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The Mafia's Not So Fluffy Romance

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"Don't underestimate me!" She growled, pressing the knife against his neck on their wedding night. "Don't mistake my kindness for my weakness." "You look so hot pinning me against the wall and the knife pressing me against my neck," he smirked. ˚ ༘✶ ⋆。˚ ⁀➷ Weylin Turner, the vicious leader of the mafia organization 'The Black Panther' returned to England after fifteen years. At a party, he learned that his marriage was already fixed with the daughter of one of the most powerful mafia organizations in England. But on the day of the marriage, the bride didn't appear. To save his father's face, he immediately ordered his subordinates to find a bride for him. Suddenly his eyes fell on Garaine Jones, a cheerful caregiver at an orphanage. He couldn't help but take advantage of the situation. Finding her weakness, he compelled her to become his bride. To his surprise, she agreed to his terms and conditions easily. Little did he know that Garaine Jones wasn't some ordinary woman as he thought. She was something beyond his imagination. Did the predator himself become prey while chasing his fantasies?


"Is everything alright?" 


Sitting comfortably in a Lockheed lounge, Blake Turner, the leader of 'The Devils', the most dangerous mafia organisation in England, asked. His hawk-like sharp eyes were glued to the laptop screen as he was checking some statistics. 


"Yes, sir."


One of his men replied, bowing his head. 


"Any news from Shadow?" He asked, his thick shaped brows forming a frown. 




A cold female voice reverberated in the room, gaining the attention of every man present there. The leader side-glanced at the lady who bowed to him, putting her fist on her chest. Her face was covered with a black mask, leaving a pair of upturned eyes. Her jet black hair was tied into a high ponytail while a few hair strands fell on her forehead. Her slender yet toned body was hugged by black robes, covering every inch of her skin. 


"Mission accomplished."


Her emotionless voice was heard again. Her pair of fierce eyes glanced at the leader as she finished her sentence. 


"I knew Shadow would never disappoint me," Blake Turner's lips curved upwards into a pleased smile. "Have a seat, dear."




Nodding, Shadow took a seat on the adjacent sofa. She briefly gazed at the laptop, quickly taking a mental note about the statistics. Her brows seemed to knit together forming a frown. 

"Master, the statistics don't seem alright. I am supposed to receive the arms today." Shadow said in a complaining tone. 




A male voice interrupted their conversation. Shadow glared at the man who entered the room without knocking. She glanced at the master only to find him smiling. 


"You may leave." Blake Turner signaled his men to bring the black box which was brought by the man. "Shadow, check it."




She touched the lock, tracing the design of the cold object. A smirk formed on her face behind the mask. Taking a pin from her hair, she inserted the end in the lock. She turned the hairpin three times and the lock opened with a clack. 


Tch! They use such an easy lock to import goods. I need to take care of these punks later.


"Nowadays Shadow can even open a lock without a key. Are you breaking into houses these days?" Blake Turner teased. 


Ignoring the tease, she slowly opened the cover of the box. No sooner did her eyes fall on the items in the box than a smile formed on her face. 


"Are the statistics okay now?" Blake Turner snickered, presuming the facial expressions behind the mask. 


"The arms…" Shadow trailed off, touching the special kind of arms in the box. "These arms are exactly what I wanted."


"You can choose whatever arms you want. We are involved with the arms business anyway." Blake Turner stood up, taking out a Sobranie cigarette from his pocket. 


"Master, you cannot randomly smoke," Shadow interrupted when the leader was about to light the cigarette. "You need to take care of your health."


"Just one cigarette won't kill me," Blake smiled gently, tilting his head a bit.


 Lighting the lighter, he brought the object near his lips, aiming to light the end of the cigarette. 


"Master." Shadow's cold eyes fell on the leader. "Please, don't compel me to make your cigarettes disappear."


"Hah," letting out a deep breath, the leader put the thing back in its place. "I cannot believe the little girl whom I took in twelve years ago is now forbidding me from doing things as I like."


"Master, you are a father figure to me," a soft smile appeared on Shadow's face. "I dare not to lose you or let anything happen to you."


"I wish you could marry my son. He is just a year older than you," the leader's facial expressions changed into a longing one- longing for his son who was sent to the USA for his studies when he was just ten years old. 


"Pardon, master. I can't do that," Shadow lowered her head a bit, apologising. "You already know that I don't want a partner in my life. I am an elite assassin and a hacker. So my life is always in danger. If I marry your son, then he might become the target of many organisations. And I don't want to risk your son's life."


"I cannot force you with something like marriage," Blake Turner sighed. Looking into the blank space, he continued, "my eyes are longing to see him. It has been fifteen years since I saw him, talked to him




"Who's it? Who dared to enter without asking for permission?!" Blake glared with bloodshot eyes at the uninvited guest who entered the room without knocking on the door.


 A cold, threatening aura was emitting from him, causing him to look like the mighty leader of the powerful mafia organization. 


"S-sorry, S-sir. T-the news i-is very i-important." The man trembled, hanging his head low. 


"What's it?" Shadow almost ordered in a cold, menacing voice. 


"Y-Young M-master is returning to England after three days." The man replied. 


"Young Master?!" Shadow exclaimed. 


"Weylin Turner is returning home!?" Blake Turner stood, eyes widening in surprise. 


"Y-yes, sir." The man felt a little confident upon seeing the positive response from the leader. 


"That's great!" Blake Turner smiled widely. "Thanks for the news. You can leave now."


"T-thank you, sir."


The man almost fled from there. 


"Shadow, finally, my son is returning home. My son…" the leader grinned, unable to keep on the strict, cold expression that resembled a leader, showing his fatherly side. 


"Master, I'll make all the necessary arrangements for the grand welcome," Shadow suggested. 


"It will be a small welcome party just with our members. Make sure that the news of Weylin returning won't reach other organisations," The leader's facial expression turned into a grim one. "I don't want them to target neither him nor you. If he becomes their target, then it won't take much time for them to target you."


"Understood, master." 


"You should befriend Weylin. If my presumptions are correct, then he might ask you to become his assistant and his right hand," Blake laughed a bit.


"Master, I have a request," Shadow said, ignoring the leader's suggestion. 




"I will protect the mansion, as well, young master but I won't be present at the party." Shadow intently avoided the leader's gaze, since she knew her words disappointed him. 


"Do whatever you want," Blake Turner's scorned, turning away from the lady. "You may leave now."


"I am taking my leave."


Bowing, she put her first on her chest before leaving the room.


As she left the room, Blake slumped on the couch, sighing. 


"I don't know why Shadow keeps rejecting my proposal. No one is suitable for my son except Shadow. She is the perfect woman for him. I hope Weylin will meet Shadow soon."


Blake Turner found Shadow on the streets when she was just twelve years old. The moment his eyes fell on her, he couldn't look away from the adorable child. He immediately adopted her. 


After a few months, she was kidnapped by his enemies, making him worried about death. After that incident, he shaped her into the best assassin as well as the best hacker of time. To protect her, he hid her real identity and gave her the title 'Shadow' - the name which was enough to send shivers down one's spine. 


 No matter how many times he told her to call him father, she refused. She believed that he was the mighty leader and being his right hand, she couldn't randomly address him 'father'. 


Suddenly Blake Turner's phone rang, pulling him out of his thoughts. He frowned upon checking the name that appeared on the screen. Smirking, he answered the phone.


"Make sure that Weylin will board on the private jet which I'll be sending. He is participating in motorcycle racing in California. Keep an eye on him and his surroundings."


Ending the call, he looked outside the window. A devilish smirk formed on his face. 



Chapter 1


It was a fine day. The area was filled with a crowd that seemed to have its own life. The fans were cheering for their idols who were going to participate in the famous motorcycle race - 'The California daredevil race'. 


As the name suggested, the motorcycle race was truly one of the most dangerous races, taking away the lives of several expert motorcyclists. The prize for winning the race was so tempting that it attracted all the experts without thinking twice about risking their life. 


Weylin Turner under the pseudonym 'Rider' was waving his hand at his fans. He was seated on his motorcycle Yamaha YZF-R6. His long hair, which touched the base or his neck, was combed backwards while a few naughty locks fell on his forehead. His friend, Jace Smith stood beside him, chuckling at his friend's popularity. 


"Weylin, I know you want to impress your fans. So make sure you will win the race," Jace said, running his hand through his hair. "B


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