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Sold to fate

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Teebabe
  • Chapters: 12
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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Leah was born into a poor family of six. Since she could remember, their family has suffered from debt and debt collectors, which led to their parent's divorce and the reason she stays with her father while the other stays with their mother. It was either her or the younger one, and she couldn't for the life of her allow her younger siblings to stay with their irresponsible father, who drinks half his life away each day wallowing in sorrow and debt. Her prayer for an escape was answered alongside her most cherished wish, as she received a letter containing her admission letter and a scholarship to Lora's fashion school. Her life became easy and peaceful after moving to the institution and away from her father, well the peace lasted a while. She found herself on a rollercoaster of intense events after saving an injured man with a knife wound close to her apartment building. Plunged into the world of the mafia, crimes and invading feelings, she found out their family debt wasn't what she always thought they were.

Chapter 1

"We'll have two cappuccinos and two lattes with cannoli"

"An espresso with sticky toffee pudding"

"I will have a chicken sandwich and iced tea"

Leah shuffled hastily through the busy cafe, taking orders with a polite and professional smile despite the burning menstrual cramps she was having in her lower abdomen, plus her aching body from working long shifts all through the week.

Due to some event hosted by her college that is located just around the block, they've had a busy week, which Leah is grateful for because a busy week means extra cash.

She needed the money if she wanted to continue pursuing her dream of being a fashion designer.

As she returned to the counter with empty trays after serving the tables on her side she let out a sigh, flopped down and groaned in pain with her eyes closed, her brown bangs fell across her forehead, hiding the crease between her brows as she frowned

"You should clock out early Leah" Matt, her coworker encouraged seeing the frown on her face as she held her stomach

"I will be fine in a couple of minutes since I took the ginger tea Miranda served me, plus I need the extra cash for my school project next week" she groaned out

"But you don't look good right now" Matt pointed out "I can lend you the extra cash and you'd return it on your next paycheck" he added

"No, No, didn't you plan on using it for your bike? It's just tonight, I will be fine, it's nothing serious honestly" she said waving her hands to dismiss the topic

Matt shook his head knowing how stubborn she was when people offered to help her with anything,  he fished out a pain relief pill from his apron pocket and handed it to her "Here, take this, it will help" She took it and thanked him before downing two tablets as instructed.

Leah continued her work until the café was closed for business for the day, she counted her tips for the night and grinned happily.

All the long-hour shifts after class had finally paid off! She could finally do her project and not have to fail the class.

She let out a sigh of relief as she walked back home,  the chilly end of the night easing out the stress from the day, holding her dinner in one hand while her other hand was buried in her jacket pocket.

She relishes the bustling city night, as she walks slowly towards her gloomy lonely apartment where she knows her roommate wouldn't be.

"Who is she with tonight? Terry? Max? Jace?"  she muttered to herself as she thought about her roomie's lifestyle

A groan brought her out of her thoughts as she passed by the alley beside her, peering into the alley, she saw a man lying face-up, holding his stomach with both his hands, she walked into the alley hesitantly her curiosity getting the best of her.

She was used to seeing scenes like this in the neighbourhood she grew up in, gang fights and shootouts were an everyday thing,  but such scenes do happen here, at least not that she had ever seen.

After all, this is Moretti's territory. A Don that likes peace?  Who would ever believe that?

She reached into her bag and fumbled for her phone only to realize it was out of battery.

Calmly she placed her dinner and backpack on the as,  shrugging off her jacket she placed it on the bleeding stomach adding enough pressure to stop the bleeding.

"Hey" she called out to the unconscious man "I don't know if you can hear me, but if you can, hang in there alright? I will get a cab to take you to the hospital" she explained as she stood from her squatting position, she feldva rough hands grabbed hers and she looked down to see the man's blue eye staring back at her in a haze.

"No, Hospital" he groaned out, his voice sounding hoarse from the pain, holding her tightly to pass his point across

"What do you mean no hospital dude? You are this badly injured, and you don't want to go to the hospital? If you hate the hospital so much don't get in a fight alright?  I mean you are dying and you still remember your f*ck*ng rule if no hospitals. F*ck does your boss even know you are dying in a dark alley right now? I bet he doesn't," She rants and sighs when she notices he isn't letting go of her hand

"Fine since you don't want to go to the hospital, I'll give you first aid and then we call your family or whatever,  just don't die in my apartment!" she tried helping him stand but he was too heavy for her petite body

"Can you walk, it's a short distance and I live on the ground floor" The semi-conscious man held her tightly as he stood up, trying his best not to crush her with his weight.

All through their walk, she continued reprimanding him about his work and while joining a fan was bad.

A ghost smile appeared on the man's face as he listened to her talking.

'When last has someone spoken to me so casually' he thought as he lay on the couch while she bandaged him up

"Here, it's a pain reliever, someone gave it to me the other time and it worked, so take it you can use the couch for tonight, I don't think my roommate is coming home" explained handing him a cup of water a the pill.

"I don't know much about medicine and poison but I think your wound has been poisoned probably by the knife or something, I advise you to go to the hospital" Leah explained as the man rested his head on the pillow and closed his eyes, not even a teach of panic was found in his movement

"You know, people panic when they are informed they've been poisoned right?"

Chapter 2

By the time she woke up the next morning, the strange man from the night before he disappeared or not without leaving a note that reads

"It's dangerous inviting strangers into your home princess but thanks for the treatment and I hope you like the breakfast see you soon"

Just as she had finished reading the note the doorbell rang thinking it was our roommate who had left her keys in the apartment again Leah went to open the door with her bed hair and pyjamas.

As she pulled the door open, she saw a middle-aged man dressed in a black button-up shirt paired with black pants and dress shoes, he had a black apron tied around his waist and a tiny scar on his left side eye

"Good Morn… " She didn't allow him to complete the greetings as she shut the door and ran back to her room changing out of her bum shorts and a crop top into something more decent before going back to the door,  she composed herself and put on a smile


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