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She's My Fire (Harmony Moon Series Book 2)

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“You’re not attracted to me? You were all over me just a second ago, before you realized who I am.” I replied. “I… I have a guy back home that…” She paused, trying to find the words to say. “I would only tarnish your good reputation.” Is this her excuse to get me to leave her alone? “You think I’m too good for you?” I laughed. “What the hell Willow? We haven’t seen each other in 10 years. You don’t even know me.” I grabbed her waist and pulled her into me. Smiling when I noticed her heart rate increase. I leaned down so she could feel my breath caress her neck. My lips grazed the skin of her ear, and she shivered as I whispered, “I’ll show you just how good I am.” She didn’t have time to protest when I moved to connect our lips. She gasped, and I slid my tongue into her mouth. Her will to resist me failed, and she kissed me back, charging our attraction and electrifying our kiss. Getting the reaction that I wanted, I reluctantly pulled away. Still high on her, I breathlessly stated my claim. “F**k this other guy!”

CHAPTER 1: Rebellious Daughter


~ Narrator ~

The dragon prince’s 23rd birthday party is tomorrow night. Harper was packing for the trip and memories of his bittersweet homecoming invaded her mind. She tried to hold back the tears but was unsuccessful at the attempt. Harper remembered the day she found out about the death of the boy’s mother. That boy didn’t know his mother had gotten mortally wounded by the witch as she tried to stop his abduction. Harper’s heart ached as she thought about how he must have cried once he found out he would never see his mother again. Harper took a deep breath and let out a sigh. She heard his footsteps come up behind her, and soon she was wrapped up in her husband’s strong arms. Nothing else could sooth a heartache like Gabriel, Harper’s husband and fated mate. He rested his chin on my shoulder.

“You’re dealing with her this time.” Harper took another deep breath. She dreaded dealing with Willow, their daughter, about their trip tomorrow. Willow is 19 years old, and rebellious as they come. She is a lot like her mother, you can’t tell her to do something and expect her to comply 100%. “She already says she’s not going.” Harper couldn’t understand why Willow didn’t want to visit their dragon friends in the Mythical Lands. The prince’s party is for young adults only, so Gabriel and Harper won’t be attending. They were hoping Willow would attend, though they both knew it was going to be hard to get her there. She hasn’t seen any of them since she was 8 or 9 years old. Harper walked down the stairs into the pack house dining hall. Fast footsteps carry a hasty Willow past her.

“Willow Mason! Where do you think you are going?” Harper shouted after her daughter. Willow didn’t even turn to look in her parent’s direction as she spoke to them.

“Going out with friends Mom. I’ll be back in the morning.” She continued to the door.

“Willow you will be tired during the trip to the Mythical Lands if you stay out too late.” Harper continued.

“Yeah, Sure. Whatever mom. See you later, Okay?” Willow didn’t even bother to wait for Harper to object as she slammed the packhouse door behind her. Harper looked up into Gabriel’s silver eyes. She shook her head at him and continued into the dining hall.

“She is going if I have to hogtie her and throw her in the trunk!” Harper mumbled under her breath.

~Willow ~

I threw my head back and howled into the night sky. My long dark brown hair was tangling behind me as Drake struck a gear and the bike went faster. I wrapped my legs around his waist locking them in place so I wouldn’t fall off. I spread my arms out to the sides of me and welcomed the feeling of freedom as the dark landscape blurred past us. I love when he takes me out on his bike. It’s one of the fast ones that can reach high speeds. It gives me such a rush!

“Faster, Drake!” I yelled at him. He didn’t hesitate to pull back on the throttle and push the bike harder. I squealed as the bike rose up on one wheel. Drake handled the bike like the experienced rider he is. Goddess! He is so HOT! We were entering the city now. This is where I spend most of my time. The light in front of us turned red. Drake didn’t slow down. He pulled the throttle and the bike surged forward like a bat out of hell. I laughed as he maneuvered through the traffic with ease quickly running through the red light. Drake turning his head to look behind us caught my attention. Before I had the chance to look back, red, and blue lights started flashing and a police siren echoed off the buildings nearby. I looked to Drake, not knowing what he was going to do. He got a mischievous glimmer in his striking golden eyes, and it was then that I knew I needed to tighten my grip around his waist. Drake didn’t slow down. He looked at the officer in his car and gave him the middle finger before making a hard right. The officer barely made the turn.

“Hang on Willow! I have to get this f*ck*r off our *ss.” I did as he said. I love that he was such a bad boy. They seem to be the only type of guy that can light my fire, and Drake is as bad as they come. Drake pulled the throttle to its limit. The bike screamed as he hit his final gear. We were traveling at least 190mph or faster. The adrenaline rush I got from this kind of thing was thrilling. Drake easily put distance between us and the officer. I couldn’t even see his car now. “We have to park this bike before the chopper spotlights us.” Drake said. He parked the bike on the porch of a nearby abandoned house. He put the kickstand down on the bike and helped me off. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into him. He leaned his head down and kissed me long and hard. Letting go I couldn’t help but think of how if my parents found out about this. They would kill me if they knew what I do when I go out with my friends. Drake gave me his signature bad boy grin, that caused me to melt every time. He reached over to my earlobe and gently took it between his teeth. He tugged a little, causing the heat in my core to continue to rise. Drake is one of those guys who gets what he wants, and there is something about the way he is so forceful that gives me a rush. I still don’t know what Drake is, all I know is that he isn’t human. He has s*xy brown hair that he keeps styled messy. It suits his chin stubble perfectly. His jawline is sharp, and his body is chiseled. He’s tall and his eyes are a unique shade of gold. That’s what attracted me to him first. His golden eyes… I get lost in them every time he looks at me.

We have been walking now for about fifteen minutes. Drake stepped behind an old building and banged on the heavy back door. I could hear the heavy metal music all the way out here. To my right in the alleyway, there were two men fighting. It was an illegal street fight, which I LOVE. There’s an underground ring below this club where people can bet on fighters. It’s a big thing here. Drake is one of the best fighters here. There’s no boss or Alpha or anything like that here. Everyone just looks to Drake as a leader. He has been living this type of life for a long time. He makes a living doing illegal things. It’s stuff that I don’t like to get tangled up in myself, I just try to look over it all. I am here to spend time with Drake, and to dance and have fun. I’ll be honest! Drake is perfect for me. Our relationship started out as us being just friends. Over the past few months, things have gotten a little more serious between us. I don’t see other guys and to my knowledge, he doesn’t see other girls. The heavy metal door squeaked open. A wave of nauseating cigarette smoke, liquor, and vomit mixed with a hint of blood overtook my senses. It always takes me a minute to get used to the smell. The music got louder the wider the door opened. A huge guy who looked like the reincarnation of a bulldog human hybrid greeted us.

“Dozer!” Drake said to the guy while they slapped hands with their guy type handshake.

“Drake! Good to see you man. These animals around here are like cavemen!” He stepped aside just enough for Drake and me to walk in. The loud sound of a glass bottle busting sounded to our right. I looked over to see that one man had hit another man over the top of the head. Blood was everywhere. No one moved to help him up off the floor. As long as he wasn’t dead, no one was bothered. No one but me. I never get used to stuff like this, so I move to help the man up off the floor

“Don’t.” Drake grabbed my forearm to pull me along with him.

“We should help him, Drake. He’s bleeding!” I exclaimed, pulling against his hold on me.

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” He said, not even bothering to look my way. I had no choice in the matter as he continued to pull me along with him. My parents really don’t like Drake, and he really doesn’t like them. I don’t tell my parents anything about Drake, but they are both very good at reading people, and Drake is no exception. They think he is no good for me. I love my parents, but I am not the perfect little angel that they want me to be. If my dad walked into this place, there wouldn’t be a single person left standing. In fact, he would most likely burn the building down. That’s why I keep everything a secret. What my parents don’t know won’t hurt them.

“Someone clean that sh*t up!” Drake yelled while pointing to the blood and liquor on the floor. A woman quickly grabbed a cloth and ran over to scrub the floor. Drake turned to me. His eyes got menacing as he looked down at me. I would never cower to a man. The look that he is giving me does not intimidate me in the least, and Drake knows that. Drake pulled me into him, and kissed me hard, giving everyone a show. It’s his way of claiming me in front of everyone. I hate the fact that he kissed me like that in front of everyone, but loved the way he claimed me at the same time. Drake grabbed my hand and started for the stairs. He paused and turned to Caleb, his best friend. “I left my bike at that old, abandoned house. I need someone to pick it up. The cops are all over the place, give it a few hours.” Caleb nodded and went back to groping his target female for the night. Drake continued up the stairs, still pulling me along with him. There is never anything gentle that happens between Drake and me, including the time we spend in his bed. As he reached his room, he opened the door moving aside to let me walk in first. Drake shut and locked the door behind him. I turned to find him tugging his shirt over his head. In the blink of an eye, he picked me up and laid me down on his bed. It’s these moments that I let him use me however he sees fit. Often, I ask myself why I let him have his way with me. The little voice in the back of my head seems to think that I am falling for him, and that thought scares me to death.

“Mumm…So d*mn s*xy.” I arched my back as his fingers sent tingles over my entire body. He licked his lips, and I could tell he couldn’t hold back any longer.

CHAPTER 2: Too Much Fun


I know he isn’t husband material. Eventually, my heart is bound to get broken by him. I shut the packhouse door and attempted to tiptoe through the dining hall and up the stairs to my room. I was halted in my tracks when I heard a voice call me out.

“Having a bit too much fun?” Beta Tanner. I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Oh whatever! It’s not like you haven’t partied too hard in your lifetime. I know you're old now, but I bet you were a hell of a lot of fun back in the day.” I held back my laugh. I know exactly how to get Tanner worked up. I looked at him sporting his almost ready to combust face.

“Back in the DAY! How old do you think I am? Don’t even answer that! Get your ass to bed before your father finds out how late you were out. If he asks, you got home at 12:00am.” I nodded my head to Tanner. He is more like a big brother to me. He covers for me a lot. I proceed to climb the stairs to my room.

I shut the door to my room and ran to the


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