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Say You'll Stay

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I met him at my first taste of freedom. He was the boy from the rival team, and I was the coach's daughter. And like the naïve child I was, I followed him to the backseat of his car. An hour later, he kicked me out and left me in the driveway of a stranger's house. Five years later, he came back. The first thing he noticed was the color of my son's eyes. Oh, and that he? It's Lucas-freaking-Kennedy. +++++ A sweet, romantic comedy about two young people navigating parenthood, life, and their own relationships with people who are not what they appear. An unsolved accident, one crazy ex-girlfriend, and a "doting" boyfriend stand between these two. Will they find their way to one another, or will Lucas and Allie let others keep them apart? Note- This is a mature, erotic book with several sexual encounters. There are no triggers. *Secret Baby* *Second Chance* *Small Town*

Chapter 1


“There he is!” my best friend Joel yells out from across the room.

I just got to a party at someone’s house on the lake. After a while, you stop finding out who the house belongs to and wait until you see the family pictures on the wall and hope their parents or cops don’t show up. I scan the room until I find him standing next to Katrina Vandenburg. I’m pretty sure this is her parents’ house, considering they have more money than anyone else within a hundred-mile radius, and this place is nice.

But you never know.

Katrina is the girl. She has no chance of being valedictorian, but it doesn’t matter. She’s hot, fun, and everyone wants to either be her or be with her. Cheerleaders, am I right? She knows how to use the power of her long blond hair and toned and tanned legs. And she has the type of *ss that will guarantee her a pro baller husband and the life of luxury that she’s already accustomed to. Thing is, for now, she has her bottom lip between her teeth and her deep blue eyes locked on me. She wants it; she wants me.

And tonight, I plan to take everything she’s willing to give me.

“Hey Lucas, I was starting to think you wouldn’t show,” she pouts, with her long fingernails running down my chest. I can already picture her cherry red lipstick wrapped around my c*ck when she sucks my d*mn soul out. I’ve heard about her talented mouth, and that will be the first stop with her tonight.

It’s a done deal, if I’m reading this right.

“Yeah, got caught up with my dad in his shop longer than expected.” Act cool, Lucas. Don’t look like a f*ck*ng dweeb right now.

“Well, you’re here now. That’s all that matters.” Her eyes shine just for me. Yep, in fifteen minutes I’ll be seeing the stars.

Joel wags his eyebrows at me, then mouths “get some” before turning to walk away. He’s probably off to find that preacher’s daughter from El Dorado Union. It’s the other high school on the opposite side of town.

“Wanna dance?” Katrina asks while grabbing my hand and twirling around on the spot. She grinds into me, getting the reaction from me that her buzzed state wanted. With her back to me, Katrina leans her head against my chest and I pull that magnificent, tight *ss up against my hips.

God, what did I ever do to get this lucky? She’ll be mine in a matter of minutes.

I hold on to her hips and lean into her neck, smelling the sweet shampoo she uses. I’m willing to bet anything she spends more on her hair in a month than I paid for my car. It’s a classic ‘69 Dodge Charger. I spent all of last summer fixing it up with my dad in his garage. The previous owner left it to collect dust in an old barn until I took it off his hands. We rebuilt it from the inside out, and now it runs perfectly.

Katrina and I spend the next few songs dancing, kissing, until she says she’s going to go get another drink. I nod and let her know I’m going to head up to the bathroom. I need to make sure my dad doesn’t need me to come home.

Ever since my mom died, he can’t stay home alone for long before he goes into a slight depression. He doesn’t want to be alone, and I understand that. He’s just shy with women. Today he asked for the number of this lady he’s been giving ridiculous discounts to for months on her car. Something forced him to sack up and make a move. Though I’m pretty sure she would have just left it if he didn’t ask for it soon. Just the fact that he took that step is a huge relief because I worry about him.

No calls or texts. It looks like I’m in the clear to stay out all night.

One short, one-way conversation with the mirror practicing asking Katrina to show me whatever is under her dress and an armpit check later, I head out of the bathroom. I weave through people until I find her and want to kick myself. She’s not in the condition I left her. In the few minutes I was gone, Katrina went from buzzed to sh*t-faced.

Maybe I just didn’t notice it before.

She’s dancing on a table doing some sort of striptease—at least, that’s what it looks like she’s trying to do. Her red lacy bra is sticking out of the top of her dress, and she’s wearing a matching crown made from a thong. Guess I won’t need to use those shitty lines I practiced in the bathroom. She wouldn’t even remember it, or anything else I say.

Even at eighteen, I don’t find sloppy drunk s*x appealing. However, this is Katrina Vandenburg. She’s hot as f*ck and I am already frustrated from thinking about this all day.

“Lucas! There you are!” She stumbles off the table she was on, nearly falling face-first to the hardwood floors. I catch her just before she face-plants and needs a new nose. She glances up at me through her hooded eyes and mumbles between burps. “I’m was thinking...we should takethump-arty to my room, no?”

What the hell? I was gone for five minutes. How plastered could one girl get in that amount of time?

“Uh sure, lead the way.”

She stumbles across the room and makes it halfway up the stairs before I scoop her up and have to navigate this massive house with her directions. Her use of landmarks in the house, including “that purple vase by the picture of me swimming,” was not helpful.

I finally make it to the typical teenage girl’s bedroom. Pom-poms, a perfectly pressed cheer uniform, pictures of Kat with her best friends, and a full spread of makeup covering a vanity table.

“Hey, you found it!”

“Heh, yeah. You want me to put you on the bed?” She nods, and I set her down on the king-size bed. What a princess. She has everything in life. Looking at the things in her room, I compare it to the modest lifestyle my dad and I have. We’re not starving or scraping the bottom of the barrel, but we work hard for what we have. This girl has pictures with her family on their yacht.

“Lucas, wanna cuddle, hubby,” she mumbles. That raspy groan shakes me from my thoughts.

Did she just say what I think she said? She’s really out of it.

I lay down on the bed and put an arm around her, and we make out. Her kisses are slow, wet, and sloppy. It’s not what I expected, and as my hands make their way up her dress, she stills. I glance up to see if she’s okay. It’s the first snore that gives her away. She’s asleep.

F*ck my life. I sigh and kiss this dream goodbye for the time being.

“Another time.” I drag my feet and make my way out of her room, back to the party.

There are plenty of other girls here that I can score.

Note- Hey! Thanks for checking this story out. No trigger warning for this book, it's a second chance romantic comedy.

Follow me on social media for updates on my books. Or see more of my other books. This is my only contemporary romance, my others are paranormal romances.

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Chapter 2


“Allie, I swear you look perfect, okay? Just come on, you never get to come to these. Embrace being a teenager for once!” My best friend Charity, the preacher’s kid, somehow dragged me to this party after threatening to reveal my lifelong schoolgirl crush on her brother, Ted. He’s in his first year at college, visiting while on break.

“How can you wear something this short? I feel like my butt is hanging out. If my dad finds out, he’s going to kill me.” We fixed our hair and makeup at Charity’s house, but she made me change in the car with her, and I regret not trying this thing on before it became my only option. The slightest breeze will send me into a panic.

Charity and her brother came to parties like this all the time so she doesn’t understand I am on the verge of an anxiety attack. Despite being preacher’s kids, they have chosen their own way of life outside of their family’s churchy lifestyle. They have good hearts bu


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