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Revenge with My Quadruplets

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Five years ago, Emily was framed and became pregnant. She lost everything and became an ordinary woman. The night she went into labor, she woke up in a pit. Somebody tried to bury her alive! Five years later, she returned with her kids and she would make those people who framed her pay! What? She was pregnant with quadruplets! They were all her children! She would get all her money back! Whoever had framed her or hurt her, she would be back at them tenfold! Derick, the man in power of the Scott family, pulled her back and said, "Emily, I'll give you everything you want!"

Chapter 2

  Five years later, at Chicago Airport.

  Emily was wearing sunglasses. She was pushing two suitcases, with two children walking beside her.

  "Mommy." Diane hugged Emily's leg and looked up at her.

  "Stupid Diane, stop acting like a spoiled child. You're making mommy tired," Chris said coldly.

  Diane stuck her tongue out at Chris.

  "Mommy, are you tired? I'll give you a kiss." Diane kissed Emily on the cheek.

  "Chris, you have one too." Diane also kissed Chris on the cheek.

  "Diane, don't do that to me." Chris wiped his face.

  He held Diane's hand to keep her from bumping into others.

  Emily took Chris and Diane to the hotel. Then, she put Chris and Diane to bed.

  Emily changed into a black dress. As she turned back, she saw Chris looking at her with his dark green eyes.

  "Chris, what are you doing here?" Emily asked gently.

  "Mommy, are you going somewhere?" Chris asked in concern.

  Emily patted Chris' head. She knew that Chris had been trying to take care of her.

  "I have something important to do."

  "I want to go with you," Chris immediately said.

  "Chris. You can't come with me this time." Emily said gently. "Take care of your sister and I'll be back soon, okay?"

  "Okay, Mommy. Come back soon. Diane and I will wait for you." Chris agreed reluctantly.

  "Okay, sweetie." Emily kissed Chris on the forehead. She didn't want to leave them alone here, but there was something she had to do now.

  Emily drove on the road. She turned on the radio and heard a piece of news. "The engagement party between the Scott family and the Hopkinson family is being held at Azure Hotel. Many celebrities will attend the party..."

  Azure Hotel.

  Rose drove the maids out of her room. She needed to talk to her mother, Laura, privately.

  "Laura, I'm so nervous." Rose held Laura's hand.

  Five years had passed. Derek had never mentioned marrying Rose. At that time, she brought the twins to Derek, hoping to marry him. Derrick took the babies in but did not marry Rose.

  "Don't worry. You will be Mrs. Scott. You gave Derek a pair of twins. He has agreed to the engagement. Soon, you will marry him." Laura comforted Rose.

  After listening to Laura, Rose felt better.

  "Remember, Rose, you are the future hostess of the Scott family. I won't let the two little bastards get in your way," Laura said firmly.

  Suddenly, someone knocked on the door, which shocked Laura and Rose.

  "Derek, it's good to see you," Laura said with a smile.

  "Hello, Mrs. Hopkinson. Is Rose ready? The party has begun," Derek said coldly.

  Laura passed Rose's hand to Derek.

  The guests had gathered in the hall downstairs.

  Derek and Laura came down together while everyone was watching them.

  The guests raised their glasses to the couple with smiles on their faces.

  "Thank you for coming to Rose and Derek's engagement party today." Laura looked at Rose lovingly. "I have a gift for Rose. Bennett had a will before he passed away..."

  "It looks like Rose is not only going to become Derek's fiancée, she'll also inherit the Hopkinson family's property," someone said.

  Laura looked at Kevin under the stage and said with a smile, "Kevin, as Bennett's lawyer, please read his will."

  A middle-aged man with glasses walked up with a document in his hand.

  "Everyone, I am Bennett's lawyer. Now, I will read his will."

  "The Hopkinson Group will be..."


  Kevin was just about to say the name when he was interrupted by a woman's voice.

  Everyone looked at the door.

  Emily stood outside the door in a long black dress. Her hair was tied up, and she was holding a white daisy in her hand. She was not wearing any jewelry.

  "Who is this? This is Derek's engagement party, not a funeral..."

  "Emily? I thought she died five years ago!"

  "She is also Bennett's daughter. Is she here to fight for the inheritance?"

  The crowd whispered. They looked surprised.

  They did not expect that a person who had been missing for five years would show up at the engagement party.

  Rose was so frightened that she had cold feet. She buried Emily with her own hands, yet Emily was standing right in front of her!

  Laura walked to Emily as she entered the hall. She grabbed Emily's hair and was about to slap her.

  "Get out! If not for you, Bennett wouldn't have been so ill."

  Emily grabbed Laura's hand and slapped her.

  "Mom!" Rose screamed and rushed over. "Emily, this is my engagement party. Get out of here."

  "I'm the heir of the Hopkinson family, and I need to be present when the will is being read," Emily said firmly.

  "I'm the heir. Get out, now!" Rose shrieked and pounced on Emily.

  Emily dodged. She picked up the cake on the table and smashed it on Rose's head.

  Rose and Derek were supposed to cut the cake together before the engagement party ended.

  Now, the cake, as a simble of their union, was ruined.

  Laura was mad. "Emily, how dare you ruin Rose's engagement party!"

  "Emily, this is the Hopkinson family's business. Let's talk about it in private, okay?" Ash came forward and stood in front of Laura.

  "Ash, my dear uncle, you always take Laura's side. Should I remind you that she is my father's wife." Emily looked at Ash mockingly.

  "Shut up, Emily. Bennett made the will before he died. You are in no position to question it," Laura quickly cut in, since she knew that Emily was implying that she had been sleeping with Ash.

  "Very well." Emily grabbed the will from Kevin's hand and took out a lighter. She burnt it in front of everyone.

  "Now, am I qualified?" Emily wiped her hands on the tablecloth.

  "No, my will!" Rose tried to grab it. But it had already turned into ashes.

  "Look what you've done, Emily," Ash shouted.

  "I burned the will because it's not real," Emily said calmly.

  "What? Emily, do you think Bennett would make you his successor?" Laura said angrily. "If not for your scandal, Bennett wouldn't fall ill! He died because of you!"

  Yes, Emily knew that everyone thought she was the one who killed Bennett.

Chapter 3

  "Shut up." A man said in a mad tone.

  Everyone looked over. It was Derek, Rose's fiance.

  Derek was tall and handsome. As the heir of the Scott family, he looked powerful and deterring.

  He frowned in disgust at this farce. Although he didn't like Rose, he hated it more when people were making a scene.

  Emily watched as Derek walked up to her. She looked straight into his eyes, feeling that he was somehow familiar.

  Derek's face darkened. He hated people staring at him, especially women.

  "If you are not here for the engagement party, please leave," Derek said impatiently.

  "As the head of the Hopkinson family, I must be present when the will is being read. Mr. Scott, you can't ask me to leave." Emily knew that Derek was Rose's fiance and would take her side.

  The Scott family was powerful, especially after Derek became the head of the family. Emily knew very well that she could not fight against the two families at the same


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