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Aeritha: The Girl In My Dreams
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She was humiliated on her biggest day by her highschool sweetheart and her younger sister. Humiliated,assaulted and thrown over her wedding yatch into the sea. Her whole life flashed right before her eyes,the betrayal by the two people she trusted most in her life,the humiliation and suffering she had to bear made her heart heavy . She touched her necklace,closed her eyes as tears escaped. Her necklace gave off a bluish glow as she sank into the bottom of the sea. Only wake up on her nineteenth birthday, given another chance at life. She decided to make everyone who humiliated and stepped on her in her past life,pay for everything. She won't stop until they're at her feet, begging for mercy. Little did she know,she has begun to attract the attention of the town's richest man,Stuart Yates the expressionless, cold-blooded and youngest billionaire. Her attitude is not the only thing attracting Stuart,her face has been appearing in his dreams since he was 5 and now that he has found her. He's never going to let her go Stuck between the sparks ,romance found only in fairy tales and the rage, resentment from her past,her revenge game Aeritha finds herself stuck. A strange event happens and Aeritha's life is about to change forever Find out what goes down in this amazing,twisted plot that will have you on your toes

The Betrothal
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First came the marriage Then came the love And love brought light. A princess, misunderstood, abandoned and treated poorly by her own people. Emotionally abused by her own father and brought to the level status of a slave A scholar, uninterested in marriage and studying to be a duke. "A witch ,a killer of husbands" she was pronounced. Having been forced to marry two foreign dignitaries who ended up dead in their wedding bed on their wedding nights respectively. Her father wanting to do away with the rumours, married a scholar for her. The scholar at first wanted nothing to do with the princess but her innocence seeped into his heart and this,a relationship blossoms between them. In a kingdom birthed with evil,only a princess true love can unravel the mysteries and unlock the princess power


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