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She was Tamed

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Bobang
  • Chapters: 64
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 6.4K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 2


Jada finally had her first boyfriend at the age of 18, she was a freshman in college back then. However, it only took her 3 years to finally realize that he was not someone to be proud of. That their story’s not one worth sharing. Lyken cheated on her 4 times, the first three were forgivable but the last one pushed her away from him. He pushed her so hard that she wanted to stay away for good. So, she decided to leave the country with no plans of coming back. When she did due to work commitments, she got caught up in the wind again. And in the middle of her avenging heart, there’s this man who’s trying to win her back. A man that will do everything just to earn her forgiveness. But will Jada be able to overcome the horror of the past and forgive Lyken? Or are they bound to live their lives away from each other?

Chapter 1 - Welcome Home


Jada had just stepped out of the airport and she was welcomed by an ear-piercing shriek. As usual, her friends were late again.

“Shut up!” she snapped. “I’ve been waiting inside for thirty minutes already. Why are you guys late again? Did you just spit or swallow?” she asked, pretending to be irritated at the familiar faces that came to pick her up.

The first one to come out of the van was Bambi. He was Jada’s manager, confidante, gay best friend, mother, father, older sister, and older brother. All rolled into one.

"Jada, don’t be like that! You know I’m almost dried out and no one wants to water me because I’m penniless!” he complained before rolling his eyes and pouting his lips with hot pink lipstick.

Following him out of the van is Jada’s real best friend, Honreta Perez, also known as Honey. Aside from being her best friend, she’s like her sister from another mother as well.

Driving the van was Edward, Honey’s older brother, and Jada’s number one fan. He would always follow his sister to every local gig, hoping he would at least get a glance at the woman.

"Hi, sis!" Honey greeted me as she walked up to her. Jada immediately hugged and kissed her before frowning as she let go.

“Where have you guys been? It took you a while to get here, I almost hailed a cab and went home by myself!” Jada scolded both of them. “I’m so tired from my flight and you guys even made me wait,” she continued while helping Edward load her luggage into the van.

“Don’t ask, I’m p*ss*d too,” Honey rolled her eyes. “Bambi went out on a date with one of his boys, that’s why we’re late!”

“Date? Where?” she asked, creasing her forehead before turning to their pink friend, “Don’t tell me you did it in my condo?”

She went inside the van as she couldn’t stand the heat anymore. She was sweating all over and already feeling uncomfortable.

“Byotch! Stop pretending to be holy! Don’t make me want to punch you!” he snapped when he entered the vehicle. However, he was quick to retract his statement and even gave Jada a peace sign as soon as she saw her raise an eyebrow at him.

“You’re disgusting! Now I know why you smell like hospital disinfectant!” she couldn’t help but laugh. “Shoo! You’re nasty, stay away from me!”

People listening to their conversation will think that they have no breeding. But that’s them. That’s how they interact with each other.

They don’t really care who can hear them and they can’t be bothered by other people’s reactions. They don’t care if they’re disgusted.

Jada wasn’t as crazy before as she was now. Even Honey doesn’t talk like them until now. She still maintains her prim and proper image, unlike Jada, unlike her and the pinks.

Among all their friends, Jada was the only one who really changed. The reason behind that is something she never wants to look back on.

Aside from that, she also believes in the saying, "It's better to be hated for who you are than to be liked for who you're not," or something among those lines. And she now lives by that.

But despite her friends being crazy as hell, she loves them. They are her lifelines whenever she goes astray.

Not in a life-ruining way, but they’re the lights at the end of her tunnel. Especially in times when she’s about to go extremely crazy not knowing what to do with her life.

It was Honey who introduced her to the world of ramp modeling. Bambi volunteered to be her makeup artist, while their other friend, Ada, was in charge of Honey. Take note, they did it for free.

When they started earning more from their gigs, Jada and Honey hired them as their assistants. Now, they are their managers and they’d usually front for them.

Bambi and Ada are now in charge of meeting clients who want to hire their services, as they hate attending meetings. For them it was tedious. It’s boring.

They started modeling back in college. They both liked the job and, since they enjoyed traveling, they decided to stick with it.

Honey is gorgeous. She’s like a real-life Barbie doll. Standing at 5 feet 8 inches, her body proportions are out of this world. She’s got milk skin and is almost always mistaken for being a foreigner.

According to some, she got a body that other models would envy. That’s why she’s one of the most picked models for apparel.

Jada’s 5’8 too, but she’s thicker compared to Honey. What she’s super proud of are her legs. People who met her would always advise that she should have them insured.

She’s not as fair-skinned as Honey as she's got olive skin. Despite that, she’s proud of it and she never tries any sort of whitening. She’s flawless, regardless.

Honey had her share of boyfriends back in college. He got into a relationship with a school varsity, student council president, law student, restaurant manager, co-model, and even a politician’s son.

However, all her relationships only lasted for six months. It never went beyond that, even for just a minute or even a second. That’s why it’s a miracle that she and Kobe have been together for years.

Jada, on the other hand, only had one boyfriend. He’s the man she’d never want to come across, ever.

He was her first boyfriend, but she was hoping he wasn’t her last. It’s because she doesn’t want to live a life hating men and being wary of them.

He was her first boyfriend and, unfortunately, their story was heartbreaking. Unlike other couples’ stories, hers was not something she could be proud of. It was not something worth sharing.

That’s why, even up to this day and age, no one knew what really happened between them. No one knew why they broke up. Not even her best friend and not even the pinks.

Most importantly, not even him. Yes, he doesn’t have any idea what’s the true reason behind their breakup and Jada chooses to leave that as it is.

Chapter 2 - Wrong Assumption

Jada and Honey met at the university they both attended. Since wearing a uniform is not a requirement at Saint Mary’s University, they can dress up however they want.

Jada, don’t doll up though, not like Honey. Most of the time, she dons simple clothes like fitted jeans, sneakers, and tees.

Honey, on the other hand, prepares her outfit the night before. She always looks good, she has to.

The same goes for the pinks. And that’s because they are targeting a couple of hotties on the campus.

Jada’s friends are all fun to be with. During their break time, they will hang out under the biggest mango tree on campus, the one closest to the gym.

Bambi and Ada treated that spot as their own, because why not? Hanging out there lets them see the sweaty abs of the university’s gorgeous varsities, daily.

Who won’t drool?!

Well, it’s not like Jada would drool over hot bodies. She’s used to seeing those back in the States. High schoolers there are comparable


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