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Silencing Her Ex-Boyfriend's Insults

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Nur
  • Chapters: 191
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 15.4K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 1.8K


Daffa, an ordinary, sincere young man, is caught up in an intense relationship with Arabella, a woman who is crazy about a luxurious lifestyle. Their colourful relationship has unforgettable sweet moments, but the presence of Arabella's friends who live in luxury begins to threaten their happiness. Arabella feels pressure to maintain her social image and faces the dilemma of the difference in social status that shackles her relationship with Daffa. Finally, in a stressful decision, Arabella breaks up with Daffa, who feels humiliated and hurt. However, Daffa is determined to prove himself and win back Arabella's love. He started his business and faced challenges with an unyielding spirit. When he reaches the peak of his success, fate takes over, turning Arabella's life into chaos. Regrets and new considerations come into Arabella's life, and she must choose between Daffa who loves her sincerely and her friends who have shunned her.

Chapter 1

Bella, at the age of 23, possesses an extraordinary intellect. Additionally, she is the second of two children. She is very kind and friendly, but Bella truly dislikes being restrained by anyone, and when scolded, she quickly bursts into tears.

Bella had been searching for employment in various places without success. The challenge of finding a job seemed particularly daunting for her. Some companies had rejected her, leaving Bella confused and wondering why it was so challenging to secure employment. This was a significant change for Bella, as she was accustomed to getting whatever she wanted from her father.

As a last resort, Bella decided to apply for a position at a reputable company. When she arrived at the company, her intention was to inquire about job vacancies.

"I apologize, Ma'am. Are there any job vacancies here?" Bella asked the company receptionist, seeking information about available job opportunities.

"What a coincidence, Ma'am. The company is currently looking for employees," the receptionist replied gently, informing Bella that there was a job opening in the company.

Bella was very grateful to have finally found a job opportunity in this place. She submitted her job application letter with high hopes.

"Alhamdulillah. I would like to apply for a job here," Bella said with gratitude, feeling that her journey to this prominent company was not in vain.

The receptionist provided additional information, mentioning that the boss was currently in the office. With a smile, she suggested that Bella go directly to the CEO's office.

"May I know where the CEO's office is?" Bella asked to determine the location of the boss's room.

"Please go to the top floor. There is a secretary's desk there. You can inquire directly," the receptionist instructed, advising Bella to ask the secretary.

"Okay, thank you, Ma'am," Bella replied with gratitude before heading toward the elevator.

Upon reaching the top floor, Bella spotted a desk, which was likely the secretary's desk. She approached the secretary and asked if it was the CEO's office.

"Excuse me, I wanted to inquire," Bella said to the secretary.

"Yes, how can I assist you?" the secretary replied with a smile, noticing the difference in their attire. Bella was dressed casually while the secretary was more formally dressed.

"Is it true that there are still job vacancies here?" Bella inquired, wanting to confirm if the company still had job openings.

"Yes, Ma'am. Please go to that room," the secretary replied with a smile, allowing Bella to enter the boss's office.

"Thank you, Ma'am," Bella said.

With her heart racing, Bella walked into the room, hoping that this marked the beginning of a new chapter in her life, and that she would be accepted to work in this prestigious company.

Bella gently knocked on the door of the office.

"Excuse me, sir," Bella said politely.

Her boss invited Bella to enter. As Bella entered her boss's office, she noticed that the CEO's chair was facing away from her. Her boss was gazing out of a large window at a magnificent building. Unbeknownst to Bella, she failed to realize that her ex-lover was also in the room.

"I have come to apply for a job here," Bella stated, with the sincere intention of seeking employment at the company.

"Please place your application on my desk," her boss replied. Bella understood his request and promptly placed her job application letter on the boss's desk.

"It's done, sir," Bella said when she noticed that her boss was still facing the desk.

When her boss finally turned his chair around, Bella found herself in for a big surprise. Her boss was her ex-boyfriend, Daffa. They were both surprised to see each other.

"Daffa," Bella exclaimed in surprise upon realizing that her ex-boyfriend was her boss.

Daffa, too, was taken aback and hadn't expected Bella to apply for a job at his company. They both felt that the world was surprisingly small, especially when Daffa saw that Bella was no longer living a luxurious lifestyle as she used to. Daffa maintained his composure and chose not to make it a personal matter.

"Oh, so you're the one who came to apply here," Daffa said, trying to remain composed.

"Yes, sir," Bella replied with a smile, relieved that she would be working at the company rather than being someone's mistress.

Upon reviewing Bella's application, Daffa found that her qualifications were quite impressive.

"Your qualifications are quite good," Daffa acknowledged sincerely.

After a brief consideration, Daffa decided to accept Bella's application and offer her a position in his company, despite the past complexities of their relationship.

"You are welcome to work here," Daffa said in a gracious tone.

"Alhamdulillah," Bella breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing the news.

Bella felt delighted to have been accepted to work at this company and no longer needed to seek employment elsewhere.

"You can start working as my personal assistant tomorrow," Daffa informed her, leaving Bella surprised by the unexpected role.

"Personal assistant?" Bella inquired, taken aback by the position being offered to her.

Bella felt puzzled as to why she was being offered the role of Daffa's personal assistant instead of a regular employee like others.

"Yes, why? If you don't like it, you are free to choose not to work in my company," Daffa stated firmly.

"Yes, sir. I'll accept it," Bella replied cautiously, as she felt she had limited options.

Bella accepted the position, albeit with some hesitation. Daffa provided her with an agreement letter between them as personal assistants, outlining several stipulations, including punctuality, following orders, no romantic involvement, no interference in personal matters, and maintaining confidentiality. Bella agreed to these terms as part of her new job.

Chapter 2

"Seriously, sir, this agreement feels more like a personal letter," Bella expressed her surprise upon seeing the paper agreement.

Bella had assumed there wouldn't be an agreement concerning her personal matters, as it pertained to her privacy. She couldn't understand the connection between personal matters and her job.

"Don't agree to the terms of the agreement. It might be better to leave," Daffa suggested.

"I will, sir." Bella had no choice but to accept it, given her father's medical treatment. If she didn't accept it, what other option did she have? She needed a job, and many companies had already rejected her applications.

"Okay, you'll start working tomorrow. Remember to be punctual," Daffa ordered.

"Yes, sir. Excuse me." Bella started walking towards the door of the room, but Daffa called her back.

"Wait." Daffa stopped her in her tracks.



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