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CEO's Heart's Maid: A Love Story Beyond Status

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In the bustling city of New York, where dreams clash with harsh realities, fate weaves a tangled web that brings together two unlikely souls. Meet Lily, a kind-hearted but luckless maid whose life seems to be a series of unfortunate events. One fateful night, mistaking her boss for a thief, she finds herself in a brawl that leaves both her dignity and her job hanging by a thread. Little does she know, her assailant is none other than the enigmatic and intimidating CEO, Alexander Blackwood. As if by a cruel twist of fate, Lily's world shrinks to the size of a pinhead when she discovers that her two separate employers are, in fact, one and the same—Alexander Blackwood. From scrubbing floors to answering to his every whim, Lily finds herself at the mercy of a man who is not only her adversary but also her employer. But when did the lines between enemy, adversary, and employer blur? That question lingers in Lily's mind as she navigates through Alexander's world, where power and passion collide in a tumultuous dance. Alexander, a man accustomed to control in both boardrooms and bedrooms, finds himself inexplicably drawn to the spirited maid who dared to challenge him. Intrigued by her fire and resilience, he begins to interfere in her life, much to Lily's bewilderment. Yet, amidst the chaos of their shifting dynamics, a spark ignites—a connection that defies logic and expectation. As they dance around each other, both Lily and Alexander find themselves teetering on the edge of something neither of them can fully comprehend. But with secrets lurking in the shadows and past wounds threatening to resurface, can they overcome the barriers of status and enmity to find true love? In a world where nothing is as it seems, Lily and Alexander must confront their deepest fears and desires if they ever hope to find redemption in each other's arms. Join them on a journey of passion, betrayal, and ultimately, love, as they navigate the treacherous waters of their intertwined destinies in "Twists of Fate: A Love Story in the City That Never Sleeps."

Chapter 1

Standing in front of the glass, which reflected the light, Lily carefully examined every corner, making sure no detail was overlooked!

She was satisfied and turned her gaze to the luxurious and imposing office behind her. Clean, tidy, and bright were not only her standards; they were also the office owner's directives.

Oh, she managed this excessively luxurious office—or, to put it politely, she was the manager—but she was only a janitor.

Tired, she collapsed onto the Persian rug and tossed the dirty rag onto the coffee table in front of her.

Because the picky ghost wasn't present, she simply stretched out her limbs and lay on the carpet.

Such softness! It feels great to touch! She rubbed her dirty paws vigorously against the white fur a few times. She was aware that this foreign carpet was extremely valuable. If that difficult-to-serve person saw it, he'd probably turn green with rage.

God knows how eccentric and difficult her boss was! He always had a stern expression and was quick to anger. Except for his wealth, he had nothing else going for him.

She suspected that his wealth had blinded those female workers. They admired a man who was not romantic, lacked taste, and was obsessed with extreme cleanliness—a man who complained about cleanliness all day long!

But what irritated her was the fact that, despite all of his flaws and unlikable qualities, he was still the lofty CEO and big boss. Regardless of the circumstances, he was entitled to anything he wanted! People lined up to compliment him on his inherent superiority! With a flick of his finger, everyone below scrambled to obey!

How about herself? Without wealthy parents or superior living conditions, as well as a lack of education and beauty, she had to compete for this janitor position among a group of older women. Finding a job was difficult enough, let alone here, where the treatment was so good. Despite the fact that she was only cleaning, she took advantage of the company's benefits. This was Lily's only compliment to the boss! It was also the reason she wanted to stay so long!

Thinking about it, Lily remembered when she first arrived that she, like those female employees, admired her boss.

A king's aura emanated from within: successful in his career, tall and imposing, with a charm that captivated all women. Lily, like other women, was naturally vulnerable to such a man.

But after her first day of work, someone brutally extinguished the small flame that had just started.

At the time, she had no idea how clean he was. She initially thought his cleanliness was adequate, but it was only at that one moment that she realized his meticulousness. With a stern expression, he demanded the dismissal of his secretary. She was so scared that she could only tremble like a leaf, head down and legs weak. Finally, she received assistance from the secretary.

By the way, he disliked office romances, so his secretary and assistant were both men!

She walked to the bathroom after receiving amnesty, and it was only then that the tears of grief began to flow. The merciless roar echoed in her ears. "If you can't even do this little thing well, the company will not keep a useless person like you." "If you don't meet my requirements next time, leave immediately!" That cold voice jolted Lily back to reality, and she stopped dreaming and focused solely on her job.

Later, the secretary explained what it meant to be clean, and if he wasn't satisfied, he'd lose his cool.

Since then, she worked hard every time she cleaned, while also feeling nervous and scared.

Just like today, it was already 7 p.m. when she received a call from the secretary, saying the boss would be back tomorrow, so she had to clean up early; otherwise, if he returned in the morning and saw the office was not clean, he would be furious! So, regardless of anything else, she had to hurry over!

Wow, this carpet is super comfortable; I'd like to sleep on it! No, I can't sleep here; I pinched my face hard, and it hurts! I shook my head to wake myself up a bit, and I saw a bucket next to the door, reminding me that I hadn't emptied the bucket of dirty water yet. Wouldn't I face a scolding tomorrow if I simply left like this?

As she stood up, a sharp stomach ache struck her, making it impossible for her to stand straight. Oh no! Is it diarrhea? Ouch! Another sharp pain! There was no time to waste; she clutched her stomach and ran to the boss's private bathroom. Anyway, he wasn't there. She wanted to experience the feeling of the luxurious bathroom rumored to be from Germany, which was shockingly expensive! She only had the chance to clean the bathroom once, but now that she's finally

Despite having successfully won over his girl, I suddenly had diarrhea. Bonnie's boyfriend delivered two servings of a seafood feast to me, and I didn't hesitate to devour them all. Crab and stir-fried crayfish are not typically served as a special treat; therefore, the seafood may not have been fresh when it caused your food poisoning. Oh my god! I don't want to die! Argh!

Lily was sitting on that luxurious toilet, full of regret. Her stomach pain and heartache were making her miserable.

It's better to be rich; you don't have to worry about meals, and even the luxurious massage bathtub made her feel inferior. But it's just an office space; is it necessary to be so extravagant? It's unreasonable; even if you have money, you shouldn't waste it like this. She was outraged.

Lily was engrossed in the luxurious bathroom, completely oblivious to the bucket of dirty water outside the CEO's office door, and she had no idea what misfortune was about to strike her!

Alexander had planned to go home to rest after getting off the plane, but he remembered that there was an urgent document in his office waiting for his approval the next day. He ordered the driver to return to the company, and he didn't want others touching his things, so he had his secretary wait downstairs for him.

As he took the elevator to his office, Lily writhed in agony on the luxurious toilet!

His footsteps echoed throughout the silent corridor!

That bucket of water sat behind the door, waiting for fate to strike!

Clang! Clang! His footsteps came to a halt at the office door, where he turned the doorknob, pushed it open, and kicked it open.

It hit the target directly with a loud bang!

It startled him; he had never expected to find an unknown object at the door of his office.

The spilled dirty water snaked across the bright marble floor, forming black streams, and finally stopped on his beloved Persian carpet. What made him even angrier was that the carpet immediately absorbed the incoming water, like a person who hadn't drunk water in eight lifetimes.

When he returned his gaze, his expression worsened; water had completely soaked his pant legs, causing bubbles to appear with each step he took.

With a grim face and suppressed anger, he took out his phone and called his secretary, then turned and walked out. He wanted to know how his exclusive cleaner did her work!

Lily emerged from inside, clutching her stomach and groaning in agony!

She looked up, and the scene before her left her speechless for a brief moment!

This was too strange! She had only been in there for a moment, and now the world outside had changed completely?

Water covered the floor, and a bucket was rolling around!

Even though the door moved, a clear footprint extended outward indefinitely as it opened and closed!

Could it be that there are ghosts present?

This realization caused her eyes to widen, her limbs to stiffen, and a cold sweat to break out on her back!

The once-empty office now seemed eerie and terrifying!

She ran out screaming like a slaughtered pig, "Oh my god! Ghosts! Help!"

The screams outside also startled Alexander, and he considered returning to see what had happened.

Someone rushed over just as he had turned halfway, knocking him off balance. He rebalanced himself and pushed the person in his arms away!

The subsequent accidents perplexed both of them!

Alexander looked at her, surprised, and unsure of how to respond for a moment!

Lily became even more terrified, staring at him and reacting instinctively!

"Ah~ Ah~ Ah~!" Screams! More screams! It appeared that only screaming could relieve her inner fear!

Even he, as calm as he was, couldn't stand the demonic noise piercing through his brain! It was really giving him a headache, so he reached out and firmly covered that screaming mouth, hoping to silence it.

It didn't matter to him, but Lily over there looked terrified!

What is going on?

Could it be that you aren't seeing a ghost, but rather a thief?

He must be a thief because he was shocked by himself; he didn't anticipate someone rushing out from within!

Oh no! How foolish! Couldn't he have waited a little longer before coming out? Now that he has seen me, will he destroy the evidence? There are so many psychos nowadays; would he rape and kill first?

What should I do? What should I do? Don't panic! Don't panic! Lily consoled herself, her mind quickly turning. She was not nervous at this moment, only keeping calm and taking action in stillness to win over the enemy.

She was thinking about how to get away, completely ignoring the person in front of her, who turned out to be her big boss and immediate superior.

This thief appears to be also a novice; otherwise, why would he be so expressionless in fright? It appears that, apart from covering her mouth, he doesn't have the courage to do anything else! Seeing his dumbfounded appearance, not only is he a novice but also a rookie, which gives Lily bold ideas.

Hey hey! The opportunity has arrived; let this girl teach you a lesson! She thrusts down quickly and precisely, aiming at the large hand covering her mouth.

He let go as expected, never giving him a chance to react. She lands a punch right in his face, followed by a swift kick that firmly hits his shin bone.

Yes, Bullseye! She almost wants to cheer for herself.

It is not the time to be happy; instead, the priority is to escape!

Seeing the staircase in front of her, the joy of life and victory excites her brain, so she rushes down, stumbling and tumbling, leaving her legs behind.

Alexander couldn't believe what he saw.

This is on the twenty-something floor! Will she really run down like this? He's wide-eyed.

"M-Mr. President!" The newly arrived secretary, Wang, was a little tongue-tied by the scene before him.

The room was in a state of chaos, and there were faint bruises on his great president's eyes. He didn't dare ask what had happened, despite being very curious about the president's angry expression.

"Why did you take so long to show up?" His voice was full of rage!

"T-This..." What should he say? They just came up normally in the elevator! After a long time, he couldn't find a reason, so he could only wait resignedly for the president's outburst!

But after a long wait, the president spoke calmly: "I remember you calling me about exclusive management before getting on the plane, right?"

"Uh." He didn't expect the president to suddenly ask about this, but looking at the mess all over the floor, he understood what the president meant! But he still had to respectfully answer, "Yes!""

Alexander figured out who the main culprit for today was!

The room's cleaning tools explained everything.

Alas! Secretary Wang sighed inwardly. Lily, what have you done? You've turned the office into such a mess that no one can save you!

She ran all the way down from the twenty-second floor, almost costing Lily her life! When she finally arrived home, she was panting like a dog, exhausted! She even admired her own stamina!

But being able to save her own life and teach that social scoundrel a lesson was worth celebrating! As she relaxed, the pain followed suit, and she dashed to the restroom, clutching her stomach!

Bonnie hasn't returned yet; who knows where she's gone insane this time? Lily's stomach hurts again. Sitting in the small bathroom, Lily couldn't help but lament the stark contrast. Lily felt a pang of envy as she saw how clean Bonnie's bathroom was.

She had so much to say; she wanted to tell her best friend about today's narrow escape from death, which made her feel victorious!

It was courteous of her to give him a punch; she ought to have scratched his face to make him ashamed of showing it in public.

Speaking of faces, that one looks familiar—like someone! Who could it be? The person she is thinking of is right in front of her; why can't she remember?

Lily walked out of the bathroom listlessly, just as Bonnie opened the door and entered.

Bonnie, you're back!" Lily hurried over.

"What is wrong? "You scared me with your antics," Bonnie said, pushing her octopus-like arms aside.

"Bonnie, do you know what I've been through today? You'll be terrified when you hear it!" Lily was on edge. "

"Haha! What could you have been through? Stop making a fuss, and everything will be fine! Bonnie was well aware of Lily's erratic behavior.

Lily began, "I'm telling you, today I encountered..."

Her phone rang in her pocket!

Interrupting Lily's excited chatter and gesticulation!

She pulled out her phone, which showed a call from Secretary Wang.

Her eyes widened, her mouth dropped, and she felt a lump in her throat.

She suddenly remembered who she had punched today!

"Ah~~~! She threw her phone away as if it were on fire!

Bonnie could only look at her in shock, unable to express herself.

After a while, Lily slumped to the ground, her eyes vacant, whispering to herself, "I'm done for, I'm done for."

Bonnie nudged her and asked, "What happened? What call scared you like this?"

Lily burst into tears after saying, "Bonnie, I'm really done. Today I committed a grave error; I mistook the boss for a thief and even struck him! I'm done; what should I do? Sob~~."

"Eh?" Bonnie was surprised, too! Bonnie couldn't help but laugh as she reflected on Lily's clumsy personality.

"Wah, do you have no conscience?" I was terrified, and you were still laughing!" Lily accuses her tearfully!

Bonnie, suppressing her laughter, patted Lily on the shoulder to comfort her. "Don't think too much; maybe your boss doesn't even know it was you."

"Sob, sob. How could he not have known? He called me!" She exclaimed, gasping for air.

"You didn’t even answer the phone. Honestly, she had never met anyone stupid enough to mistake the boss for a thief and hit him, even though she could foresee the consequences. But seeing her good friend so upset, she couldn't bear to be harsh!

"You've got no idea how weird that boss is, Bonnie." Even if I hadn't hit him, seeing the filthy office would set off a storm. Now that I've accomplished both tasks, it's all over, and I'm almost certain to face termination! Why am I always unlucky?" She cried even harder at the thought!

"Your boss can't be so narrow-minded, right? Aside from that, you didn't do it intentionally."

"You're correct; he's just that kind of person. You did not see how he dealt with those who disrespected him. I can already see how miserable my fate will be."

She reflected on her lack of good fortune since her early years—her parents' divorce, her father's subsequent remarriage, and her mother's subsequent remarriage—and how everyone rejected her, tossing her around like a ball. After struggling to graduate and finally being able to support herself without relying on others, she encountered deception in her relationships, which was her greatest pain. When her emotions weren't going well, neither was her career.

Bonnie couldn't think of anything to say to console Lily, so she could only watch her cry sympathetically.

Bonnie's face contorted as she tried to suppress her laughter. This was truly unprecedented: she actually hit her boss.

Chapter 2

"Hey, Lily, you have been resting at home for three months. When are you going to find a job? Bonnie complained, rubbing her recently protruding belly. "If you keep doing this, all of my efforts to lose weight will be in vain."

She had been in a slump since someone else laid her off; she spent the entire day at home. Although the room was spotlessly clean every day and there were plenty of snacks to choose from, she was on the verge of turning into a little piglet. She had no idea where she learned to make these enticing snacks. She occasionally brought home high-end delicacies from fancy restaurants. How could she resist? Only by encouraging her to work would she be able to overcome this never-ending temptation.

"Hehe, just wait a little longer," Lily said, setting another plate of delicious snacks in front of Bonnie.

Bonnie, unable to resist the temptation of delicious food, took a bite and asked, "You're postponing it again. When will you finally take tha


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