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Switched At Birth

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Liberty
  • Chapters: 127
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 693
  • 7.5
  • 💬 13


I call it, A cruel twist of fate... It might happen for the good of someone or unfortunate in some way. After all, their story is no different from each other. Keisha and Katherine, The two were intentionally switched at birth. Keisha, Beautiful, simple and hardworking young lady, who grew up from a low class family near the fish port. She spent most of her life fishing and taking care of her family. Katherine, beautiful, Arrogant spoiled Rich kid with a lavishing lifestyle. She grew up in the big City with her wealthiest parents. They made sure, she lack nothing. But Destiny played it's Role. The two ladies crossed paths. unfortunately, They fell in love with the same man, Handsome and Most influential Young president of WS Co-operation. Read more as their real identity is revealed and the unfortunate happen. #Drama #Romance #Family #War Inspired by my own imagination.. follow me on Instagram, @author_liberty for more updates...

Chapter 1 Prologue

Twenty years ago, Carmila Santos was r*p*d by unknown man. She was brought up in a little mining village. when she found out she was pregnant, she was devastated, hurt and confused. She became a laughing stock, her friends cut ties with her, the village looked at her like she was carrying all the sins of the world. Her mother, Ms Maria as everyone called her, Decided to take Camilla out of that place. They found themselves at an island near the fish port. People there were really nice, so they decided to settle there.

When it was time for Camilla to Give birth, They didn't even have enough money to bring her to the hospital. Her Mother insisted she should deliver at a health facility to keep both mother and child safe.

At the hospital, they met a generous Rich Man who offered to pay the hospital bills as they couldn't allow her in. The man who paid their bills brought his wife as she was about to give birth too. It was just a wealth couple from the city who visited the island and the woman went into labor.

It so happened that, Camilla and Patricia were put in the same ward and gave birth almost at the same time and their beautiful babies were put next to each other.

Patricia didn't want to stay another minute into that hospital, she considered it to be cheap and filthy. She demanded to be discharged as soon as possible. She was shouting at the nurse in charge calling her all sort of names because they couldn't give in to her request. She just gave birth and that might compromise the health of the baby. For that reason, Patricia slapped the nurse in charge. That made the nurse furious, she switched the new born babies Inorder to teach the Arrogant lady a lesson. When Patricia and her husband Adam were finally allowed to leave, they left with Camila's baby without knowing.

Camila noticed that The Baby had a bracket made of wood which was given by Ms Maria her grandmother, The moment the child was born. When she asked the nurse, The nurse told them, it might have fallen off in the ward while cleaning up the baby. Camila understood and forgot about it.


Twenty years On..

Keisha woke up very early as usual. Her mother and Grandmother were sleeping so soundly, she didn't want to disturb them so she went ahead to the fish port.

Walking by the sea shore, the birds chirping in the cornflower blue open sky. The water waves hit Keisha's soft beautiful feet. " what a beautiful day! she sighs with pleasure while she closed her eyes and let the early morning sun beat against her fair Face. Looking so happy, singing and dancing, she Suddenly saw someone hiding behind a tree. It was too far to see who the prostrate figure was but somehow, instinctively, she knew it was a man. Before she knew it, Keisha was surrounded by three goons.

" Wow! She's so pretty, our boss will be impressed by this, One of the goons ranted.

" And who is your boss huh! Keisha spoke folding her hands.

" you will find out! and she's s*xy too, He's going to have a good time. I understand why our boss is so crazy about her, The fish port Queen.

" Hey! am warning! Don't you dare come closer to me or you will get the beating of your life! She warned them butThey all laughed at her words.

" Get her! One of them ordered, two of the goons went closer to Keisha, one tried to grab her from the back, but got kicked in the chest and he fell. Another tried to go closer to her, she punched him really hard on the face.

" what! are you giving up! huh! they all looked at each other then attacked Keisha at once, she dodged them, they found themselves in the water. They went back to her and she kicked two and punched another. What! are you tired! come and get me!

" Let's just go! She's tough! We need more men, They got up dusting themselves. Glanced at Keisha then left right away. Keisha dusted her hands, picked up the hat on the ground and walked to the fish port.

Keisha was known by everyone in the island for her handwork and kindness. And for the fact that she was beautiful, she caught every man's attention. They all wished she was an easy girl to get, Then everyone would have had a taste of her. She fought whoever tried to mess with her or her family.

Carmila never told Keisha the truth about her father or what happened to her years ago. Keisha grew up knowing, her father died right before she was born. She believed her mother, she never asked about him ever again.

Chapter 2 Grumpy Beginning

Katherine and her boyfriend are entangled naked on the bed. In the darkness, An intense, heat moment was taking place.

Katherine was a spoiled brat, she's only 21 same age as keshia, she does whatever she wants. Her father never condone her bad behavior, but her mother protects her and let her do whatever she wants as well as her elder brother Joel, who is another problem to the family.

He holds her back and lifts are thighs, he lifts her up and down, she couldn't take. Katherine couldn't hold it, her moaning became long and loud.

Katherine Jumps up as the door kicks open and the lights turned on. Javier her boyfriend sits up with a stunned expression on his face.

" oh my God! what is all this Kathy! her mother shouted in disappointment. Not again!

" mom! damnit! she cursed. Her mother grabs her by the wrist, her bracelet tearing up loose, tumbling to the floor.

" Let me go mom! she screams trying to loos


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