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Tensions at Home

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Five different people with different culture and customs Six months Under same roof What do you think will happen? Lisa - a perfectionist. She can never do a mistake even in her dreams. She is a perfect girl to be a daughter, wife or girl friend. She can't tolerate even a single mistake of anyone. Annie - a dangerous hot girl. She can never talk straight to anyone. She roams around, creating new problems in her life. Her mouth works like crackers. Edward - a Playboy. Rich father's spoiled brat. He loves everything lavish and never thinks about his future at all. A perfect guy to have fun with. Sandy - a gentleman. Respects everyone around him but can't tolerate people with nuisance attitude. Krish - a silent guy. Hates everything in this world than silence. He loves to be alone in a silent place 24/7. Couples: Annie*Sandy Edward*Lisa Krish*Emily

Chapter 1 A new start

"Mom, please. Relax. I will be back after this project. This is a great opportunity for me. Don't let your fear ruin my life. Please mom." Lisa is begging her mom with her puppy eyes only to get an another round of sobs from her mother's side. 

Her mother is too scared to let Lisa travel alone to a new city. She can't even accompany her daughter as she has to take care of her husband too. 

"Lisa, promise me that you will have your breakfast, lunch, dinner at proper time. You will call me every now and then. You will wash your hair once in two days. Also." Grace couldn't stop her list as Lisa smiled atlast realising that her mother finally agreed for her travel. 

It's a small village south side of the country where the girls are not allowed to stay away from their parents. But for her daughter, she has to take this step. If it can bring happiness to her life, why not? 

"Mom, I am not a kid. Please for heaven's sake treat me like an adult. I am 29 years by this March." Lisa pouted and Grace just hugged her daughter with tears in her eyes. 

"And also my daughter is a famous doctor." Frank said with a proud smile as Grace glanced at her husband with a pout. Lisa became a top specialist in a very small period of time and she got an amazing opportunity to work for 3 months unders famous doctor in Mumbai.

"You have restricted many things to her. She has sacrificed many small things just because you were scared to send her anywhere. She has no friends, thanks to you. She never enjoyed any picnic in school. And now, I won't allow you to ruin her career." Frank said in a soft tone as Grace looked at him wide eyed. It's all facts but when Frank pointed them all together, she felt bad to make Lisa go through this. 

"Don't you know why I was like that?" Grace asked standing up in annoyance. Frank sighed tiredly at her.

"She got kidnapped at the age of 4. She is now 29. We were lucky to rescue here that time. But that can't give you rights to snatch all her happiness." Frank explained as he hugged his wife. Lisa trembled with the incident even now. Lisa always listened to her mother and stayed like a scared rabbit as it was haunting her even now. 

She was barely 4 years old when child trafficking goons kidnapped her and kept her in a dark room for two days. Fortunately she got rescued but if no, she has no courage to even imagine what could have happened with her. 

The nightmares still haunt her but Lisa knew to shrug them off than to cry again and again. 

Grace walked to the shelf and took some document and gave them to Lisa as she gasped at her mother. 

She had a plan B? Grace stole all documents and even identity cards of Lisa so that Lisa might end up cancelling her trip. Frank knew this very well that's why he opened up about everything so that Grace send her daughter with full heart. 

"Fine. Go and break all the barriers I have built for you. Just return back with full courage and show me that you can manage your life just fine." Grace mumbled as Lisa hugged her mother tightly.

Lisa reached the new city exactly after her traveling time with a hope to get a new chapter of her life. 

"Ben, I am here." She talked with the broker who went silent all of a sudden. 

"I am outside. I cant come now." Ben's words made Lisa tear up automatically. Standing on a road in a new city with no one beside her, terrified her as her anger perked up to dangerous level 

"I will reach the apartment in 15 minutes. Arrange anything but I can't stand on road." Her words trembled a bit as Ben gulped his fear deep inside.

"I will ask my wife to give you the keys." Ben said it in a final tone and hung up the call with panic face. 

What will happen?


Wearing a black skirt and red t-shirt, she walked to the restaurant to meet her mother. She slightly removed the hair from her face to display her milky cheeks. Men around her couldn't take their eyes off them. She looked d*mn hot and se*y. Not only that, she looked absolutely beautiful with her I don't care attitude. 

She took her mobile which had a customised cover with her name 'Annie' with shining stars around them. Right from her makeup, and dress to the bag she carried, everything screamed luxury. Even the glasses she wore must be more than thousands according to the brand name it had on the side.

"Annie. Dear. Please come back home. I can't see you ruining your life. Please dear." Her mother pleaded the hot headed Annie with tears in her eyes. Annie looked around the people who were having a great time enjoying their drama. 

"You are just 19 years old. You can't handle everything on your own." Her mother, Bella added with sobs. She wore a simple plain gown and was so conscious about her appearance. D*mn it's her first time coming out since her husband's death. The world is not the same for sure.

"Money is not everything dear. We should lean on people who care for us." The moment Bella told that, Annie raised her eyes sharply at her mother. Her lips curved up to a smirk.

"Money is freaking everything. When will you understand this reality? Without money, we can never survive in this world." Annie said through her gritted teeth and everyone pitied the mother who was sobbing silently at the harsh words of her daughter. 

"We can start fresh. Your uncle will help us. We can live with his family." Bella said in her low voice not able to think what he daughter would say now. 

"Live?" Annie laughed out loudly as she stood up from the seat and put back her glares to avoid people glaring at her eyes to study her mind. She hated it whenever people try to understand her. 

"You are not living there. You are servicing them. You take care of his grandkids. You take care of all household chores and they are letting you stay there in return. I can't do this mom." Annie snapped at her hiding her tears which were threating to spill down her cheeks anytime.

Sandy Augustine who was drinking his coffee, looked at the girl through his side eyes. Something about her attracted him and he doesn't know why he wanted to look at her eyes. It's just he felt that she is hiding more than what she is showing. 

For split seconds, Annie looked at his way and turned to her mom's side with a glare 

"I can take care of myself. I will build my own empire one day and will rule this world. You should come with me once I get a stable job." With that Annie left the cafe, leaving her mother to sob more.

They were well known rich people in their city but when Annie's father died, they were piled up with so many debts and they had to sell all their properties to pay off the debts. All their relatives turned their back but Bella's brother was generous enough to let them live in his home.

Sandy gets curious all of a sudden to know more about her. But nevertheless, he is here not to run behind girls. He needs to join his new company.

Sandy came out of the cafe and looked at his phone. Not even a single message from his family. He sighed tiredly looking at the stubbornness of his family. They are against his decision to stay away but he can't help it. 

He took his small luggage bag and caught a rickshaw.

"Radha Krishna Tower." He gave the address as he checked the message of his broker. 


Krish walked to the entrance and waited for the broker since half an hour who promised him that he will meet him with keys. With sun screeching hot, Krish found it little annoyed. 

"Don't ever come back." Krish recalled his father's words as a lone tear escaped his eyes. Just because he chose his career with what he loves rather than what his father wanted, his father threw him out of his home and cut all ties with him. Krish loved his parents a lot. But at the same time, he couldn't sacrifice his career. 

The lone monologue got interrupted by a small boy who came there with keys 

"My father asked me to give this to you." The boy said as he landed the keys to him.

It was suspicious to him as why didn't he come in person and sent his son instead? But he shrugged off his thoughts and tried to open the door to let his tiring day end with no more dramas.

Krish opened the home and was stunned to see the interior. It's indeed a big home. Moreover, he didn't expect this home to have 5 small rooms with a massive hall and one tiny kitchen. It is very hard to find a tiny home for this much least rent and with only a few thousands of advance.

Sliding his thoughts aside Krish kept his bags in the corner room and locks the home. He needs to freshen up now.

Turning the knob, he let the shower on to hit his skin. The water has magic truly, it wipes down every tiredness of him, and fills him with warmth and freshness. Diving inside the peaceful, Arjun closed his eyes. That's when he didn't care to notice the sound of unlocking the door.


Stretching away the stress and tiredness, Edward parked his Lamborghini nearby. He smiled seeing his credit card and car. His dad can never see him suffer. But this time it went a little far. Living in a new state is not a joke for him who has never stepped out of his city. He checked the address again as he stood before the big palace-like house. Is this even possible in this main city of India? To get this big house at such a cheap rent?

He shrugged off his thoughts and entered his new home with a hope to enjoy to the fullest here for the next three months or maybe six months but not more than that.

The name board was exceptionally beautiful with a purple plate and the name, Aurora was printed in black shimmery velvet. It was quite catchy and Edward wanted to meet that girl for sure. Of course it should be a girl only.

Without minding about the opened door, he entered and chose the big room of the home to arrange his things. The trip was quite long so he discarded his clothes and wrapped a towel around him. The bathroom itself showed luxury and he felt so lucky to have this punishment from his dad. His father sent him to this city as a punishment for his extreme troubles he made.

"Amma" A soft voice in a loud wavelength hit him hard as he turned to see the source of the voice.

Beautiful. That's what he mumbled as he saw a girl. She is the perfect epitome of beauty. He has seen many girls but of course this girl is different. Her natural glowing skin and her scared eyes are the additional attractive features.

Her long hair was so smooth and it danced till her waist. Nowadays, girls seem to not have this much lengthy hair. This girl looked so traditional, innocent and cute. His lips stretched into a smile seeing her.

But wait a second, who is she?

Why is she here in his home, in his room?

That too in his bathroom? D*mn he is just in towel. 

Holy christ. 

Authors note:

This story sets in India. In this country, there are many villages which still follows their own customs and cultures. Lisa is from South Village where girls don't drink alcohol or wear short dresses. Annie is from north state and also from rich family. She is a well educated modern girl. Both are extremely opposite to each other. Edward is also from South side of the country but Lisa and Edward's places are so different from each other. All are from five different states. They have their mother tongue.

Chapter 2 My home

Sandy looked at the unlocked door and wondered who opened it before him? Is it Ben who came there already? 

Sliding his thoughts, he got inside and was startled to see the same girl he met in the restaurant. Annie was sitting there at the dining table as she was drinking her coffee. 

"Is she related to Ben?" Sandy thought to himself. He cleared his throat loud enough but she seemed to be not so interested to even look at the side. It's evident that she knew of someone's presence there. 

"Excuse me." Sandy called her with his gentle tone as she closed her eyes in frustration, startling him. She turned to his side with a bored yet angry glare.

Both of them were alarmed by a loud sound from the left side room.


Lisa removed the stole and washed her face with cold water. She looked at her reflection in the mirror as her eyes widened in shock seeing a man inside her washroom and the best part is he is half naked. Wearing just a towel, Edward was m


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