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The Accidental Heir: A Mafia King’s Dilemma

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“You can’t say that to me, you can’t say you never loved me," he whispered. “I’m sorry. This was bound to come to an end.” My eyes softened when I uttered those words. “I don’t love you, I never did.” Tears pooled in my eyes as I lied. In a world of crime and power, Elena is forced into a contract marriage with ruthless mafia king Kevin. When his enemies threaten to destroy her, he is forced to let her go. Determined to stay away from Kevin, Elena hides her pregnancy from him. Will Kevin’s enemies catch up with her or will she succeed in protecting herself from the darkness of Kevin’s world? Disclaimer: Dark Romance

Chapter 1

The door swings open and I walked in. Father remained focused on his work. He didn’t bother looking at me, I didn’t expect him to after all he never loved me. I let out a breath focusing on the features of the room, a small smile appeared on my face when I noticed a crack on the window. I can still remember the day Dad and I caused that.

“Where is your sister?.” A voice says bringing me out of my thoughts, it was my beloved father. “I told you to come with her.” He yells.

I was about to apologize when a voice interrupted us, Bianca the true daughter to our father, she strolls toward him giving him a hug.

“Daddy, she told me you wanted to see us.” Bianca said pointing toward me, I moved uncomfortably from my position.

“We have a wedding proposal.” Father announced, my eyes widened in disbelief when I heard that I could only hope it is meant for his favorite daughter.

“Daddy you know I am in love with Connor.” Bianca whines, she needs to hear how she sounds when she is like that.

“I know, it’s not for you princess. It’s for her.” He said, his eyes remained focused on me. He can’t be serious right now.

“Father I- don’t interrupt me when I am speaking to you.” He yells, I instantly nod. “He needs a wife that will cook and clean for him.” Father smiles.

He needs a slave, someone that will entertain him, my subconscious says.

I try to push out all the negative emotions that came at the moment, I know I don’t have a say in this, they could care less about my opinion.

“Also he wants someone he will show off to the world, someone that will be by his side in every event.” Father continued to explain.

“Daddy you know we can’t show her to the world, she is an embarrassment.” Bianca gritted through her teeth, I stop myself from trying to roll my eyes at the statement she made, it’s nothing new I have heard it countless of times.

“Who is the man anyways?.” Bianca asks.

“Kevin Knight.” Father said.

“No! We can’t let her marry the billionaire, she doesn’t deserve it daddy.” Bianca announced.

“I proposed a plan to him and he agreed, Bianca I know you want to be a model, he will tell the world you are his wife and you will join him for events and parties while Elena is married to him.” Father said.

“I’m lost.” Bianca replied, I was lost too.

“He would have a simple court marriage with Elena, she will be his stay-at-home wife, cook clean, and entertain him while you will be his fake wife, the wife known by the world.” Father says and she smiles. “He desperately has to get married it’s for business and he needs to show evidence of marriage, it doesn’t matter if he gets married to her but the whole world will know of you,” Father added.

”That is a great idea daddy, I will be a model and he can help Connor with his work.” Bianca smiles.

“Father that is not fair.” I muttered but it was loud enough that he heard me.

I don’t want to get married to someone I have never met, I have heard a lot about Kevin and his work but that didn’t matter to me. I always believed in love, finding someone I love and that would love me back for who I am. I know father won’t listen to any word that escapes my lips, he won’t care about my feelings toward this arrangement.

“I don’t care what you think. You should be happy to help your sister and her dream to be a model is coming true,” He yelled at me.

“But father- you will be happy for her.” I begin to say but got interrupted by him.

She strolls toward him and gives him a kiss, after all she is a daddy’s princess.

“It would be a contract marriage for a year, then you will be divorced.” Father said.

“Daddy won’t they notice a difference between our names.” Bianca asks.

I never expected her to ask questions, she has always been dumb when it comes to things.

“Don’t worry about that princess I will take care of it.” He smiled.

I take one last glance at both of them, I wish he would treat me the way he treated her. My chest tightened in pain I let out a soft breath, choking back a sob. I hate the way I lived my life, every single day I wake up in hopes that one day even if it’s just for a minute. One day he will love me the way he loves her.

I walked past mom without realizing it when she called my name causing me out of my trance. I push back the tears that were threatening to fall.

“You are doing a great job helping your sister.” Mother smiled. I could tell she didn’t care if I wanted this marriage or not.

“Mom I-“ I begin to say when her favorite daughter Bianca walked into the living room, she had dad by her side who had a huge smile on his face.

“Mom, I think I should invite Connor to dinner.” She smiled.

“That would be a great idea.” Mom replied.“And tomorrow we would be meeting Kevin.” Mom says glancing at me.

“I’m so excited.” Bianca grins.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I know the longer I stay here I won’t be able to control the tears and I would knew cry in front of any one of them. I won’t give them the satisfaction of seeing my tears.

My feet touches the cold floor of my room, I curled up on the floor like ball, a tear slips out of eyes. I don’t want to keep living like this. I can’t believe he would marry me while he goes around sleeping with my sister, she has always taken everything from me and now this. My life hasn’t always been like this, there was a time I had a father that loved me, he took good care of me until he died and mom remarried Bianca’s father, she got pregnant the moment they got married.

Mom blamed me for the death of my father, saying it’s my fault her husband died, I tried to understand how but I couldn’t, I wasn’t even home when the accident happened, I went on a sleepover and the next morning when I woke up I heard my father died. I realized she wanted to blame me for something that wasn’t my fault, she wanted me to feel pain toward something I didn’t cause.

“Daddy I wish you were here, I wish you didn't have to die.” I whispered.

I can still remember the day dad got buried, mother came with Cade whom she remarried three months after.

Cade has not been the best father, he always ignored me and when they had Bianca it got worse, it was like I was not even there, she got everything she wanted and they paid for her modeling schools but they could never pay for college for me.

Mom hated me one could say she didn’t give birth to me. Bianca on the other hand, enjoyed all the attention she got from them, she treated me badly even in front of her friends, and she took everything from me even my ex-boyfriend Connor.

Bianca always found her way around things, it was easy for her to make everyone believe that I came between her and Connor and how I tried to sabotage their relationship. A part of me wanted to tell everyone the truth but no one would believe me even if I had proof.

The cold floor was my only friend, who listened to my cries, and comforted me when I needed it the most. I didn’t realize when I fell asleep in the embrace of my friend. A loud knock brings me out of my slumber, a yawn escapes my lips when I cracked open my eyes.

“Open your door.” Bianca yells from the other side of the door. I gently stood up from the floor, my hand found it self resting against the crook of my neck.

That is going to hurt for a while, my subconscious said.

I strolled toward the door, I swung it open to see Bianca.

“Who is going to make dinner? Geez you have one hour left.” She yells.

“I will be right out.” I said giving her a tight smile.

“Better be fast Elena, Connor is going to be here any minute and I don’t want him starving.” She threatens and I nod.

I hate having to see my ex-boyfriend with my sister every single day of my life, yes I hate him for what he did to me and I would never think of forgiving him yet it hurt every single time. We had something special between us and he destroyed it. I try pushing out all the negative thoughts before walking out of my room. I walked past mom and her husband having a great time in the living room, their favorite daughter was not in sight which I am glad of.

After a hour I was able to finish cooking, I glanced at the door and a sigh of relief escapes my lips. It would have been dreadful if Connor had arrived before I was done cooking.

“Mom- go change now. Connor will soon be here.” She said without sparing me even a glance.

“How are you feeling about the wedding?.” Connor asked, I have been stuck at this awkward dinner for the past thirty minutes. It felt like I wasn’t even here, no one wanted to speak to me until now.

“It doesn’t matter how she feels, it’s happening.” Bianca smiled, she lets out a chuckle which caused mom and father begin to cry.

”Do you like the food?.” I asked Connor.

I shouldn’t have said that, I wanted to piss off Bianca so much I didn’t realize when I asked him the question. Silence followed after my question, I didn’t dare to glanced around to know everyone is staring at me.

“Bianca made it,” Mom said breaking the ice.


Just like Bianca has been the one cooking every meal in this house, they had little conversation with each other while I focused on eating my meal.

A thought flickered through my mind regarding mom, I always wondered if she has always hated me, if she has always been the woman she is today but she never showed it because of father, I always imagined if father was alive it would have been different, she would have been the same or worse she would have left us.

A smile appeared on my face when dad’s face flashes through my mind, he always wanted me to be an author, something mother never cherished.

“That is great, I can get you a business proposal and some wealthy investors.” I hear an annoying voice that brings me out of my thoughts. Bianca smiled at Connor as she spoke.

They are discussing how they are going to ripe off from my marriage with Kevin. I don’t even know the kind of person he is, all I know is that he is a billionaire and he owns multiple chains of businesses. If it were up to me they won’t get a dime out of my marriage.

“I know, I love you so much thank you for doing this for us.” Connor said, his eyes held adoration for her.

He looks back at me and he smiled. Bianca’s smile instantly turned into a frown.

“Thank you Elena.” Connor said.

“Don’t thank her. She doesn’t have a choice.” Bianca replied angrily.

I roll my eyes at their conversation. She didn’t like how he treated me, she hated the fact he spoke to me. I could care less about how he wanted to feel sorry for me. Soon after I had finished my dishes, I heard a pair of footsteps walking further into the room. When I felt a hand wrapped around my waist my heart pounded against my chest.

“Connor.” I said.

“What are you doing?.” I asked Connor. I don’t want him touching me.

“I just want to speak to you.” Connor said, I wiggled out of his hold I can’t have Bianca walking in on us while his hand was wrapped around my waist. I would hate the drama that will come with it.

“I have nothing to say to you, please leave.” I gritted through my teeth, he has no idea how much his presence irritates me.

“I know you still want me.” Connor said trying to get a hold of my hand when I pushed him away. He stumbles knocking down the plates on the counter which causes a loud noise. Now everyone is going to know, just like I expected the kitchen filled with people that hated me the most.

Father, Mom, Bianca and Connor.

No one bothered to ask me what happened, they asked a stranger instead who lied through his teeth, his version of the story is a lot different than mine, I know for a fact I didn’t throw myself at him like he said, by the time he was done telling his sob story. My gaze catches mom who’s eyes flickered with anger.

“Apologize to him.” Mom said.

I didn’t want to.

“No.” I whisper, loud enough for everyone to hear.

“What did you say to her?.” Father asked.

“No, I won’t apologize.” I said in a firm voice.

He lied about everything, even if I had told them the truth no one would believe me.

“Don’t stand there disrespecting us bitch.” Bianca yelled.

A part of me wanted to apologize to him but I can’t. I can’t give him the satisfaction of apologizing to him after everything he did to me.

“I won’t apologize, you trust a stranger over me. Who does that?.” I yell. “I hate-“ a hand makes contact with my face causing a sting on my cheek. My eyes brims with tears.

I look back at mom who had a smile on her face as if she won a trophy slapping her daughter.

“Now say sorry.” Mother said.

I didn’t say a word, I walked out of the room running to my room. I made sure to lock the doors once I was in. I already know my punishment, no food for two weeks and just like every time I always keep a little money for myself whenever I go grocery shopping. I can’t wait to leave this house.

Chapter 2

I always pictured the day I would get married, Dad would walk me down the aisle, Mom will be the person to help me wear the heirloom, a brooch that great grandmother wore during her wedding day which has been passed down from generation to generation.

When Dad died mom gave out everything that belonged to him, I was able to find the heirloom before she gave it away. Today I would be getting married to someone I do not know of. He could be worse than my parents.

I always imagined I would be the happiest on my wedding day but I am not, I wish the ground would open and take me with it. Two days ago my soon to be husband was supposed to come for a dinner but he didn’t. Mother mocked me on how Kevin never wanted to see my face. How he wished he married someone better.

We were having a small ceremony, just family when everything is done pictures will be taken that would be circulated to the media. His pictures will Bianca, no one is to know I am the one he would kiss at


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