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Saved By A Dark Billionaire - Part II

Saved By A Dark Billionaire - Part II

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"If you keep biting your lip like that I won't be able to contain myself." I could feel the warmth of his breath fan over my lips, making me hungry to feel them against me. I bit my lip again as my way of permitting him. He gave me a sexy smirk before he crashed his lips against mine. His hands gripped my hips, lifting me and placing me on the kitchen island. I parted my legs allowing his torso between them as he grabbed my bottom while parting my lips with his tongue. I let him explore my mouth with a soft moan. His hands left my rear, traveling up my thighs, pushing my dress up along the way. He ran his finger over my dampening slit, through my underwear. "You're so wet for me already." He smirked against my lip before biting it lightly. I moaned again at the pleasure his touches and words were bringing me. "I want to know what you taste like, Rose." **** Olive came home one day to find her only long-term boyfriend balls deep inside her roommate. With her heart crushed, her fighting spirit from hell, and her best friend at her side, she sets out to prove a point. She can be with anyone if she wants to be. She finds the hottest guy at the nightclub and has her one-night stand with a stranger. Only it becomes more than just a one-night stand as she runs into him again next weekend while out with Lucas' best friend, Leo. Of course, she wasn't aware of the relationship between Loe and Lucas. Lucas is determined to make her his, but so is Leo. How will these best friends handle fighting for the same girl? Read on to discover how Olive deals with these two new men along with her college studies and family drama. Did I forget to mention these guys are rich beyond reason? Warning:there are plenty of hot and steamy scenes in this book


Lucas' P.O.V.

"Is this the place?" Carter asked as we pulled up to a run down motel about 10 minutes away from Rose's flat.

I had never seen this place before. It was as if we had crossed some kind of magical border that sent us to a different world, one of mischief and danger. Most of the buildings here were run down, with people loitering about. I couldn't help but feel more and more uneasy the further we had ventured in, but I had my sights set on confronting her father and I was gonna damn well do it.

"Yeah, that's the place." I nodded staring up at the rusted railing on the second floor. Second floor room 13. That's where we'll find that sorry son of a bitch.

"Let's go then," Davis commanded as he got down from the escalade he had demanded we take here.

Carter and I hopped down, following closely behind.

"This is your last chance, kid. What we're about to do isn't for the faint of heart. You could get yourself in a lot of trouble if we're caught," Davis reminded me, offering me an out again.

"I'm going through with this. I need to talk to him before you guys start going crazy. It's important."

"Alright, but if he gets angry we are jumping in." Davis nodded.

"Fine by me."

We headed towards his door like sharks sniffing out blood in the water. We had our prey in sight and none of us planned on letting him get away with what he'd done. Connor was able to locate him, and the reason for which he came. I'm not sure what Rose would do with this information. Knowing her she'd go into her savior mode, and in this situation it wouldn't do her any good.

I knocked on the door, hearing the low murmur of a tv on the other side. I heard the mattress springs creek with relief, signifying that he'd gotten off the bed. I watched as the door knob twisted and the door swung open. We didn't wait for an invitation, marching in past him. His face registered in my mind reminding me that I'd seen him that day as I left Rose's flat to get clothes. His scruffy beard and honey blonde hair were styled the same as before. His blue eyes stared us all down assessing us. I could see him trying to develop a plan of attack for the 3 men that had just invaded his room.

"We need to talk about your daughter," I said in the most serious tone I could muster.

"You know my daughter?" He narrowed his eyes at us, probably trying to figure out how these two men behind me could possibly know his daughter.

"She's my girlfriend."

Not exactly the way you dream of meeting your girlfriends father. I don't think anyone ever imagines they'll be taking two large men to beat down their girlfriends father on their first encounter. With a dad like hers though, there's little else I'd like to do.

"What do you want?" He asked more sternly. I could see the anger festering in him. He was annoyed and he wasn't afraid to show it.

He was large like David and Carter, clearly a fighter. It seems that he hadn't stopped fighting even at his age, which is probably no younger than mid 40s. He crossed his arms, flexing his large biceps as a warning. He knew what we were here for and he wanted us to know he wouldn't go down easy.

"For you to leave. She doesn't want to see you. She doesn't want to talk. You have no right to come here and drop a bomb you know will cause her to come home before she even graduates." I shook my head at him. "She's worked too hard for that."

"What would you know?" He stepped forward, trying to strike fear in me.

"I know a lot. I know the kind of man you are. I saw it evident on her cheek." My hands fisted at my sides as I recalled the sight of her hurt face and pink eyes. "You hurt her more than just physcially. You can't tell her that you're having a baby. She'll come home to try and keep the baby safe. To try and keep your girlfriend safe. You haven't changed and she knows that."

"How do you-" he started to ask, but I cut him off.

"Name your price and I'll give it to you to not tell her. I'll tell her once she graduates."

Rose can't know. She's worked too hard. The baby will be fine for a couple of months until Rose finishes college. Then she and I can go back to New Hampshire and help if we have to. I won't let Rose throw her life away because this grown ass man doesn't know how to use a condom.

"$200,000." He said without hesitation. It kind of hurt to know that he would take the money rather than fight to see his daughter. Of course it was what I had hoped for, but I still hated it.

"Fine. I'll transfer you the money. These two however are here to hurt you the way you hurt Rose. She has friends now, Mr. Brewer, strong ones at that. She's doing good here and you're ruining it." I stepped back out of the door. "Check your bank in the morning for the money. I expect you gone by tomorrow afternoon. Guys, I'll meet you at the car."

I began walking down the hall, hearing the door close and fists make contact with flesh. I could hear the grunting, and shuffling as their fight began. I made my way down to the escalade, leaning against the black car. My eyes were fixed on number 13's door, waiting to see who would open that door.

Viking Man stepped through with Mr. Clean. They didn't come out unscathed but by the look of Nick on the floor they came out the victors. I smirked smuggly as they shrutted down the stairs.

"Get in," Davis told me, sounding furious. "We need to talk."

Somehow that tone told me I was in trouble, but I couldn't tell you why. I opened the back seat door and climbed in. Doors slammed as they too got in. Davis turned in his chair to face me. His lip was busted and his nose had clearly been bleeding.

"You are going to tell, Liv about her dad today. You aren't going to keep his secrets. She deserves to know. You have no right to make that decision for her. Don't you dare send that man money! He's leaving tomorrow without a penny. I told him so already."

"How dare you try to solve this with money?" Carter added seeming equally upset.

I had nothing to say. My throat felt tight with my voice non existent. I thought I was doing right, but according to them I had done nothing but wrong. I shook my head, trying to shake off the shock as I was caught so off gaurd.

"I was-" I stumbled as I tried to find my words. "She'll leave to help. She's worked so hard to graduate, going through years of hell in high school just to make it to this school. If I tell her that her father is having a baby she'll run home. She can't go back there. He's already proven that he'll hit her."

"Doesn't matter. You tell her the truth and then you remind her of everything you just said. You propose solutions and you solve this together, but under no circumstances do you keep this from her. Don't ever try to buy her problems away again. She'd hate you for that."

Davis' words were strong ringing in my head well after he finished speaking. She'd hate me for it. I hadn't thought of that. My intentions were good, but miscalculated. Davis is right. If Olive found out that I had kept it from her, and paid her dad off to leave, she'd kill me herself. I just nodded my head at Davis unable to say anything more as his words registered what my mind failed to do on its own.

Davis drove us back to our meeting point in silence. Their bloodied knuckles were clear on display but they didn't seem to mind it. Maybe didn't even feel the sting of it anymore. We arrived at the gas station we had met up at a couple hours before, allowing me to get into my own car and race towards my Rose.

I was upset that it had taken us so long to get to the motel. It caused me to miss picking up Rose from her class. I am sure she wasn't exactly pleased by that. I just hope that Leo has been keeping her good company. I had told him to give her the extra key that I keep in my plant jar. Rose needs her own key to my place.

I drove quicky towards my apartment ready to see her. I waited at the red light a couple blocks away from the apartment now. The moment the light turned green I raced forward forgetting my own rule. I was met by a blaring horn of the pick up truck that decided to run a red light. It hit the side of my car so hard. I saw everything spin around me before it dropped onto the roof of the car, letting me know I had just flipped multiple times and landed on the roof of the car. I felt my head getting dizzy as warm liquid ran through my hair and dripped onto the roof of the car, showing me its dark red. I was bleeding and the thought only had my head spinning more until my vision tunneled and gave way to the darkness.


Olive's P.O.V.

"He should have been here by now." Leo sighed, playing anxiously with his lip piercings.

We had both tried calling him but hadn't received a response. There was no text or call back. Anytime we tried to call it went straight to voicemail. From there we started to worry.

"His phone is probably dead," I said, knowing that wasn't the case.

I don't know what it is, but I have this sinking feeling in my stomach that something is wrong. I couldn't tell you what it is though, however, having Lucas not answering the phone was only making the feeling worse. My mind kept coming up with worse case scenarios to torture me further.

"Yeah probably," he sighed not convinced.

"What should we do? Want to try to see if anyone else has heard from him?" I asked, hoping he would say yes, because I don't have Lisa or Rachel's number.

"Shit." I heard Leo curse under his breath before he answered his phone. "Hello?" His voice sounded so scared, like


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