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The encounter with the CEO is true love

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: pigeon
  • Chapters: 41
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 14
  • 7.5
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The book mainly tells the story of a girl, filled with joy as she prepares to marry her boyfriend of many years, only to discover on the eve of getting their marriage certificate that her boyfriend is having an affair with her step-sister. Angered, she goes out to spend money on alcohol, and after getting drunk, she gets involved with the owner of a club and ends up marrying him under false pretenses. When she wakes up, everyone is calling her "sister-in-law"? Who is the elder brother? He is none other than the fearsome "Cold-faced Yama" of the southern city, and he is also the head of the Mou family and the Shengshi Group! But isn't he rumored to stay away from women?

Chapter 1 I'll Take You Tonight

Nova Club. The largest gold mine in the southern city, where the first-floor bar was filled with men and women twisting their youthful bodies to the pulsating music. In the crowded dance floor, a petite woman chugged a bottle of liquor, stumbling.

"Find the most handsome men for Madam!" Cang Ling grabbed a waiter, her words slurred with alcohol.

"Forget about love at first sight! He sweet-talked me back then, then went behind my sister's back to sleep with her..." Cang Ling was dizzy from the alcohol, but she couldn't shake the image of catching Yu Chen cheating on her.

The waiter was about to tell her she had drunk too much when he unexpectedly felt something behind him. Turning around, he saw a group of men in black escorting Mu Yu into the club.

Mu Yu, the current CEO of Shengshi Group and the future heir of the Mu family, was rumored to be a ruthless figure who commanded both the lawful and unlawful sides of society.

"Miss, we operate legitimately here, there's no..." The waiter knew Mu Yu detested such scenes and quickly explained to Cang Ling.

"Nonsense! Madam has money!" Cang Ling retorted.

"He can sleep with women, why can't I sleep with men? Go, find me someone a hundred times more handsome than him! No, find ten, twenty... Oh..." Cang Ling's words ended in a gag as she staggered sideways.

However, in that moment, she caught sight of the man standing there with a cold expression, and her eyes lit up.

Could someone be this good-looking?

His black bomber jacket and simple work pants accentuated his physique. His simple crew cut, devoid of excessive styling, highlighted his rugged features.

As soon as he entered, he captured the attention of most women on the dance floor, yet his icy demeanor kept everyone at bay, none daring to approach him.

Except Cang Ling.

She stumbled towards him, a lecherous grin on her face, and reached for his abdomen, expecting to find abs under his shirt.

"Er Ye!" Mu Yu's black-clad men rushed forward to pull Cang Ling away, but Mu Yu's cold gaze stopped them all.

"Wow, so firm." He really had abs!

Cang Ling swooned, almost drooling. With his tacit approval, she became even more audacious, looking at the man's cold yet captivating face, bouncing and clinging to him like an octopus.

Cang Ling's hands tightly wrapped around his neck. Looking at the group of men in uniform behind him, she became more convinced of her suspicion, "Are you the top one here?"

The small waiter's face had turned pale long ago, standing frozen on the side, afraid to move.

"I am the owner here." Sensing the little thing on him not behaving, Mu Yu's eyes darkened.

Cang Ling, utterly drunk, had no strength left. As she let go, she fell back, but the man's hand caught her back, the other hand supporting her slender waist.

"Owner? So... you're the duck king?" Shouldn't that be the setup on TV?

"Alright, I'll book you tonight." Cang Ling decided cheerfully.

She hopped off the man, ready to go to the front desk to settle the bill.

"Come." She pulled out her wallet, "I choose him, tonight, I'll take him..." Cang Ling forgot the word for it for a moment, "Oh, on stage!"

With that, she swept her sleeve behind him, "And this... this group, I'll take them all!"

As Cang Ling spoke, the people behind Mu Yu dared not breathe. Seeing their boss about to turn around, they all looked away, pretending not to see.

"Oh?" Mu Yu smirked, "Can you handle it with that physique?"

"Of course!" Cang Ling floated, slapping a gold card on the counter, "I can't just choose you... I want them all! Who knows if you're any good, I heard, you men love to brag."

Her eyes couldn't stay open, pulling the man's collar towards her face, forcing him to accommodate her height.

"Brag?" Mu Yu narrowed his eyes, humming to himself.

"Do you really want to sleep with me?" he confirmed with her.

"Yes." Cang Ling nodded honestly, mimicking the seductive smiles she had seen on TV, "Come on, let's go, sister will take you to the room."

Her hand was swiftly caught by the man, and the next moment, she found herself pinned against the marble counter at the front desk, "If you want to sleep with me, it has to be legal."

Legal? What's legal?

Cang Ling pondered over the term, while her free hand rummaged through her pocket, pulling out a crumpled household register, "Hehe, what a coincidence, I was planning to get married today."

Mu Yu stared at the crumpled paper in her hand, a curve forming at the corner of his mouth.

He had heard from his subordinates that Cang Ling had come to drown her sorrows today, so he came over to see her, never expecting to have such an unexpected gain.

"Chichi, prepare the car, go to the Civil Affairs Bureau."

"Er Ye, at this hour..." Chi Chi glanced at his watch, feeling hesitant.

"Make them work overtime!"

Chapter 2 This is All Your Own Doing

On the way back from the Civil Affairs Bureau, Cang Ling never stopped talking.

Seeing Mu Yu sitting upright in the back seat, looking aloof and ignoring her, Cang Ling's mouth kept running, poking his shoulder with her fingers. "With such good looks, you must have a lot of customers patronizing your business." Cang Ling grinned, her eyes crescent-shaped with a slight blush on her face due to alcohol, giving her a somewhat charming appearance.

"What do you think?" Mu Yu asked in return.

"Tsk tsk tsk." Cang Ling patted his thigh with regret, "Brother, although this is your job, doing this too much can harm your health, you're still young..." Cang Ling paused, burping, "But it's okay, I'll look out for you in the future, although I don't have any experience... but I'll be caring!" With that, she proudly patted her chest.

Mu Yu's face darkened, but his bodyguard, Chi Chi, was st


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