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The Alpha's Secret Triplets

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Elena (an orphan) is a werewolf on the run from her past, including the father of her secret triplets who rejected her as mate, Benjamin . When her children are kidnapped, she is forced to turn to the only person who can help her: Benjamin . Benjamin , now a powerful alpha werewolf, is given a second chance to reclaim his mate and protect their children. As they work together to find the kidnapper, their intense connection from their past is reignited, but they must keep their true feelings for each other a secret as Benjamin now has an arranged mate. Their mission is complicated by the appearance of a third player in the love triangle, a mysterious and charismatic werewolf who claims to have information about the kidnapper and turns out to be Elena's second chance mate. And a fourth player, Benjamin’s arranged mate, who tries every means to stop Elena from getting back to Benjamin , even if it meant killing Elena and her triplets. Elena and Benjamin must come to terms with their past mistakes and protect their triplets. Will they be able to overcome their differences and reclaim their status as mates, or will Elena choose her second chance mate? Or both?

Chapter 1

Elena POVIt has been years, but I will never give up on my escape plan to leave Benjamin.I couldn't bear it anymore. I could not stay any longer. It was a perfect time and a perfect opportunity for me to leave. I did not care what anyone said. I tried my best but his viciousness just couldn't be bearable, so many times I tried to plan an escape route but none of them worked.Benjamin was my mate, but I never really felt the love between mates, between us at all.He always tried to prove that he was stronger and wiser, he was always the smart one and could get whatever he wanted. To top up everything, he wanted to be the next alpha of the park.I had no problem with it but he could manipulate anyone to get that position, which included me, and I became scared that I could not continue with this anymore. After all, both of us getting married was also a coincidence, it wasn't like we planned any of it. He was just too much for me to be with and I had to find an alternative as soon as possible. I had always dreamed of the day I would leave the palace.I became fortunate the day I found an escape route and tried to pack a few things, but Benjamin was becoming too suspicious of me, so I decided to play it cool.The day of my escape came as quickly as I wanted it to and I was ready to leave Benjamin's life for good. I know everyone would wonder what could possibly be my excuse for leaving Benjamin so quickly, but I have already suffered enough. He was too strict and pretentious and my parents did not know what I was going through because he was a rich alpha in the making.So many times I tried to inform my parents about what was going on but it was all impossible.I don't know why, but everyone always believed him more than me. So I decided to let it all go and instead plan for my escape. I can't explain it but a lot has been involved in my escape and a lot of innocent lives have been destroyed just because of my presence.It was nighttime and the day of my escape, he was busy with the council members who wanted to put him through the governing procedures of becoming an alpha, which I knew would make him very busy and concentrate. I slowly peeped out of my room to find the guards a bit distracted with their smartphones, and I slowly sneaked out. I only had a pair of shirts with me inside my bag and a little cash I managed to smuggle out of Benjamin's wallet unnoticed.The minute I came face-to-face with the outside world, I ran as fast as my legs could take me because I knew the minute Benjamin noticed I had already vanished he would send guards or even search for me himself. That was how much I mattered to him. Yes, I know fully well that Benjamin loves me, but his way of proving his feelings is just too muchI had to do this. It was my only chance. I could slowly see the forest as I ran as fast as my legs could take me. Just when I was about to step my foot into the forest, I heard the guards' alert bell in the Mansion make a loud sound which was mostly used to announce important news. I knew this important news was the fact that I was missing, which meant I had to run faster because one thing about Benjamin Wolf was, he was very fast.I tried transforming also so I could be faster, but it was totally impossible also, so I decided to stay the way I was as I continued to run through the forest.I had already been in the forest for more than 30 minutes when I noticed fire lights coming from the direction of the mansion, which meant Benjamin was getting closer to me. He would slowly track me down. I know he would easily track me down because we were mates, which means he can easily sniff me out from anywhere.I took out a perfume I stole from the Doctor who always checks up on me as I sprayed it on my body to reduce the wolf scent that came pouring out of me.I had already run for an hour from the mansion when I slowly saw light coming from the end of the forest, which meant I was slowly getting to the main road and that would be easier for me to run and slower for Benjamin, because he would have to transform into a human to avoid any problem from the human world.I saw a traveling bus coming from the far end as I ran faster to catch up to the bus.I quickly rushed to the front of the bus before it got to me and spread out my hands so the driver could stop, which he did, looking a bit scared. I know I looked tattered and had been running barefooted with just a rug bag on my shoulder."Stop!! Help me please!! Take me with you, don't leave me here!" I yelled with desperation, making the driver even more scared as he quickly got off the bus with a lady behind him. She seemed to be the bus conductor from the way she was dressed. She looked at me with concern evident on her face."What's going on? Where are you coming from and who was chasing you to make you run from the forest? She asked me so many questions at once, but I was not ready to answer her. Another lady from the traveling boss came out and looked at me angrily."Aren't you scared, young lady? Don't you see how dangerous that road is? How can you even be running from the forest and don't know about the danger of going through the forest because of the kind of creatures that live within it? " the lady asked me, still looking at me from head to toe angrily, like I had just ruined her trip for her, but at this moment I did not care what anyone was thinking about me. All I needed was to escape from here. I turned my head towards the forest and noticed the lights were getting closer."Do you really want to waste time in this dangerous forest asking me that question or would you help me rather than leave me here to die" I asked the driver, not even caring about the speech she just made.The driver looked at me a bit frightened at the speech I had just made. He looked over at the conductor and she shrugged, clearly indicating she had no choice either, so they had to take me in with them.

Chapter 2

Elena POV"Do you have a destination?" the conductor asked me. I tried to remember where exactly the forest led through. I looked at the road and the first signboard I saw said welcome to California, which clearly meant this was the countryside of California. I cannot believe I moved this far, just to be with Benjamin and he treats me this way."I'm going to California's main city" I said confidently, like I was sure about my destination. The conductor looked at me and pulled me closer to her like she was about to whisper a few words to me, which she clearly did."Do you really have a destination you are going to or have you just made up the address because of the signboard you saw" she whispered to me as I looked at her with surprise. She seemed smart because of her looks."I seriously don't have anywhere to go, but I don't want the driver or you to leave me behind. That is why I made this up


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