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Sold Her Virginity

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What are you willing to sacrifice for your loved one? Poverty... that's what drove Shanelle to enter a job she never dreamed of. Through a friend, she found out about a job where she would give up her virginity to a man in exchange for a large sum of money. Though it pained her, she had no other choice but to take that job for the sake of her father who was in need. Shanelle gave away her cherished virtue to a man named Elvin. Upon entering that job, she thought she would get through it, but she was mistaken because the man did not follow their agreement. He mistreated her and even imprisoned her on an island. Shanelle felt that her life had lost all meaning as she was controlled by a greedy man. He violated her repeatedly, contrary to their agreement before she entered the job. Despite everything, Elvin suddenly confessed to her that he loved her.


AFTER A LONG moan slipped into his mouth, his juice immediately shot into the depths of the woman he was with. He even heard her sobbing. He arched an eyebrow as he looked at her – her face just inches away."What's with the theatrics? You wanted this, right? I paid for this!"The woman shook her head. "Let me go, Elvin. Enough, you've had your share. We agreed it would only be once. I'm begging you, Elvin."Tears welled up in her eyes once again. His masculinity started to soften. He pulled it out and let out a sigh. After that, he stood up."Did you even read the paper that Dave gave you?" He smirked.The woman sat on the bed, wrapping herself in a blanket. She stared at him for a few seconds before nodding. "You promised to only touch me once. That's what I read, but you didn't abide by it." She continued crying. "I swallowed my pride for this because I needed the money for school. I'm begging you, Elvin. Let me go!"After hearing that from the woman, he immediately grabbed his purse from the cabinet next to the bed. He opened it and threw countless bills at her."Shove that money down your throat! As I've said, I paid, I already paid for your f*ck*ng virginity. It seems like it wasn't enough, so now you're throwing a tantrum. Now, fix yourself then leave!"After speaking, he turned away in annoyance and entered the bathroom. He took a bath to clean himself. They had been making love for 12 hours. Why was he born with such insatiable lust? He even thought he had satyriasis – that he was a Satyromaniac. No, he wasn't! He didn't have a disorder – he was a normal person!He didn't know what was happening in his room; he was busy bathing. It was already late – he had spent the night with a worthless woman. He was annoyed because while he was having his way with her, she kept crying. B*tch, it was like she was robbed of her milk!After bathing, he wrapped a towel around himself and exited the bathroom. He wasn't surprised that the woman was no longer there. He sighed in annoyance as he got dressed. He wore simple black jeans and paired them with a red t-shirt. He loved red – he even loved blood!After getting dressed, he retrieved his gun from a secret drawer and left his room with a smirk. He wouldn't allow her to escape, even though they had an agreement. He knew she wouldn't report him to the police because she was desperate. He just wanted to kill that woman because she irritated him. His anger flared up. Who knows Elvin? No one – no one!As he stepped out of the house, he quickly scanned the surroundings. It was already late, so he knew the woman wouldn't be able to escape him. She wouldn't be able to leave the island they were on.They were at his beach house in Batangas. Whenever women wanted to sell their virginity, he brought them here. He even owned this not-so-big island. He named it 'F*ck*r Island.'Elvin took out his cellphone from his pocket and turned on the flashlight. He raised his arm, holding the gun, and walked in a certain direction."You can't escape me, woman! Run! Keep running! You won't be able to escape! Run, baby, run!" he shouted like a demon.He didn't actually want to kill the woman; she just annoyed him. He kept walking until he reached the shore. There was no sign of the woman. She must be hiding somewhere. Maybe she was already dead – devoured by savage beasts.He took a deep breath and lowered his arm. He was about to turn around and head back home when someone struck him from behind. He immediately fell onto the sandy beach, his hands clenched. He writhed in pain.For the second time, a blow landed on his back, almost causing him to fall face-first into the sand. He fought against the pain, tightly closing his eyes and then opening them again. From afar, he saw the woman – the woman he had been intimate with – the one who had struck him from behind.His clenched jaw quivered as he stood up. He seethed with anger, his body trembling, as he aimed the gun at the woman and pulled the trigger without hesitation. After a few seconds, the woman fell to the ground.He smiled devilishly. "See you in hell, b*tch!" He took out his cellphone from his pocket and called Dave's number. "Come here, you have something to clean up," he said."What now, Elvin?" He sensed the irritation in Dave's voice. No respect whatsoever. He wanted to shoot him to death, but he held himself back. Dave had been his personal assistant for eight years."Clean up my mess, now!" Then he ended the call.He sighed and walked back to his house to rest. Well, even someone like him gets tired. He is Elvin Davis Miller, with a demonic nature. A devil, jerk, and rugged man. He might be the most handsome demon on Earth yet – he is still a demon.

Chapter 1

"YOUR FATHER HAS a hole in his heart, and he needs to undergo surgery as soon as possible, and if not—""If not, what will happen to him?""He could die."Those words kept echoing in Shanelle's mind as she gazed solemnly at her father lying on the hospital bed. Various medical equipment were attached to his body, whose names she didn't know. If her father wasn't operated on immediately, he could die, and they needed a large sum of money for his surgery.Tears slowly welled up in her eyes as she stared at her unconscious father. She felt immense pity for him because he worked so hard. He was also caring towards her since she was their only child with her mother.Shanelle was startled when the door suddenly opened, and her mother entered carrying a bag of what looked like food."How are you, my child?" her mother asked, looking at her."I'm okay, Mama,"


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