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Taming The Heartless Mafia

Taming The Heartless Mafia

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He's Dangerous, He's Fearless, He kills Without blinking an eye, He's Asexual, Women don't attract him, talk more of caughting feelings whatsoever. He owns one of the dangerous Mafia clan in Russia. He's feared by everyone in the clan, and no one dares go against him. "GO AGAINST ME, AND MEET YOUR DEALTH", is his code word. Talk of being handsome, he's one heck of a demigod. No one has seen him smile, and they believe they won't ever see his smirks, talk more of his teeth. But what happens when a girl is brought into the clan. What kind of category does she fall into. *Is she the innocent goody type *The stubborn headed type *Or even the mafia kind of girl. .....

Chapter 1 - Heartless Mafia

Outside the clan was quiet like a graveyard, so peaceful and calm, that only the cold breeze of the night was the only sound heared.

But Inside the clan, lies the cry of agony of a man in his late 30's who's being tortured vigorously by some of the members of the clan.

With the quietness outside, you can hardly suspect that someone is being tortured in the most cruelful way.

"Arrghh!!" The man screams in pains as heavy chains were used on him by the men in charge of the torturing.

His face was filled with his own blood, and he was at the point of dying, but this men weren't ready to halt the chains that they were using on him, not when the order of torturing the man came from the boss himself- Axton, the mafia boss of the mob know as the Adrenaline mob.

"Isn't this getting too much?" Fallon asked.

Fallon, she's a member of the clan, brown eyes, long brown curly hair, skinny and she's in her late 20's, good at fencing and archery.

Archery is one of her most favorite tactics, she's knows how to use the bow and arrow very well, and that's why you won't see her, without her bow and arrows.

Being good at fencing and Archery, gave her a important role in the clan. She has this baby-like innocent face, but don't underestimate her.

"This is what you get from going against the Boss" Kent gave answer to her question.

Kent is also a member of the clan, and the closest to the boss. No doubt cute and good-looking, and to top it all, a lover of women, he always take advantage of his cute face to sway women over.

Being the closet to the mafia boss, he was the next in line after Axton. And unlike Axton who is cold and dangerous, Kent is carefree and cheerful. He can only turn on his dangerous side, when it is needed.

"At this rate, he's going to die" Came the voice of a female Moll. She's goes by the name Spooky. she's a bit chubby, light skinned with black eyes. And just like Fallon, she's good at fencing, but not as good as Fallon, because Fallon is an expert in the world of fencing, and that's why she's always included in the criminal activities of the clan.

"Serves him right" Braxton said. She's a friend of Spooky, and just like Fallon, Braxton is in her late 20's. Skinny, brown skin, purple eye, with a purple straight bangs hair. The colour purple is her favorite color, everything she always wear was always purple, including her long nails too.

Braxton is smart, and has the tactics of finding out the location of anyone no matter where he or she was hiding.

The Man being tortured in the cruelful way ever, was tracked down by her. And having such a tremendous skills of tracking down their enemies, she too has an important role in the clan. And not to forget, she has a huge crush on the mafia boss.

The Man being tortured, gave out an agonized pain again, and Fallon sighs. "When is he coming? He has to give his final judgment on this" Fallon said, taking in her red heart-sharp lips.

The torture itself was becoming unbearable to watch. The members of the clan couldn't do anything to help him. No one has ever went against the Boss, except they were contented with life and wants to die, and he (Axton) won't hesitate to send them to the after life, he can kill a human without blinking an eye.

"Why're you feeling sorry for him? You're sounding as if you haven't killed someone before" That was Kent voice, talking to Fallon. He was still standing beside her, watching the man being tortured.

"You should know torturing isn't for me. I finish up my enemies in just a second" Fallon said.

She wasn't lying in that aspect though. Fallon always get rid of her enemies before they can raise a finger. To her, torturing is a waste of time and energy. And somehow hearing their agonizing pains, brings out the angel in her, and that's why she's feeling sorry for the man getting tortured even if he was nothing but a betrayal to the clan.

The door of the torture room opened and everyone's hearts sinks in fear as Axton enters. It was as if their hearts were being pierced with needles, just by looking at the heartless Mafia in front of them.

His footsteps ignited more fear inside of them, and some of the mobsters, were trying so hard not to breath too loud, for fear of being punished.

Axton completely enters the torture room, wearing his usual dangerous cold face. His dangerous aura filled the whole place, sending fearful shiverings down the spines of the innocent mobsters.

But despite his Cold and Stony face, Axton's handsome face could easily be seen. He has Well shaped Oval face, well pointed nose, and thin lips too. His eyes had the colour of silver, making him look like a demigod.

His body built biceps were killing and he has the perfect height meant for a man. And in his arms, lies a Dragon tattoo boldly drawn on it. He was wearing an armless shirts, so his tattoo could obviously be seen. And his undercut hairstyle made him a complete dangerous handsome devil.

Spooky gulped down hard, holding the hem of her blouse, looking so scared. She has been in the clan for three years now, but she was still not use to Axton's cold face. Among all the members of the clan, Spooky fears him the most.

She could clearly remember when she first came to the clan three years ago, were she witnessed how Axton took the lives of seven souls, just because of a little mistake they made.

And since then, she has vowed to be on the heartless Mafia good side, for fear of being killed.

Axton walks closer to the man, whom life was slowly draining out of. He bent closer to him with his cold looking face.

"Did you possibly think you could hide from me?" His scary deep voice spoke, sending more frightens to the members of the clan.

His voice was like that of an angry lion roaring.

Braxton looks at him and smiles. Although he's more like a devil right now, but she couldn't stop herself from admiring Axton. She loves him, but she dare not say it to his hearings, Cuz he might just end her life.

Axton wasn't just dangerous and heartless, but he detest woman a lot. Women doesn't attract him. A woman can go naked in front of him, and he won't blink an eye.

He's secretly called an Asexual by the members of the clan.

Axton is nothing compared to Kent, whose love for women is beyond boundaries. But still Kent is the only one Axton talks to more often, and that made Kent the closet member to the mafia boss.

Both might be friends, but Kent knows that a little mistake from him, he's going to be killed by this heartless Mafia....

Chapter 2 - The Word he hates

The half-dead man look at Axton with eyes filled with regret. He regretted betraying the devil in front of him.

"I'm sorry boss, spare my life and I won't ever betrayal you again" The Man said hoping Axton will soften to his pleadings.

"Is he going to spare him?" A male mobster whispers to his friend, his name is Tornado.

"I doubt. The boss hates the word sorry" Gatsby, who happens to be Tornado's friends whispers back to him.

They can't allow their conversation get to Axton's hearings, Cuz he won't hesitate to turn them into barbecues.

"What did you just say?" Axton asked as more anger build up inside of him.

"I'm sorry boss, please forgive me" The man begged, but little did he know that he pleading for mercy was just weighing his punishment.

Axton with deadly eyes brought out a knife from the dark coloured cargo pants he was wearing, caressing the knife in


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