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The Charming 26-Year-Old: A Memorable Tale

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: 蓝鲸
  • Chapters: 143
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 391
  • 7.5
  • 💬 3


In the end, what constitutes love and its origin remain elusive to me. Perhaps love is akin to a resplendent butterfly, captivating in appearance but forever beyond reach. Should one attempt to grasp it firmly within their hand, it will inevitably resist and shed its vibrant hues until only pallor remains. I comprehend now why I approach with caution, fearing not merely an inability to touch her soul but rather the potential erasure of that exquisite veneer—a tale of three men entwined with a beautiful female tenant, wherein lives are fraught with twists, challenges, yet emotions deepen unyieldingly. This novel invites you into their innermost realm to experience the ecstasy and anguish of love's growth—an enduring narrative that shall never wane."

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Carrying Your Baby

This is a rainy evening, the cold wind rolling leaves raging the city, I and heart Ru holding an umbrella standing at the gate of the city women's and children's hospital, in the crowd, she looked at me with a little pale.

"Sunny, I'm pregnant."

I froze for a moment, then stared and said, "Find the person who made you pregnant, why did you call me out?"

"You're the only man I've slept with in a year. I'm not looking for you."

"You're the only woman I've slept with in a year, would you believe me?"

"Sunny, are you a man?"

"Everyone is out to play, you don't rely on me for this kind of thing, you want me to be responsible, take some practical things out, don't play with me with empty words, who is willing to be confused like a father"

Heart Ru was silent for a while and said to me: "The child has been removed, where there is any proof."

I was a little angry: "Do you think I look like a special child ah, your child took off, and then" I raised my hand, and felt speechless: "Then, tell me that the child is my sun, is you false naive or I really silly heart Ru, we are adults, can do some decent things?"

Heart Ru bite lip looked at me, for a while said: "You do not want to be responsible is it, tomorrow I go to your company"

"Do I depend on you?" I said angrily.

Heart Ru bite lips look at me, but I think she is a good actor, I met her in the bar, and then had a one-night stand, a woman who often bar, said a year and I a man had a relationship, I want to believe her, I am a fool.

I didn't want to be entangled with her anymore, took out my wallet, pulled out the entire $100 bill inside and handed it to her: "You don't want money, take it, and don't bother me anymore."

Heart ru no words and no entanglement with me, nodded and turned to hold an umbrella to go to the hospital, as if there is what owe the cost did not pay

Looking at her lonely back in the rain, I suddenly had an unspeakable emotion in my heart, although I do not believe that the child in her stomach is mine, although I am very tired of her, but also feel that her life must not be very good now, otherwise it would not be so wrong to me.

I was silent for a moment and finally called out to her, "Wait!"

Heart Ru looked back at me.

I pulled out a bank card from my wallet and handed it to her. "This card will allow me to overdraw some money. You have just had an operation.

Heart Ru did not answer: "No, see you are willing to be responsible, is my purpose, looking for you because I do not want to be confused by sleeping, and confused pregnancy"

At the bar, I drank and waited for Fangyuan, my only friend and colleague in the city.

Ever since the first day of this bar, I have seen too many lonely women, empty men here drinking all kinds of wine, or silence, or eyes full of desire to find a called "drunk" thing.

In fact, when we leave the body of the day and let the soul get lost in this piece of light and wine, we are already drunk.

Forget from which night, I put here as a place to live, I like the women here twisting waist, like shaking lights, like all kinds of colors of wine, like perfume mixed with the taste of tobacco, like the drunkness here, and then in the drunkness, the infamous past carved into a tombstone.

Light a cigarette, smoke the film on the cigarette box, covering in front of my eyes, looking at the swaying light, the body also follows the swaying, in the light refracted by the film, I seem to see a kind of slimy erosion can not help but fall into a spirit

The square pulled away the film in my hands, and my world suddenly became clear again.

"So urgent roar roar to find me what is the matter" radius put down the briefcase in his hands, from my cigarette box pulled out a cigarette to light himself.

"Borrow some money, I'm being ripped off."

"And the other girl's belly got big," square said no surprise.

"Again, you're really being ripped off this time."

"Who blackmailed you this time?"

"Why are you asking so much nonsense?"

"Every time I borrow thousands, thousands of you, you at least let me know that my money is not being robbed by who?"

"Heart Ru." I lit a cigarette and said, exasperated.

"The graphic model."

"Not just her, your circle thief chaos, she said a year I was a man slept, you believe it, square, this thing to put on you, you believe it?" I because excited fingers will knock the table "crackling" sound.

"This kind of thing could not have happened to me, and she would not have cheated you of this thousands of dollars, last month our department store promotional posters can be all taken by her, the reward alone is more than 10,000"

I sniffed and interrupted the square: "Don't you look at her usual consumption, more than 10,000 yuan can stand her for a month, now playing with others, no money to deal with the aftermath, and I think of this cheap ao friends of my t really cheap, should not have kindly introduced her to our company, money did not give her less, and now also in turn pit me, and some industry conscience?"

Fangyuan ignored my anger and asked me in a low voice, "Did you take that thing with you when you slept with her?"

I thought about it for a long time only to remember that the drink was almost broken, and I really couldn't remember whether I had brought a condom, and for a while said: "If I brought it, I can't say that it was pit."

Fangyuan looked at me suspiciously, then sighed for a long time and said to me, "Xiangyang, we have been friends for nearly ten years, sometimes I really want to persuade you, I know that Li Li broke up with you, which is a great blow to you, but it has been two years, you really don't need to spoil your youth and wait for others, find a girlfriend and settle down, OK?"

When the name Li Li was mentioned again, I subconsciously froze and said: "Don't worry about me, buddy is doing well."

"No shortage of troubles, huh?"

Fangyuan enlightened me for a long time, and I impatiently dealt with it for a long time, and finally he left a sentence of "mud can not help the wall", and left with dissatisfaction, but forgot that I borrowed money from him.

Fortunately, I mixed in the bar for two years, and often brought some friends to the bar to consume, and the bar owner is still familiar with it, and the consumption of drinking is temporarily recorded in the account.

Out of the bar, holding an umbrella to walk in the wet streets of the rain, I truly appreciate what is called alone, I struggled in the city for two years, the harvest is endless emptiness and loneliness, in order to get rid of this poison like emptiness and loneliness, I had to wear a mask to hide the shame of living, with this mask, I can live in laissez faz.

But no matter how hard I push on the edge of pain, she's never coming back

Alone in the sense of loss walked several stations before returning to their own residential area, this is an old community, old even no property, to the first year, listen to the community said, this community was built in the early 1990s, in the long years of erosion, each building in the community looks so weak, but one next to one, Afraid of loneliness, so it seems that each building has a life, which makes me feel: in the dead of night, they will also say a few quiet words, rid of decades of loneliness.

Holding a cigarette, taking out the key from my pocket, I walked to the building where I lived, this building is the only building in the community with a climbing tiger, and every summer, the walls facing south will be very green, if these buildings, also have a gender, then this building is undoubtedly a woman, a cold woman.

She often makes people feel sad for her

To my surprise, there was a red Audi q7 parked downstairs in this dilapidated building. In my image, I have lived here for two years, and it seems that there has never been a car of more than 500,000 in this community.

Without much thought, I blew a whistle and walked along the corridor to the house I lived in. When I reached the top floor, I was surprised to find that the door of the house was actually empty. I remembered that I had locked the door when I left, and subconsciously thought that a thief had come to the house.

Open the door, the landlord Lao Li and a strange woman sitting on the sofa, the coffee table placed a string of Audi q7 car keys, no doubt parked downstairs the q7 is this strange girl's.

Then a question flashed in my mind: Lao Li, a citizen of the city, is what kind of magic figure should bring such a noble girl as a white lily inviolable to appear in this simple house, which really makes me very confused.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Woman who opened Q7

I looked at this woman again, she sat upright, slightly curly hair hanging shoulders, white skin, slim figure, raised the corners of her mouth, there is a confident spirit, in short, she is a real beauty, only to see her first glance, I feel that there is nothing in this world can not be forgiven

Lao Li beckoned to me: "Xiangyang, come and tell you something."

"The rent thing, next month's salary, I pay together, OK?" I said with a contrived smile, after all, it has dragged Lao Li's rent for so long.

"It's about the house. The house has been bought by this girl."

"You have sold this house to which two fools are willing to buy you this set of broken houses that can not withstand the earthquake shaking two times" I looked at the woman "whooshing", in the face of the homeless crisis, I can ignore her elegance and beauty, first angry again


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