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The Lord's Weakness

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The fourth princess was supposed to get married to the lord of the world of fire but she was in love with someone else, a simple man from the world of water Nobody dares the lord of fire, he is evil, he is a demon shifter and will destroy anything in his path. But the fourth princess chose love over the marriage she never gave her consent to and so on their wedding day, she elopes with her lover but there has to be a bride and so she places her unfortunate servant, Myan in her stead. The lord of fire had no idea he wasn't marrying his beloved princess, what happens when he finds out that she was replaced with a mere servant?

Chapter 1

"Third Chief Hugo's son is here." The servant went on her knees in announcement. Her white gown overflowing by her sides.

"Send him away." Fourth princess Kassy didn't turn around to meet the gaze of her faithful servant. She only raised her ornamented fingers in the air.

"But fourth princess, I don't have the power to do that." The servant bowed her head.

That caught Kassy's attention. She turned around from her reflection in the mirror. "Can't you see I'm busy?" She was busy indeed. Getting dressed for Achu. Achu was from the world of water and their relationship was forbidden for so many reasons.

One, Kassy was royalty and no royalty could mix with a commoner. Two, Achu was from the rival world. Kassy was from the world of fire.

Achu sat on the princess' royal bed. It was made from the most expensive roses sewn together and transformed by the most professional fabric handlers in the world of fire.

Kassy wanted to show this lowly servant how busy she was and began to slip out of her clothes. Her gown was made from the finest silk, scented with the sweetest flowers in the garden. The hem had real gold taped to it and shone in its glory.

The servant dared not raise her head. Kassy took strides towards her, the white beads around her waist making a patterned noise. Her hips were the widest in the kingdom yet she was so slender.

A lot of people referred to her as a goddess. Rumours had it when she was young, the king had bathed her with water from Vi stream, the ones where spirits and gods dined and wined.

Kassy went on one knee before her servant. She lifted her chin with her index and thumb fingers. "Look at your princess when she talks to you."

The poor servant had no choice but to look up at her naked princess. Who was she to go against her wish?

Kassy's lips drew into a mocking smirk and she stood to her feet. With one hand on her waist, she glided to the bed where a determined Achu sat.

She cupped her breasts and rubbed it against the face of her lover. "Do you see how busy I am now?"

"Fourth princess." The servant bowed her head again. "Sir Harry is your groom to be..." she had to remind her wayward princess.

"Ah!" Kassy groaned, standing to her feet. She picked the flower vase that always sat beside her bed and crashed it against the wall, missing the servant's head by a needle's distance.

"Why do you even let her speak?" Achu contributed for the first time. A lowly servant like herself who doesn't even have her fire powers!" He clicked his tongue. He had no shirt on and his lower body was hidden from view with the huge blankets on the bed. The servant wondered if he was naked down there, of course he had to be.

Who was he to refer to her as lowly? He was from the world of water after all and lacked strength, just like everyone from that world.

"Out now! Tell father, I am no longer marrying that man!" He wouldn't be the first man to be rejected by fourth princess. It was King Harvey's dream to see all his children married in his life time.

"But fourth princess!" The servant panicked, breathing in and out rapidly. "He will behead me!"

"Good for me." Kassy shrugged, clicked her tongue and returned to her bed.

The servant stood to her feet, realizing if she stayed there any longer, it was only a matter of time before they had s*x right in front of her.

Myan was the lowly servant.

Her heart raced as she returned to the courtyard. How was she supposed to tell this to the king?

The chief and his entire family had brought gifts to appease the royal family. What an embarrassment they would deal with now that she had rejected them. She didn't even attempt to meet them!

"The servant has returned..." the king's right hand spokesman announced into his master's ear. He was a thin man with a receding hairline but if there was one thing he was known for, it was his beard hair, nine inches long and sometimes he braided it to keep it out of harm's way. He considered his beard hair dignity and refused to shave it off. Most people referred to him as the hair man, the royal family inclusive.

"But I don't see the fourth princess anywhere." He gulped.

The king's round face dropped as he lifted his head to look at the small, unkempt woman approaching them. "Where is Kassy?" He inquired, already knowing her answer.

Myan shivered in fear and dropped to her knees instantly. "Your majesty!" She bowed her head, already in tears, "I tried to convince her to come with me but she had her mind made up." She informed the king and everyone else present in the open courtyard that was fenced with tall bushes and ornamental trees.

A panicked gasp from the small crowd of royalty, and their entourage, filled the room. It was third chief Hugo's wife, Miranda. Myan watched from the corner of her eyes how the elegantly dressed woman fanned her face but she didn't dare lift her head.

Her servants gather around to fan her with their various items.

"There's no need to panic." King Ron didn't sound as confident as he intended to. "Clearly, this servant is too low class to command someone like Kassy. Ramon, go fetch the fourth princess." He waved the nearest royal guard off.

"Yes, your majesty." The tall, well built guard bowed in acknowledgement.

"In fact, I'll come with you." The king proposed.

Myan gasped and stood her feet quickly. Her princess could be nasty but she loved her Achu so much. It would be trouble if they got caught and if she was certain of anything, the man was grinding into her princess by now. "Wait!" She yelled without thinking.

A few gasps eluded the lips of the small crowd that was gathered around. They wondered how a low class woman dared to speak when she wasn't told to.

"Your majesty, Ramon cannot go in there." Myan brought her voice down and lowered her head in her standing position.

"And why is that?" The king frowned. Myan looked up to see that his hand was transitioning to a bright red colour. A warning that one wrong move could cause the fire from his fist to burn her to ashes.

"Because! Be.. cause, the princess is naked your majesty." Myan defended. It wasn't exactly a lie.

The king's hand returned to its original pale tone. "Naked?"

"Yes, your majesty, naked." Myan kept it up, gaining confidence now that she knew she had his believe. "I have to warn her in advance. Ramon should not see the fourth princess naked." She met the face of the guard that had stood still the whole time.

"You have a head start, Kassy must be here in five minutes." The king waved her off, "come on Ramon."

Myan understood at once that the king was suspicious and so she took to her heels, holding her gown up to avoid tripping on it, making her way to her princess' room. A man as huge as Ramon only needed a few strides before he caught up with her and so she ran like she was chasing the wind.

She was out of breath by the time she got to the wooden door. She turned the metal knobs but they didn't budge. It was locked from inside. She panted heavily and pounded on the hard door.

Her princess had no dignity at all, she thought. Her moans were loud and even through the heavy door, Myan could hear them a little.

"F*ck! Achu... yes, there..." the fourth princess sounded like she was being beat up. Myan looked over her shoulder, the king and Ramon were just a stone throw away and it was only a few minutes before they got to the door.

Myan intensified her pounding against the door, ignoring how it hurt her knuckles. "Fourth princess! Open up, please!" She cried.

"Sh*t!" Kassy groaned from inside.

The doors came open and Myan pushed the princess out of the way unconsciously, she dashed into the room and secured the bolt.

Achu was on the bed, staring at her like she was a mad woman.

"You little rascal! Do you want me dead? You literally pushed me against the wall." Kassy snapped at her, raising her fist to hit her across the face but Myan had no time for that.

"Fourth princess, hurry, the king and Ramon are on their way to fetch you as per the king's order. It will be trouble if he finds Achu here, he could kill him!" Myan panicked, pushing a lock of her hair out of her face even though the resilient strands kept falling back in place.

"No, no, sh*t, forget Ramon, my father will behead Achu." Kassy joined in the panic. "Quick, get me clothes I can wear." She ordered Myan. Achu had jumped to his feet when he heard the news.

Myan dashed towards Kassy's closet to do just as she was ordered. She caught a quick glance at Achu and her eyes went reflexively wide. No wonder her princess was crazy over him, this man's member was huge!

Kassy tried to force him under the bed but it was impossible.

Myan had selected the first outfit she saw in the closet, a red peacock patterned floor length gown, and she was heading back to Kassy. "You have got to be kidding me!" She growled when she noticed the partially naked couple sucking on each other's face by the window.

They disconnected at the knocking sound on the bedroom door. They were here.

Myan flinched and gasped in fear. "He's here!" She yelled in a whisper.

"Quick, get out." Kassy literally tossed Achu out of the room and through the window.

"Just a second!" She yelled on the top of her voice, receiving the gown from Myan, who had run to her side.

"Open this door, or I'll order it be broken down!" The king called back and both women could already hear the foreign sound against the door. Ramon was attempting to pull it down.

Kassy's shaky hand got her nowhere and so Myan hurried to pull her into the outfit.

In no time, Myan was done and sped back to the door, unlocking it.

"Sorry about the delay, father." Kassy bowed her head and Myan took the same action. From the look of things, Ramon had been trying to break the doors.

"I demanded for your presence, yet you declined me." The king looked unhappy about her decision.

"I'm sorry, father." Kassy sounded like a complete different, polite and respectful woman, compared to the beast from earlier.

The king poked his head into the room as if he expected to find someone.

Myan and her princess shared a fearful look and both women sighed in relief as he turned around to leave.

They walked far behind both men and Kassy turned to whisper in Myan's ear, "that was close. Next time, warn me faster!"

Myan thought to herself, well, you're welcome.

Chapter 2

The king, Ramon, Kassy and Myan returned to the courtyard. The servants that had accompanied third chief Hugo's family bowed in acknowledgment at their entrance.

The king folded his hands behind him, the excess length of his long robe was trailing behind him. He took his position on the throne.

"The fourth princess is here." Myan announced. Kassy sat on the red stool that was positioned beside the throne and crossed one leg over the other.

Myan stood behind her princess, keeping her head lowered.

"Bring the presents." The king's right hand man ordered the servants of the third chief's family. The servants were dressed in a uniform green, denoting a special occasion.

Two men with drums around their waist began to create a melodious tune as the servants stepped forward.

"Where is Sir Harry?" Kassy spoke in a low voice, so only Myan could hear her.

"It's part of tradition. His majesty needs to accept these presents before it's official." Myan e


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