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Silenced Temptations

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An Entangled Love… *** Erich Black and Red Bennet, upholding the image of the unbreakable couple in the fashion industry, strengthened their bond with marriage. Unaware of the haunting demons of their past chasing them. When the Dark Seductress- April Lopez and Absolute Charmer- Lucifer Grave become the hindrance of their path, the posture of their baseless bond would break. Shattering the bond Erich and Red 'has' Or Red and Lucifer 'had' But, To be honest, it was nothing but an etched memory of despair from 3 years ago. The past they left behind is now re-awakened. Will it perish their future or will they find redemption in this tale of heartbreak?

1- An Etched Memory

...The winds of love embraced their fragments with the purpose of crumbling them again...

At the airport, A certain raven-haired woman awaits her flight to California. After hearing the plane had boarded, she stood up to leave with a faint smile over her lips.

Her sapphire gaze glimmered in happiness to meet her family after a year.

When Red was about to leave, a hand grabbed her elbow and pushed her back.

Before her mind could comprehend what happened, soft lips were placed upon hers, taking her into a passionate kiss of desires and unspoken melody of affection.

Effusively welcoming the warmth of Lucifer, she wrapped her arms around him, intertwining her heartbeats with him.

Their lips moved in rhythm, glistening with the caprice blend with remorse of choosing this painful path.

Turning oblivious of the surroundings and letting out the buried emotions, they burst their emotions through their actions as they gradually pulled away.

Staring intensely at each other, Lucifer's breath synchronized with Red's who was left with the inability to speak but still feeling the sweet affliction stirring her mind.

Breathless, Lucifer leaned down, brushing his lips over her neck and began to say huskily,

"Today, I am letting you go, Red. But, If we ever met in this life again. Nothing in this universe can stop you from being mine."

And with that, He took a step back as a tear fell from his eye, gritting his teeth to contain his heartbreak, he wore his glasses to hide his tears and left her all alone at the airport.

Her smile turned into a sad one and her heart ached to hear his heavy words as they were too much for her to swallow.

She lowered her head, crushing her feelings and whispered to herself.

"I wish you could have stopped me."


Coming back to the present day from the memory of 2 years ago. Red saw herself in the mirror, looking no less than an angel with beguiling looks, enhancing her features more in the wedding dress.

The divinity was as if she was a maiden, a smile crept upon her lips. She knew she was looking alluring enough to grasp any heart in her charm but she desired none.

Only upholding her stone cold heart and the compromise.

"Oh my, you are looking gorgeous, love." Her mother came, grinning

. Kissing her forehead and placing the veil over her head.

"I know you were going to wear this for the wedding." Her sister Bertha said, pointing at the wedding dress.

The best and only piece from her outlet, made for her.

"I told you, my name will revolve around the world one day." She said with a smirk, standing up and getting her bouquet of white roses and lilies.

"You are elegant." Bertha said.

"I know." Red grinned.

"Take care." Bertha hugged.

"Take care of yourself and Mama." Red said, pulling away.

"Okay. Come on, let's go." Her mother said as they left.

"Red, Today you are going to start your life anew. Forget what happened 3 years ago and make your future mesmerizing." Mrs Bennet said, holding her hand tightly.

"I know. That's why I have taken this step." Red said sadly.

"This would have come sooner or later."

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing..." She spoke in a barely audible tone.

"Bless you." Mrs Bennet smiled.

They walked down the aisle, Red slowly lifted her gaze and met with Erich's who was waiting for her at the altar.

Giving her a profound gaze of endearment, impatient for this day to come and fulfill his desires.

"Please take care of my daughter." Mrs Bennet said, handing her precious daughter to Erich.

"Don't mention, Mrs Bennet. She is more precious than my life to me." Not removing his eyes from Red, he replied. Knowing the deception of words, his voice came out smooth.

But to Red's ignorance-

His words were pure, not a fake consolation.

They stood at the altar and he complimented, "You are looking so graceful yet tempting."

"Thanks. But don't forget the reason for our marriage." She replied coldly.

"I will keep you happy." He said sincerely, holding her hands.

"Just fulfill your obligations." Red swallowed hard, lowering her gaze.

The priest cleared his throat and asked, "Shall we start?"

They both took a deep breath, looked at each other and said at the same time, "Yes."

Red heart pained as tears brimmed in her eyes, indicating her new life, trampling her past. The start, initiated by burying every fake memory.

An agonizing tear fell from her eye in which the reflection of an etched memory from 3 years ago was clearly present, showing what circumstances led to this day.

~ 3 Years Ago ~

"Just look at this s*xy piece of paper." Red tittered, holding her fashion designing degree in her hands. Standing on the couch, elated.

She received her degree in fashion designing and her delight was limitless.

"Just you guys watch, I am going to make my presence firm. Red Bennet, World famous fashion designer."

“A new morning glory' will be our motto and one day, I will be entailed with Black Fabrics. I have heard they only work with famous figures."

"This is the first step, I shall reach my dream and you will see celebrities wearing my brand. Filthy rich people will die for it. My dream will be fulfilled." She went on and on.

"Of course you will succeed in life and everything you said will happen, Sweetie." Mrs Bennet clapped for her along with Bertha.

"Congrats, Red!"

"And my grand outlet will be in New York-" Bertha cut Red off,

"Hey, Hey, We have listened to your speech Red, now come, we have to cut the cake, or else I will eat it all alone." Bertha whined.

She was two years younger than Red, doing CA. Her degree depends upon the number of papers left for her to clear.

"Hey! Here I am telling you my ambition and you are not listening." Red clicked her tongue at her.

"We have been hearing it since the very first day you were enrolled in the University."

"Listen one last time, who knows I will become arrogant after becoming famous." Red chuckled, getting down from the couch.

"Stay well and become successful in life. I will pray for you two." Mrs Bennet smiled mesmerizingly at her daughters.

Red hugged her and they cut the cake to celebrate this memorable event.

They were eating the cake and Red said, "When I will become famous, Bertha. You will handle my accounts."

"Nah. I have another place in my mind to work... but.. Um.. Yours is fine as well." Bertha shrugged.

"Where do you want to work?" Mrs Bennet asked.

"At Graves Shipment. They are the world's largest Road shipment company. But I can't work there." Bertha explained.

"Why?" Red asked.

"Because it's in the UK. And I have no intention of leaving America." She sighed.


"Nope. I am fine besides, if we ever have to ship your clothing then we will surely contact them." Bertha grinned.

"Yup!" Red nodded. "Then show them what you can do but it will be too late because you will be our finance manager." Red snickered.

"Okay.. okay." Bertha chuckled at her sister's words.

As the rest of their night is spent with a family conversation, laughter and celebration for a new start where Red shall make her dreams come true...


At the pomp of the next morning in NYC, a certain couple was sleeping on the bed of a hotel room and was woken by the sound of an alarm.

The man in the bed turned it off and sat up with a sigh, naked- not to mention. He spared a glance at the woman sleeping next to him and went to take a bath.

The alluring woman beside him also woke up with a smirk, tracing her fingers over the lips he kissed vehemently last night and made her espy paradise.

Long black hairs dyed sapphire from the edge, a perfect body of a model but too bad, she is a therapist.

Her persuasive obsidian eyes cascading to her left wrist which have 'April' written in a fancy font.

The man with a flawless body, piercing green eyes, and dark brown hairs accompanied by his french beard to enhance his features more, walked out with a towel around his waist and began to wear his attire.

"Morning... Erich." April said, turning to him.

Erich hummed, stoic as usual. His eyes were always void of every emotion as if something treasured yet inscrutable resides in them.

His icy gaze penetrated April's heart as she wanted to explore his emotions but his maze isn't easy to solve.

A scornful laugh echoed in the hotel room along with a seductive voice of April staring intently at Erich who was getting ready.

"For how long are you going to consider your love as lust and come to me?" She asked with a smirk.

"Shut up." He frowned.

"I can see a fierce fire in you." She chuckled, winking at him, while sitting up.

"Don't be absurd. Neither you nor Red mean anything to me." Erich's voice lacked any skeptic, pure cold.

"Then what are we?" Her voice abruptly became dire. He spared a glance at her while taking his stuff.

"You are an addiction while she is a need."

He walked out of her suite and waited for her. She washed herself and walked out after getting ready.

"I can understand I am an addiction but how can a person you didn't talk with be considered as a need."

"I don't know." He said, leaning back on the couch and putting his one leg over the other, rubbing his temples.

April walked to the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee.

"Okay now tell me why you have called me here... if you need to fulfill your addiction.. you can get any girl to do it." Her charming voice taunted him.

"Red has received her degree in fashion designing." He said.

"O~ Stalking."

"Shut up and come here." Erich demanded. April giggled and came with the usual smirk plastered on her lips and sat in the opposite direction.

"Okay.. now tell me."

"She is going to start her startup. It's her first step and to start creating clothes, she will need fabric." He explained.

"So? She could get it from the market at a low price easily." April took a sip of her coffee and put her legs over him.

"You are not getting the point." Erich said, irritated.

"I am. You want to help Red."

"Yeah. So?" He shrugged.

"Do you have any idea how much your fabric's worth is in the market?" She asked.

"I could give her a head start." He reasoned.

"No you can't, Erich. You just wanted to be close with her, that's why such thoughts are roaming your mysterious mind. What excuse will you give to the media if they ask.

"Why are you aiding them?" " She gave him a logical explanation for his desperation.

"What's wrong with that? I will tell them I saw potential in them and wanted to help them." Of course, he is quick at making excuses.

"There's nothing wrong, but a problem." She shook her head.


"That you love her and do not want to accept it." She said firmly.

"Oh please, don't start with this. I don't love her. She is a need, I want her in my life, that's all." His brows furrow in exasperation.

"And if that's not love then what is it?" She asked with a smirk, brushing her foot over his thighs, trying to provoke him.

"I don't know, call it obstinacy but not love."

"Why are you not accepting it? You have known her for four years and she is not even aware you exist." April said calmly while drinking her coffee.

Erich narrowed his eyes in anger, losing his patience with her persistence as her words irked him.

He removed her legs and glared at her.

"Listen April. I. Don't. Love. her."

"You are so stubborn." She pouted and stood up.

"I just want her close to me." He muttered.

"And are you willing to do anything for it?" She asked, smirking. He hummed and nodded in approval.

"Believe it or not, Erich. But you are in love with her. You have collected all the love for her in your heart and taken the lust for her on me." April hissed.

He smirked and looked at her with dark amusement.

"Then stop this illicit therapy. 'You' have the authority to do that."

"If I wanted to stop, then I wouldn't have started." She smirked back.

"Anyways, Go to your Red and tell her. You saw her for a year in university. She was a freshman and you were a senior and were instantly attracted to her ever since."

"Time will tell about it, but remember one thing, April." Erich stood up, unbuttoning his jacket, "What?"

"Red is retained to Be mine and if I have to break seven skies for it- I will."

He declared and left with his resoluteness.

After he left, April laughed and shook her head.

"That idiot still denies the fact he loves her."

2- Undesirable Situation

In a prestigious household of England, an old couple was savoring their tea while trying to calm their anxiousness.

"Mr Grave, your child has no traits like you." Mrs Grave sighed.

"Our child has no traits like us, Greta." Mr Grave corrected his wife.

"Then kindly teach him that there's a life after work and club." She said, worried about her son's constant neglect for life.

"Greta. To be honest, I doubt Lucifer has his first kiss," Mrs Grave gasped at her husband's absurd words.

"Don't talk like that, Mr Grave!"

"I am telling you, marry that stone to someone at least this way he will have a girl in his life." Mr Grave sternly.

"Marry which stone off?" A deep, dominant voice of Lucifer Grave came.

His exquisite gray eyes, slowly making their way to his parents as he took steady steps, narrowing his eyes in irritation.



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