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Secretary’s Obsession

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I never imagined myself to be the type of girl to fall in love with a billionaire, but here I am. He embodies everything I don't: self-assurance, success, and constant control. But I can't help but be drawn to him for some reason. Perhaps it's his gorgeous smile or his deep eyes. It might also be how he makes me feel. He is my employer, and I am his secretary. Additionally, he's the most perilous person I've ever encountered. He is ruthless in business and won't hesitate to utilize his position of authority to achieve his goals. But I don't fear him. I won't allow him to intimidate me. I'm going to stand up to him in order to fight for what I want. Even if it requires risking everything, I'm going to win his heart.

Chapter 1

Possibilities with Mistakes

POV of Grace

My eyes squinted in the sunlight. My stomach was twisting with fear, and the cool water relieved all the stress that was aching inside of me. I was hoping that this interview would ensure that I had reliable employment. I only had casual clothing in my closet, but the straightforward white dress I had hidden felt appropriate for the situation. I ran my hand down the walls' peeling paint, knowing that soon enough I'd be able to purchase new paint. Before leaving, I slipped on some heels, my knuckles turning white, and I gripped my bag hard. When the bus finally came to a stop, a few passengers got off. I rushed inside in an effort to find a seat amidst this crazed throng. When I finally came to a stop, the wind was bitterly cold against my bare arms, and I breathed heavily. I looked at my phone, and I was an hour early. Fortunately, I was dumped off in front of the structure where I was meant to work. As I entered, the chilly air prickled my skin, and I wished I had brought a jacket. The interior was enormous, with walls that reached the painted-gold ceiling and flawless matte porcelain tiles on the floor. I walked up to the reception desk with a friendly smile. "Pardon, where will the interview be held?" When she heard me, the woman, who had been staring blankly at the computer in front of her, smiled. How does she know my name? "Yes, Ms. Morgan, it takes place on the top floor." I played around with my fingers; what was the highest floor? Her hands were stroking the skirt she was wearing as she smiled, so she must have observed my terrified expression. My smile was broad as I curtly replied, "I'll show you the way." The elevator doors glided open as we arrived, and the corridors were quiet as we said, "Thank you." I attempted to contain the trembling in my voice as I introduced myself as Sofia and tried to hide the terror that was whirling inside of me. I laughed as I saw her lips curve into a smile. I think I like her. She said, "I'm sure you know who I am since you spoke my name a while ago." "Yeah, sure, I'm not a stalker. They provided me with a list of everyone who was coming in for the job today. Since I assumed I was the only applicant, the likelihood of my finding stable work was now significantly reduced. " Please pick a seat and make yourself comfortable. I have to go back now. It will take some time before you are called in because you arrived fairly early. She gave me a curt nod and a thumbs up. "Best of luck." The others soon followed, all of them ecstatic and excited. Why were most of us female? There were a few men seated near us, but not as many as there were women. Sofia said, "We'll start with an alphabetical order. Enter once your name is called." People began to enter and exit with varying expressions. Some people were upset, while others were in tears. Some of them, whose eyes were red and swollen as they left, I was certain were angry, but the majority of them were angry, muttering to themselves and glaring as they did so. That horrible, really? When a hand wrapped around my shoulders and felt chilly against my flesh, I jumped. Sofia walked me to the door and cautiously opened it, saying, "You're up, Grace." The question "Are you ready?" I took a deep breath, gathered my courage, and then nodded. Before stepping aside to allow me to enter, she grinned at me and tilted her head to the side. As soon as the door shut behind me, I shuddered since the atmosphere was tense and silent. The space lacked any color punch and was a combination of white porcelain tiles and black walls. I said, "Good evening," as I approached his desk gently. His lips formed a thin line as he ignored me, his gaze never leaving the documents he was reading. He motioned for me to take the seat in front of him. As I sat down, holding my breath, the velvety chair began to squeak from my weight. You are unusually quiet. Well, that was a first for me when my eyes narrowed elsewhere. As I talked, I struggled with a lump in my throat. "Pardon me?" He set the papers down while rubbing his temples and his eyes. "But I like the quiet ones; usually they're screaming inside their heads," he said, turning his attention directly to me. "The people before you never kept their mouths shut once they entered my office." Well, he got that right; my mind was a chaotic void of my conscience hollering at me right now. Although he was grinning, it was impossible to tell that he was happy because his smile lacked warmth. "Ms. Morgan, was I right? I might as well reciprocate the gesture because he was grating on my nerves. "Sir, I don't believe you've introduced yourself properly." His smile evolved into a ferocious, predatory grin. "Oh? Grace, you're currently keeping me entertained. His smile was fading as he reclined in his chair. I said, "I like that," disregarding the informal way he addressed me. Instead, I focused on the subject at hand. So, how about we conduct an interview? His lips curled downward as he arched an unperturbed brow. Why do you say that? This interview is over," he said, taking the paperwork and starting back to read. What was he implying? Is it true I was not hired? If you can call that joking, all he did the entire time was smile and make jokes with me. "Am I ineligible? You haven't even properly asked me; you just "You are qualified, but only momentarily. Consider yourself my trainee, as I need to see if you can keep up with my assistance. He looked at the door and me while shrugging. "Work starts at 7:30, and I don't like it when my employees are late, okay?" I kept my unusual mix of elation and dread for this job hidden as I fixed my attention on him. "Thank you, sir." By the way," I paused and looked at him, thinking, "How am I meant to work for a man like this?" You can address me as Mr. Cooper or Aiden, as you please. I nodded at him. I prefer addressing him formally rather than by his first name. He scowled when he realized I was calling him Mr. Cooper. I cocked my head, hesitant to inquire. With the darkest shade of brown for eyes, the palest of white skin, slender muscles hidden beneath the sharp suit he wore, and fixed black hair as dark as charcoal, he had a good advantage in terms of both appearance and body. I was aware of him as the notorious Cooper Corporation's heir. The most cruel and deranged suitor, despite his good looks, is the hated son of a wealthy father. "Is there a problem, Grace?" He had been gazing at me with a curious expression on his face, but I hadn't noticed. I scurried to the door, slipping awkwardly. I shouldn't have worn these shoes. "Nothing; I'm sorry; I should go now." As shadows blocked my vision, my head erupted and began to ache and pound in anguish. I tried to stand while laying my palms flat on the ground and wiping the sweat off my brow. Only I mistook the sweat running from my chin and the tiny flight of stairs I hit my head on for blood. The chair scraped, and I could hear approaching footsteps. "You are awkward," When I turned to face him, he paused, which made the throbbing in my head worse as shadows invaded my field of vision. Grace, stay here with me. I awoke to Aiden calling for security. My head felt like it would explode at any minute, so there was no point. His arm around my waist was squeezed tighter, while his face in front of me was reduced to a cloud. Grace, I'll ruin your life if you pass out in front of me." I laughed, feeling sleep coming on inescapably as I breathed in. I was greeted by the words "Try me" as I entered a barren space.


Chapter 2

The second-try

POV of Grace

I was awake, although I had closed my eyes. I had the sensation of someone touching my hair as I slowly came to My eyes slowly open, and I look up to see my boss looking at me. I got to my feet, closing my eyes in agony due to the intense feeling of dizziness in my head. I spoke while closing my eyes in discomfort. I'm sorry, but this was a really awful impression. He softly pushed me back to the bed while holding onto my shoulder. "Don't worry, you can rest for the moment." Although the calm surrounding us was soothing, it seemed that his eyes were the thing that bothered me the most. They were so buried and abandoned, dead and black. He saw me watching them and stopped me in my tracks, looking down and dodging my gaze. He talked firmly, and the mannerisms compelled me to comply. "I want you there at seven thirty tomorrow, please." And then he vanished.


I got up, went through my morning routine,


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