, do I   need to go to such lengths?" I questioned, my voice wavering slightly. "Besides Grandpa and my friends, I don't know any man who exceeds their characters."

"You are right about that, dear." My old man chimed in, making me roll my eyes at him because I had been waiting for him to say something, and yet, he only did it now when I was talking about being a good man. 

With grace and exuding an air of authority, she replied, "Your mother worked tirelessly for that company, and you, my dear, possess her intelligence and resilience. But it would be best if you did not repeat her mistakes. I trust you understand what I mean," Grandma said firmly, as she clutched my Grandpa's arm. 

Though I had intended to remain silent, my tongue betrayed me, and I found myself unable to hold back any longer. "Grandma, you have reiterated this countless times since I came here. I have embraced the path you set for me, and I want you to know that I willingly chose it. However, I want you to relax and not worry about me. I will find my husband and look for someone opposite my father. Another thing is, I plan to bring Enzo and Patt," I informed her, watching her react. She nodded in acknowledgment. 

Turning my attention to Grandpa, I couldn't help but wonder if he would allow Grandma to continue dominating the conversation. "And Grandpa, will you just allow Grandma to do all the talking?" I inquired, hoping for a different perspective. 

"Your grandma is always right," Grandpa replied, again accompanied by a playful eye roll from me. It was hard to imagine him as the former leader of a mafia. In Portico, our family was renowned for our kindness and generosity, and we were always ready to lend a helping hand to those around us. However, beneath that benevolent facade lay an undeniable ruthlessness. While we didn't flaunt it openly, the civilians knew better than to cross our path. 

My father, Lorenzo, had betrayed my mother, inflicting immeasurable pain on me. He would have to face the consequences of his actions. As for his mistress, she would not achieve what she wanted, nor would their illegitimate child. Lorenzo did nothing to protect Mom when she was harmed and ultimately murdered, and those memories remain painfully fresh in my mind. 

*** Flashback *** 

When I was six, my parents and I visited the amusement park. A mysterious man approached us while I was still tightly holding onto my mother's hand. It struck me as odd that he wore a hat and sunglasses despite the absence of sunlight, and the way he covered half his face sent a chill down my spine. 

Dressed in a long trench coat that reached his knees, the man asked my mother with an ominously twisted smile: "You're happy, right?" Fear gripped me in that moment, not for myself but for her. 

My father, seemingly irritated, said, "What is it, Marissa?" It was at that moment that I despised him. While I was already frightened by our circumstances, he appeared unfazed. Sensing the danger, my mother shielded me with her body, and I could only catch a glimpse of the man pulling out a knife from behind him. 

"M-Mom," I called out, desperately seeking her attention. She held my hand tightly, but I sensed her efforts to protect me from harm. When I called out to her again, I tugged at her hand, my concern for her overwhelming. And then, I watched in horror as I saw the man aggressively stab my mother. And my eyes widened when she fell to the ground. 

“MOM!!!” I screamed, joining her on the ground. “Hold on, Mom. We will bring you to the hospital.” My tears streamed down my face as I kneeled beside her, holding her close. 

My father, seemingly indifferent to my mother's condition, tried to calm me, attempting to stifle my cries. It was as if he didn't care that my mother was lying, unconscious. Thankfully, the people around us saw our distress and rushed to our aid, helping to transport my mom to the hospital. But despite their efforts, she didn't make it. She was gone, and I would never see her again. 

In my grief, my father unexpectedly brought a woman named Daisy and a girl nearly my age named Mavie into our home. At first, I found solace in having a playmate—a distraction from the pain of my mother's sudden death. However, it soon became apparent that Mavie was anything but a playmate. And the worst part is that my father always seemed to side with her, making me feel small and insignificant in his eyes. 

While I was playing in our room, Dad barged in with Daisy. I was confused when Mavie began to cry, but instead of asking her what was wrong, I couldn't help but cry, too. Because the weight of missing my mother was overwhelming, and I sought solace in the comfort of my room, tears flowed uncontrollably. 

In a fit of anger, Dad snarled, accusing me of hurting her. I glanced at Daisy and then at Mavie, who looked smug as if they knew something I didn't. As a young child, I couldn't comprehend their intentions, but I knew they weren't being kind. And so, I decided to stand up for myself against them. 

"I haven't left my room since last night, so I don't know what you're talking about," I responded, my voice trembling with confusion. Dad's hand met my cheek at that moment with a stinging slap. That was the first time he had ever hurt me physically, and I was shocked that he would do so for that woman and the other child. It became clear that only my mother had genuinely cared for me. 

As an only child, I always believed I had the best of both worlds. With my mother by my side, my father, who harbored little affection for me, would put on an extra show of love. I often wondered why, but as a young child, I couldn't comprehend that my father's love for my mother wasn't as strong as I had imagined. 

He retorted, taking Daisy and Mavie away as his words cut deep. "I will send you to your grandma's, and you will stay there for the rest of your life, never to return. Did you understand?" In my young mind, I knew that he didn't love me. And so I followed his instructions and went to my grandparents' home. 

As I grew up under their care, my grandparents shared many stories about our family, particularly about my father, Daisy, and Mavie. They were part of his family, and it became evident that he had been unfaithful to my mother. My grandparents held a deep disdain for him, which is why they never visited us to see my mother, even after her passing. They had tried to prevent her from marrying my father, but as they often said, she was stubborn. 

I received training under their guidance to become the next leader of our powerful family, which had a well-known reputation as the strongest in the region by which Lorenzo knew nothing about. My grandparents believed that our adversaries were responsible for my mother's death and feared that they would come after me next, seeking to end our lineage. However, I am not going to let them succeed. 

Unlike my mother, I vowed to make decisions based on logic rather than emotions. No man would ever be able to abuse and deceive me as my father had done to my mother. When the time came for me to return, I would leave nothing for Lorenzo and his mistress. And that day would come soon. 

*** End of Flashback *** 

"My dear," Grandma said gently, bringing me back to my trance, "always use your head before your heart. Emotions can cloud your judgment and lead to poor decisions. Stay focused on your goals and never underestimate your opponent, even if they are your father." 

Her words struck a chord, reminding me of the importance of rationality and resilience. I couldn't help but reflect on the countless nights I had spent crying, questioning why my father had never shown me the love I so desperately craved. Why had he only been kind to me when my mother was around? And why had he chosen to give me away to my grandparents, favoring Daisy and her daughter over his flesh and blood? 

"I do understand, Grandma," I replied, my voice tinged with sadness and determination. The wounds inflicted by my father's actions still lingered, and I struggled to detach myself from the emotional turmoil fully. 

Despite my resentment toward him, a part of me longed for his love and acceptance, which a father should provide. But I knew I had to let go of that longing and focus on the path ahead. "He will no longer have the power to hurt me," I said, making Grandma nod, and a smile played on her lips. 

She may have been concerned about my return to my old house, but I was determined to prove that I had grown stronger and wiser. I was no longer the six-year-old Serendipity Dylan but Serene Portico, the leader and head of the Portico Region, bearing the weight of our family's name. 

Through me, I would ensure that our legacy would remain. My grandparents’ support and guidance led me to what I am now. I trained every day to be physically and mentally strong, and I would not let all my efforts go to waste. 

Portico Region is already mine; anyone who tries to take it from me will suffer consequences. My inheritance from my mother is another thing; it's the Serendipity Jewelry, and claiming it would not be easy. I’m sure that Lorenzo will not give it to me willingly. But armed with the lessons learned from Grandma and fueled by my desire to protect my mom's legacy, I was ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.

Chapter 2

In Ling City

Serene’s POV: 

Impatience gnawed at me as I confronted Lorenzo at the dining table. I couldn’t understand why he had yet to give me my rightful inheritance, though I already expected this to happen. I had been staying in their house for what felt like an eternity, surrounded by his mistress and their bastard, both of whom showed nothing but fake concern for me. 

“When are you going to give me what’s mine?” I demanded, my voice laced with frustration. Lorenzo avoided meeting my gaze, a sign that he was hiding something. Growing up, people would always look me in the eye when they spoke to me, a way for me to gauge their honesty. But Lorenzo was different now, and I knew he was lying. 

“The attorney is already working on it,” he replied dismissively, his words lacking conviction. I had grown accustomed to people’s empty promises, but coming from my father, it stung even more. 

Daisy, Lorenzo’s mistress, couldn’t resist adding her side comment


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