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Strong Luna

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“I, Ivan Dales, Alpha of Scarlet pack, reject you, Monna Parker of crescent moon pack as my mate and Luna.” Monna, a princess who lost her parents during a rouge attack was made a slave by her uncle, Monna stayed strong despite the cruelty bearing the hope that one day she’ll meet her mate and he would take her away from the pain and misery. She finally met him and he rejected her immediately because just Monna Ivan Dales lost his his father in a rouge and therefore determined to avenge him. What will then be the fate of Monna...?


Emy Tiliaberidoy

Review after the novel completion

I loved this book! They way it was written was excellent. I hate that Logan didnt want Emma to start with and that her brother didnt see what His friend was going to her. I hope they get Emma back before Samuel violates her. She doesnt deserve that.... No one does. I hope Logan gets to her in time. I can't wait for a new book? Or more chapters of this one. Hopefully it will not take to long foe the othet to finish.

February 21, 2024

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