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Tales of Sophia

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Impact
  • Chapters: 48
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 16.2K
  • 7.5
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From my perspective about life and from the environment I grew up, I vowed to make my family bounded by love. Few weeks into getting my new job, I fell in love and before I knew what was happening, I got married do I had to leave my hundreds of siblings and my mother. I knew that times were tough for my husband even before we got married, so he had to travel to the city to get a job. As he worked for his new boss, he got trapped by his only daughter who later gets pregnant for him. The tales of Sonia begins when his husband's mistress loses her five year old daughter.

Chapter 1

I have to start by introducing myself properly. My name is Sophia, the daughter of Mr. Dave; a man I didn't even know. I was told about him when I was five years of age. when I was eight, I was told about my mom and siblings.

The woman whom I thought was my mother wasn't my mother, she was just a good Samaritan; who raised me amid other children whom I refer to as my siblings.

Our house was so big with many rooms in it, the males had their rooms, the females have theirs too. But we have a common ground which is the sitting room; large enough to give shelter to more than a thousand people.

Nobody asked after their Mom or Dad, what we were made to believe is that we all have a father and a mother. I grew up believing what I tagged " a big fat lie". How can a man and a woman be parents to more than a hundred children? this thought has always run through my head since I became nine years of age.

The flower garden was another common ground for us but the story changed when I became ten. I was taken to another house, it wasn't as big as the latter but I have more of my age mates than the latter. Although it took time for me to socialize with them.

" I missed my big family," I said to myself on one of my lonely days.

I was new so I hardly had anyone to talk to or okay with. I asked my new mother if I could go back to my previous home but I was always given a "no" as an answer.

in tears did I continue to live in my new home until I met Jane. she was also new in the house but she came a few weeks before I arrived. Jane was such a nice girl, although she was older than me she was as tall as I am, she was far more beautiful than I am.

Jane, I called on a sunny afternoon.

yes, Sophia. How may I help you?

We'll be resuming our new school in a few days. since you've been there, what is the school like?

it's everybody that lives here, that goes to the school too. we also meet the other children at the other house.

Did you also leave it at the other house? I asked further.

Yes, I did, how about you Sophia?

I did too.

but how come I didn't get to know you?

That's what I don't know girl.


Do you know how we all got here? Our second mother asked us.

No. we chorused.

Do you know why you moved from the other house to this present house?

No... we chorused again.

Are you aware that you will still leave this house for another house?

No... we chorused again.

I was already curious. what is mum telling us about tonight?

A war had happened some years back, that's how every one of us got separated from our parents. But the most surprising of all was that mum said we were somehow related to one another and that's why she refers to us as one big and happy family.

So happy I was, at least I have some peace of mind now. After all, I'm in the midst of those I can call my family. I now moved around freely, I wanted to get to know my brothers and sisters and even my second mother too. I knew how to get in touch with them just in a few days.

The day before we were to resume school, the tallest boy in our house, gathered us to tell us a story. it was an interesting one though but in the end, it was sad because we won't see him again after two weeks. He will be living soon.

I resumed school but it wasn't fun for me, everything was strange. our teachers taught for hours without stopping. the only time we had some rest was the time, we'll want to take lunch. After then lessons continued.

Sophia! my teacher called me one day.

Yes ma, I replied as I walked towards where she was standing.

You got your sums wrong again. why is it so? she asked

" don't you get tired of teaching your sums too, I murmured.

Did you say anything? the teacher asked me

no I wasn't.

Now go sit and work on them again.

I walked back to my seat angrily, I delayed in my working on them and before she could come back to get my notebook, classes were over.

As we gathered at the park to wait for the bus driver, Rebecca broke the silence.

"it's weekend today". Mummy will be checking all our books today.

"That's true". I shouted.

She has always scolded me for not getting my sums right, my reading pace was poor, and my handwriting was "zig-zag" as mum has described it. Mum noticed that my interest in education was so poor.

I stood at the far back, waiting for almost a hundred children's notebooks to be checked. I hate it whenever I'm being scolded in front of others. don't get me wrong " I'm not a bad girl, I wasn't stubborn nor arrogant, the only problem I had was my inability to understand the first explanation. This attribute has been noticed since I was living in the first house, that's why I wasn't enrolled in school at an early age.

Sophia, Mummy called my name.

"yes, ma'am" I answered. "I knew she wants to scold me in front of the children". I got up from my sitting position on the floor and walked Sluggishly with my books in a bag. I dragged the bag as if a thousand books were there.

"so you won't change right"? mother asked

I looked down in shame, "what is mum doing"?

Before I could give her a reply, we heard a gunshot!

everybody lie down. Mother told us.

Armed robbers had attacked our neighbors, who know if we were the next but I wasn't sure because we had tight security. It seems the environment was no longer safe so us, which made our mother move us to our former house.

I was so happy to meet my first mother and she was happy to welcome me too. We still went to school from our house. With the encouragement and advice, I got from my mothers, I was able to learn in school again.

Everything in school was becoming interesting, my family was now a very big one. After my college days, every teenager of my age was called for a meeting. Whenever a meeting was called, it signifies that we'll be moving to another house or we'll be assigned to new responsibilities.

"I have watched you grow into young adults and I'm so happy to be a proud mother of more than a hundred children. some of them have left this house to their homes; fathers and mothers they are. I know in my heart that some of you are pained that you couldn't attain the height of education you had wanted. we apologize for that but there's nothing we can do for my children.

That's what we can afford to give to you, maybe when you're let to go out of this place to face the world, you will be able to go farther than this.

Mother's last statement made me quiver " when you're let to go out of this place to face the world, you will be able to go farther than this". does that mean we're leaving our house, we're going out to face the world? but we don't know anyone outside. how are we going to survive?

mother noticed my absent-mindedness, and she called my name.

"Sophia are you still with us?

"yes, ma'am.

"what was my last statement"? she asked again

you said, "when you're let to go out of this place to face the world, you will be able to go farther than this". I replied boldly.

"Nah, that's not what I said. who can help her out?

Stella stood up to help me out. Mother said that "we're leaving in a few days, so we should get prepared to face the world".

What? I screamed.

Yes, mother replied. " it seems you've been lost all this while, you have to meet up with the others to be updated with what was said here.

Good night boys and girls, it's almost midnight. Go and rest to gather strength for tomorrow.

I waited until Stella was about to leave the hall of the meeting.

" why were you absent-minded from the meeting today"? Stella asked me as we walked to the dining room to have our discussion.

" it's because of what mother said, that we're going out to face the world soon", Stella this is the only family I have, how will I cope when I get out there?

Stella smiled at me and said, " you didn't follow up with what she said then, I'm going to get a glass of water. just sit and wait for a little, I'll be back soon".

"Mother didn't say we will leave the house, she just wanted us to start some menial jobs outside for us to assist them in the raising of our younger siblings". Stella told me

"is that so?, that means it's okay. I thought we were leaving the house to start a new life outside". it's okay then, I'm just happy that we ain't leaving the house.

yeah, Sophia.

"Thanks once again", I told Stella. "you have tried in your explanation"

it's nothing Sophia, after all, we're siblings, right?

I moved closer to her and gave her a warm embrace, thereafter we went to our room to take a rest.

The night was so cool, that I couldn't sleep on time. I was both happy and sad. How and why? I was happy because I will be leaving the house to explore my world but on the other hand, I was sad about the fear of being rejected by the world. I continued deliberating on what to do and how to present myself to the world since I was told in school that "people handle you the way you present yourself".

I sat down on my bed to plan what my tomorrow will look like but I didn't know when sleep came and stole my eyes.

I was woken by Stella. "it's morning soph" we have to get prepared for today.

" But I haven't had enough rest, just wait for a little" I pleaded.

Stella left the side of my bed to start her preparation but I was still snoring so loud on my bed. I heard my mother call my name.

Sophia! Sophia.

yes, mum, I said still turning and rolling on my bed with my head still on the pillow.

breakfast is served, come eat before it gets cold.

I never wanted to leave the bed, but I was just okay, and then I slept off.

minutes later I heard my name again but this time, it sounds closer than the first time.

"coming" I echoed as I dozed off again.

I could feel the presence of someone by my bedside, I turned my head to the right-hand side to see if anyone was there. it was mother, she was ready to spank me for not coming to have breakfast on time

"Sophia, why are you being so stubborn?" everyone is down there trying to finish up with breakfast and you're still here snoring.

"I'm sorry mum, I said as I rushed down to join my siblings.

Mother assembled us again that same morning and told us that we were going to work at the plantation. She instructed us to be of good conduct.

Before she finished, a bus drove into the compound to pick us up.

I quickly rushed in to sit by the window so that I could get a full view of the streets, Beatrice sat beside me and I never liked her " she was so arrogant, she always proved to be right even when she was wrong" how I wish I tell her to change I seat"!.

Chapter 2

We arrived at the plantation in less than an hour. Everywhere was looking so strange to me because this was the first time since I had been out of our house. My elder siblings have already gone to their various sections of work but those of us who just came in stood at the park waiting for the next instruction.  Who says I wasn't enjoying the coolness of the atmosphere, the trees, and the beauty of the world. I tried to be of my best composure. I didn't want the others to notice that this was my first time coming here. A tall beautiful lady approached us, she was carrying a basket full of beautiful flowers from a big truck packed under the avocado tree. "They are from Mummy T's home. Our mother's name was Theresa, so I wasn't surprised when we were referred to as Mummy T's children. We were taken around the plantations. It has various sessions and they were all lovely. I was taken to work in one of the flower sessions. I didn't get tired


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