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The Betrothal

The Betrothal

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First came the marriage Then came the love And love brought light. A princess, misunderstood, abandoned and treated poorly by her own people. Emotionally abused by her own father and brought to the level status of a slave A scholar, uninterested in marriage and studying to be a duke. "A witch ,a killer of husbands" she was pronounced. Having been forced to marry two foreign dignitaries who ended up dead in their wedding bed on their wedding nights respectively. Her father wanting to do away with the rumours, married a scholar for her. The scholar at first wanted nothing to do with the princess but her innocence seeped into his heart and this,a relationship blossoms between them. In a kingdom birthed with evil,only a princess true love can unravel the mysteries and unlock the princess power

Chapter 1

"Father! Father!" His voice rang in the hallway with fury. He rushed to his father's study where his six other brothers were seated with his father. Lord Dunstan McKenzie was a scholar who cherished books of knowledge,his rooms were filled with scrolls and you can almost smell the fragrance of the finely grounded powder ink mixed with jasmine. He must have finished writing a while ago but that was the least of Eshan's worries as he made his way to a seat at the table. Dunstan looked up from beneath his bifocal glasses at his bookworm of a son,his lips titled at the corners.

"Eshan,I see you're back." He said knowingly,tossing a white paper at him. Deryl bumped shoulders with him as he caught the piece of paper. He had seen it coming,he knew what this is all about. The King's seal was on the letter,it was from the King himself.

What a pleasant day! He thought as he opened the letter grinning from ear to ear.

"I can't wait to see what the king as for us,I am sure it's a great job" ,a curly haired guy spoke. His eyes met with his father's who gave him a stern look. He gulped and kept quiet.

Eshan's face turned pale as he read the letter,his insides turned green and his body broke out in cold sweat. Beads of invisible sweats formed on his forehead and his eyebrows knitted in worry, his palms and feet were cold. His brothers had frowns creasing their face they knew what ever that letter in Eshan's hand held,it was no good news for any of them.

Dunstan faced his business, writing his letter to Pete at the Featherfort county library for the review of his new book. Eshan slammed the letter on the table angrily

"Father this is unbelievable. I mean how could......" He stammered,throwing his hands in the air.

"How could he not what Eshan?" Dunstan questioned with a this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard look.

"But father you have 7 sons,why pick me?"

" I didn't choose you,son. It came in the letter,it's unadulterated and very unique. The seal is not broken, is it?"

Simeon,the eldest son of Dunstan McKenzie walked to the middle of the room. The tiny room couldn't hold his leadership aura and the small space shrank

"Father,I think I speak for all of us.....looking back at the other five before speaking...... when I say you and Eshan are keeping us in the dark and by the name of the King,we shall have none of it. Tell us what it says in the letter."

Dunstan nodded and took the letter from Eshan,adjusting the rims of his glasses. He gave a quick look at his sons and saw that all were listening with rapt attention.

"King Jedrek The Third

Lord McKenzie

I ask in utmost faith,as I am growing grey and would soon sleep with my predecessors but unfortunately I have no heir except the princess. You know the council won't let the princess rule and I don't want my throne to fall in the wrong hands.

For this reason,the betrothal of your son,Eshan McKenzie to my daughter. I have seen greatness in him,he's fit to rule the people. I shall be expecting your earnest reply"

"What?" Their voices echoed. Their eyes were wide open and their mouths hung agape. Marry the princess? That is one hell of a suicide mission. They all felt sorry for Eshan,because the princess had been married twice and none of the husbands made it through the night. The princess is not a nice woman and rumors had it that she's a witch.

"Father, you can't let him marry her"

" Why can't he marry her? please don't tell me you believe those rumours too" he said and they all kept quiet.

"But Father,they are true. I mean why would any of her husband die before morning"


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