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The Cursed Demon

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Luna was sold by her adopter to a billionaire because of their large amount of debt. In order to pay, the Andrèz household offered her to the said wicked and ugly billionaire who had been hiding his face for a very long time. Neither one knows that this billionaire is actually... a cursed demon that devours human souls.

Chapter 1

DISCLAIMER: This story contains sexual scenes and vulgar words that might not be compatible with your age. Read at your own risk!


She smiled at the last customer she will be serving. After putting down the customer's ordered wine, she did mixtures to make a taste of life. This is her specialty that any newbie would look for. Their bar became quite famous because of her skills. Her customer could not take his eyes off her perfectly shaped body.

"Good evening, mi lord." She greeted me with courtesy. 

The man greeted her and watched her s*xy back when she's going away. This woman has such good butt cheeks that it is so good to spank tonight. Her breast is even a life-  dream of every man which is so good to taste and touch. She had these curves that a man would hold behind her arching body while screaming for pleasure. This woman is perfect in bed.

"Looks like someone want a f*ck." The bartender commented when she had a peek at the last customer they would be entertaining, which is clearly giving an interest to her employee, Luna. She whistled to get Luna's attention, whose busy wiping glasses. Innocent, she looked at Stella.

"If you're stressed, give him quick f*ck." Stella suggested twitching her lips on the right side referring to their last customer.

Luna gave a look at the man whom she caught stealing glances at her buttocks.

"I'm fine, Stella."

Stella just answered "Oh?" and made her way out of the counter to "entertain" the customer. Stella's perfect circle and blessed boobs was enough to get the man's attention. She was wearing a tight dress that showed her curvy and s*xy buttocks. She then grabbed the man's necktie and pulled him to their mini bar's closet to one of the rooms.

Luna sighed as she watched them go. She didn't hear loud bangs this time. It's that man's moans and groans. It's pretty clear that Stella's giving a blow. Stella is really the heaven of their customers, especially the last customer. While she gave them plenty of time to enjoy themselves, she didn't waste her time for nothing and just fixed the windows, chairs and tables.

"Ohh... ahh... Harder!"

She slapped her forehead while relieving herself with a coffee while waiting for them. They haven't finished yet.

"Turn around... yes! Ahh! You're so f*ck*ng good, baby."

She looked at the tiny drops of rain outside the bar. Lately, she had been feeling down since the day her mother told her that their business is going to collapse soon. She was thinking about how to help them with the problem. Her little world was put to an end when she heard Stella.

"Goodbye!" She greeted the man she 'entertained'.

She stood up to prepare for the closing of the bar.

"You should have tried enjoying yourself, Lunie! That man is a good f*ck." Stella chimed.

She smiled while washing the man's used glasses. "I'm taken."

Stella made a loud groan. "Come on, Lunie. It's not like you're cheating, you are just going to enjoy yourself. And besides, is that an excuse or a lie? You're always saying that you're taken but I never saw your boyfriend!"

"I told you he's abroad."

"I don't believe you! It's been years!"

"He will be coming soon."

"When is that soon? Make it later! I'll judge his face whether he's a good f*ck."

"He's good."

"Oh? Really?" Stella marveled.

She sighed. Well, it's all a lie. It is just an excuse to simply- protect herself. She was exposed to such environment that s*x is normal but she just can't do it.

"How long is his 'man'?"

"Why do you even ask that?" She joked.

"You know! I want to make sure you are satisfied with him! I mean - is he even a good kisser? Tell me, Lunie! What if you're living a good life with s*x?"

They just talked about erotic things and stuffs that Stella loves. She just listened to her while helping each other to fix the bar before leaving. This is really Stella. Her life is lacking if there's no s*x. They have been friends since college and although she had this attitude, she is jolly and easy to go with. You can rely on her too.

"Take care, Lunie."

"Bye, Stellie."

They finally said goodbye before going in the opposite direction. She immediately went home. It's been a week since she didn't come back home because of working hard to help her family. She is still young and lacks experience , which is why she is having a hard time looking for a job. It's good that her best friend, Stella, opened a bar just three months ago and now she can work which she could use for living. She could not ask for help from her parents because she knows that they are financially unstable as of now. 

She directly went upstairs to change. She's tired and feels like she does not want to have dinner. With her tiny world in her bed while using her phone, watching videos, she heard her mom's voice then her dad then her older sister in the living room.

"We can't do anything but to give him what he wants, amor!" It was her mom.

"Amor, you know that we can't just give him any of our daughters." Her dad

"Come on Savannah, don't just believe in such rumors and go to him." Her mom

"No, mom! There's no way I'm going to spend my life with an old fart!"

"He's a bachelor, Savannah!"

"Why can't you just hand him Luna? She's adopted anyway!"

"No, mi hija. We can't give him to her either." Her dad

She was there in her own room watching them argue with something she cannot figure out.

Give? Old fart?

Because of curiosity, she widened the space in her door to reveal herself from listening.

"What's wrong, mamà? Papà?"

And they froze seeing her home after a week. They did not expect that she would be home this time and it was surprising. Her mom let out a laugh.

"Mi hija, why didn't you tell us you're coming home?" Her voice became sweet as she approached her, coaxing.

"We could have prepared a good dinner for you." She continued but Luna is eager to know what is happening.

"Can you tell me what's going on, mamà? I want to know, I want to help."

Her mother looked at her father as if they were asking each other if they should tell her.

"You should go to that old fart, Luna!"

"Savannah!" Her father warned Savannah for starting it.

She frowned. 

"Is that 'old fart' can solve our problem, papà? I'll talk to him if so." She concluded dazzled.    

"No, mi hija. You shouldn't go there. I'll just look for an another way to pay-

"Amor, didn't you hear that we only have 2 days?" Her mother cut her father.


Now they are silenced. And she felt uneasy just watching her parents struggling and she could not do anything.

"If going there will resolve everything, I will go." She demanded because they only have 2 days to settle their problem.

"That's it, now you got a worth." Savannah reacted and received a glare from her father.

"Are you sure, mi hija?" Her father is worried about her. He took her hand.

"You will work at our creditor... far away here in Madrid. You will work in his castle and we are unsure about your safety."

She had that feeling. Everything is unsure but she wanted to help, at least. Even though it will cost a lot of hard work, she wanted to turn back the kindness her guardians made her feel as their adopted daughter.

"I will work hard, papà."


THE DECISION she made that night bothered her. She could not sleep thinking what could happen and who is this "creditor" or "old fart". Will she be treated fairly? Will she be safe? What works will she do? She wonders if her life will change upon working under the creditor of her family. She must work hard for her family!

She was supposed to close her eyes when she heard her mother's scream. Panicking, she burst out running towards the masters' bedroom witnessing a very traumatic scene. His father is lying on the floor - dead and her mother is anxiously shaking the body.

"Amor! Amor!"

Everyone panicked because of the sudden situation. Her father... her father is dead! H-How? How did this just happen?!


THAT WAS INDEED a traumatic night. She could not compose herself from what she saw for the whole time she's at home. She thought it was just a nightmare but it is really the truth. Her father died due to cardiac arrest. She doesn't know what to do- she doesn't even have any slightest idea about where she's going to work. 

The house of Andrèz became miserably creepy that night. Her mother mourned in her room as well as her sister. She did all the house work because they even lost their servants because of money loss. Acting like she's not mourning, she fed her mother and sister with her savings. She cooked, brought groceries, and cleaned. She's lucky that Stella was there to help her and comfort her.

The other day, her sister threw her the glass she's holding because of disgust.

"This is all your fault! GO TO THE OLD FART!" Savannah thundered.

She even had no idea why she's not fighting back and letting her sister violate her.

"May I ask where it is?" She knows that it's time for her to go. At least, she could live in peace in the house of Andrèz. 

"Go to Pyrenees' castle and get lost!"


It is a mountainous village in Spain. She heard rumors that the place is quite creepy and almost homogeneous. 90 % of its population is male and they are unfriendly. It is even believed that many travelers cannot go back after visiting the Pyrenees.

But of course, she could not decline because she promised to her father. If it will resolve their financial problem, then she will risk her life for it. Now, come to think of it, she's on the way to Pyrenees with only her little suitcase. She is desperate to leave the house of Andrèz and live a mysterious future with this.... 

She looked amazed and speechless. She will work at this massive castle? It was like she came back in classic time and lives a fairytale-like life. She did not expect that she would be working in this...    her smile faded.

It feels empty.

"It's better if you come back to your home, lady."

She glanced at the man who helped her with direction and also accompanied her to the castle.

"Young girls often come back with mental illnesses after going out in this castle. And some didn't even make it back."

She got goosebumps from what she heard and looked at their back where timbered houses pile and some serious guys are looking at them, especially her. They had been staring at her since she hiked from the highway to this portal of the castle. It is really true that people here are not friendly.

"I will be fine. Thank you for accompanying me."

"Be careful, lady."

"Thank you."

When she's left alone, a man came out from the main door. He's wearing an Ermenegildo Zegna Bespoke suit- which she doesn't know if it is really original. But she's sure that it was expensive. He is tall and straight. He has long blonde hair but has a bun. He has green eyes that will surely shake a woman's heart. Just by looking at this fine man, he looks like a business tycoon. She wanted to conclude that this is the 'old fart' but what she heard about him is that 'no one has ever seen him'. This man should be working close to the 'Old fart'. Maybe she can ask for more information. 

He went to open the heavy portal and walked close to her, took a hold on her suitcase, and stepped back.

"Milady Hermosa Luna Alatorre Andrèz, welcome to the castle." He slightly bowed his head and motioned his hand in the front. 

She got even confused that he knows her full name. Did her mother inform them already?

"Uhmm...", she's hesitant because she doesn't know how to address what she wanted to say. She can feel that there will be a big adjustment that she will work on.

"Tell me your concern, milady."

"W-What is your name?"

"I'm Thiago Izan Alejandro Nevarro. Call me Thiago, milady."

She doesn't know how to react because she feels like she's royalty now.

"Are you... sure that I will be working h-here, Thi..  Thiago?"


"Come with me before I will inform you, milady." Thiago started walking back to the 'castle'. 

Unsure with everything, she just looked around noticing the classic style of the castle and the beautiful garden, fountains, and drainages all over the place. But why are there curtains covering the windows? Why are windows closed?

Upon entering the castle, all her nightmares came true as soon as darkness filled her eyes. She expected much from the outside and now only the lights that produced by the torch give her life inside the castle. She does not fear darkness but she felt the inevitable goose bumps in her skin since it's her first time seeing a dark castle.

Thiago bowed his head after getting one torch. 

"Apologies for the inconvenience, milady. Thy Lord only switches the lights on after the daybreak."

Thiago speaks really formal and classic. She couldn't embrace the awkwardness when he speaks. She should start considering to change life, after finally working in this ... empty castle. It is cold inside that will clearly freak out girls if you are not used to darkness. She nodded and just followed Thiago's footsteps. Just what kind of man is this 'old fart' that uses a torch as the light in the day?

"How am I going to work here? I mean... I am good to be a servant-

Thiago stopped.

"No, milady."

He looked at her with a beam in his handsome face.

"You just live and...  love thy lord."

"Y-You mean?" She was shocked. 

He continued walking. Now they are in the staircase.

"Thy lord has been waiting for a lady that will love him, truly. In return, thy lord will treat you well, as long as you fulfill thy responsibility as a spouse."

She stopped. She does not know what to think- 

she... she will get married?! W-Wife?! Love?! 




THIAGO opened a heavy wooden door showing a dark room. It is maybe... her room? He then pressed something in the wall revealing a huge bedroom. She could not believe her eyes. Everything is luxurious! This could not be compared to her room in the house of Andrèz! 

Let's start with the Givenchy Royal Hanover German Silver Eight-Light Chandelier matching four crystal bulbs in every corner of the ceiling. The whole room is even surrounded by LED strip lights which she could turn on later. 

There is Biel Molten Lava Light hanging above the vividus mattress which can clearly be used when sleeping. The bed was sided by a parinian desk where GE Align AM LED Bulb was settled. A meter away from the window, it is where the Plume Blanche diamond encrusted sofa paired with a glass table were allocated. The curtains are clearly designer-made. The paintings above the bed and in the opposite wall are naturally painted and antique. From where she is standing, if you look the left side, the archeo copper bathtub can be seen through the glass door of the bathroom-

"Welcome to your bedroom, milady."

Her eyes hurt. It is so unbelievable that she is now looking at all of the most expensive things in the world. She couldn't believe it! It hurts her eyes!

"The wardrobe contains all your belongings, milady. If you are in need of things, thy valet will be sent by thy lord to serve you."


Does he mean? Butler? A male attendant?

"Have a prosperous night, milady. Thy valet will come to get you for dinner."

She was left still unmoved. She was standing there like a pillar. She couldn't find herself. She's afraid to touch these expensive things thinking that she might break or dirty it. Her heart felt like it stopped for a moment... a long moment of processing.



She half came back to senses as she heard a sweet manly voice. She took a look and saw this man wearing a big smile. He has an accentuated angular feature with a wide jawline emphasizing his mid-fade with angular fringe hairstyle. His eyes are anisocoria that matches his thin eyelashes. And his smile is a blessing.

"milady? Hey yow?" He waved his two fingers to get her full attention that is clearly unrecovered yet.

"You've been standing there for about... 30 minutes?"

And she came back to senses.

"Y-You are?"

He said "Oh" and showed his teeth with a smile. 

"I am the handsome so good f*ck*r, your baby, Linneus Gael Villarruel Savage, literally 'savage'. It's a pleasure to be your valet, milady." He bent down his knee motioning his right hand to his abdomen like he is a knight shining armor.


She wanted to ask something really-really important but she cannot compose it. Just what is happening in this castle? Why does this need to be like this?

"Is there any probs, milady? Need ma service in your room? Do ya want me to fix ya suitcase?" He is singing it.


He waited for her until minutes passed...

"My lady?"

"my Queen?"



"C-Can I just sleep in uhm a-another room? I... I think I don't deserve this room. C-Can I be in just a... n-normal y-you know normal room. J-Just plain room uhm I... t-this room looks so luxurious I... I can't... no no I kinda feel uneasy to be... uhmm... "

She's stuttering like there's no tomorrow.


Chapter 2

Upon hearing what his Queen said, his laugh covered her ears and Luna didn't even know why her valet was dying in laughter. Did she misspeak? 

She waited for him to sober up until he stood straight, with a smile on his handsome gentle face.

"This 'very' room will be your beautiful dwelling, milady, from now on and then. And yes, welcome to your room, I will deposit all your things in its designated place as you go prepare for dinner, beauty." He bowed his head with a gentle smile on his lips.

But she was totally afraid of touching everything. She cannot just go inside a castle and get to use all expensive things in no time! This is beyond her expectations!

"Are you sure I can touch anything?"

"Yes, milady. Don't hesitate to use everything, especially me. I want to be of use to you." he winked at her.

She wasn't bothered by his total Adonis beauty, she was totally not confident about touching expensive things in this room she doesn't possess b


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