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Redemption in disguise: Mafia's Obsession

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Eva believed she caused the fire incident that killed her parents, now she lives with the guilt, and the fear that she belongs behind the bars of an asylum. After discovering her four-year relationship was only a scam to get her father's wealth, she finds herself in a situation between life as the prisoner of a scary mafia lord or life as the sex slave of her perverted boss, Eva's choice not only leads her to discover the secrets that shroud her entire existence but also to find love in the most unlikely of places.

Chapter 1 Worst anniversary ever

Eva's POV

“Hey babe, happy anniversary to us. To celebrate this, meet me at X club tonight at 10. I've got something really interesting for you.”

I smiled as I read the message Jacob had sent to me. Jacob had been my safe place for four years. Jacob was the only one who truly loved me, and cared for me regardless of what anybody thought.

It goes without saying that I'll do anything he asks me. Even though I hated visiting clubs, but this particular one was close to my workplace, and if it was for Jacob, I would always go.

Imagine having to live a life of slavery, being hated by everyone. And then some fancy guy pops up, looking all gorgeous and handsome, and suddenly wants to have something to do with you.

That's everything any girl would ask for. Jacob wasn't very rich, but he was hardworking. And that was all I wanted. A man who would look past my failures, the hate, the gossip, and just focus on me. Jacob was that man.

I stepped into the local bar where I worked. The bar was owned by a crazy pedophilic and perverted gambler, Trent. Trent was a forty-year-old man who had no wife or children. All he did was swindle people's money, get himself in debt, work his way through, and find more money to swindle.

Oh, and he also loved to sleep with anything in skirts. I heard he once tried to sleep with a minor. Luckily, the girl's parents caught him and sent him to jail.

But due to his affinity with the mafia world, he always got out after a while. Now this miserable man set his eyes on me as a prey, and he has since been trying to sleep with me.

Too bad, he was no match for my Jacob. The thought of seeing Jacob at the end of the day encouraged me to do my work diligently.

"Hey dream girl," Tristan called. Tristan was my co-worker, he was gay and was the only one who saw me as a friend there. He nicknamed me Dream Girl when we once talked about our goals. He felt mine was unattainable, and had since called me dream girl.

"What's up, Tris?" I responded.

"That sleazy old hag sent for you," he said. The sleazy old hag was our boss. As much as I detested him, Tristan was more irked by his presence.

"What for?"

"And how should I know? He only saw me passing and asked me to call you," he replied casually.

I didn't like the idea of going to Trent's office, the man would undress any girl with the lust in his eyes.

"I know you hate the sight of him, I do too, but he's still your boss, dream girl, and you ought to obey him."

I scoffed at Tristan's mock attempt to sound reasonable. He shrugged and sauntered off, leaving me to my thoughts. This was around nine thirty pm, just thirty minutes till I get done, and get to see my lover.

Thinking about Jacob suddenly brought a smile to my face.

"Tsk," Tristan returned, clicking his tongue at me. "You're doing it again, honey. That thing where you get lost in a dreamland."

"Haha, Tristan," I said in a sarcastic voice. "Very funny."

With an eye roll, he walked away again. I knew I couldn't ignore the boss's call, so I went to answer him.

"Eva, my darling, you finally came," he said excitedly.

The crooked line in his lips which he called a smile made him look even more frightening than he did on a norm.

"You sent for me, sir," I said, emphasizing on the word "sir".

"Oh dear, yes I did. You know, I've recently installed security cameras all over the place, and my eyes were just fixed on you all along."

"Oh," I mumbled. Did he think this was going to make me happy? Well, it did not. It made me even more mad. Why would he be watching me?

"Yes, yes. You were so graceful. You know, there's really one thing out of the gazillion things you do so well that makes me love you more..."

I wasn't sure I wanted to know, so I kept my stoic expression and didn't say anything.

"Yes, it's the way you comport yourself, it makes me want to bring out the devil in you, to unleash that beast and see how bad you can be in bed."

"That is appalling, and highly disgusting, sir," I said. The thought of being around his naked body was already making me feel nauseous. I hated to imagine what the actual scene would be like.

"Oh, come on Eva, you're not a child anymore. You're like twenty-two or something. Old enough to want a man and go get him."

"And I'm also old enough to know what kind of man to want." I retorted.

"Really? So what kind of man do you want?"

"Not you."

He laughed bitterly. "A little birdie tells me you're celebrating your anniversary tonight with that chipmunk."

"That chipmunk is ten times better than the man you dream of being," I snapped.

"Careful silly, that's not the way to talk to your boss," he winked.

"If my boss wants an inappropriate conversation, he has to be ready for inappropriate speeches."

"You're here in my office, speaking to me so rudely and you're not worried that I can easily have you here? Right over my desk, it'll be a pleasure."

I felt more disgusted, and I scoffed. "You disgust me," I murmured and turned to leave.

He chuckled darkly. "Funny you. The moment you walk out of here, you'll come crawling back to me."

"Over my dead body," I spat. Without waiting for his response, I marched out.

"Dream girl, what's the ups?"

"That sleazy old hag wanted to have me in his office," I whispered. The fact that he was so confident made me feel even more afraid. I had to change my clothes to the ones I prepared for my anniversary night with Jacob. It was almost ten pm already.

"Well, you might have to look for another job, honey. What do you even see in a place like this? With your dreams and goals, I never expected you to be here till now. It feels as if you actually want to leave them as dreams."

I couldn't answer that question. Because how could I explain to anyone that I was wanted by the police? And I couldn't get a decent job because I could be arrested, and the company be queried?

"Dream girl?" Tristan called softly.

"I need to go," I said.

"Okay honey, happy anniversary. Ask Jacob if he'll ever like a threesome!"

"That is disgusting, Tristan," I yelled back at him.

I ran towards the toilet and changed quickly. I fixed my hair and did a light make-up. I took out my perfume. It was remaining very little, and I had saved it for this particular night. I sprayed what was left of it, and packed my stuff into a bag. Once I had tucked the bag carefully, I calmly made my way out of the bar.

Steadily, I walked towards the club, just adjacent to the bar. It was surprising how such a nice and fancy club could be here, and people still rushed to Trent's bar. That bastard. I definitely would report him to my Jacob.

I got into the club, and there was no sign of Jacob anywhere. I sat in the corner, watching for a while. A waitress walked over to me and offered me a welcoming smile.

"Hello, Eva," she greeted.

I was surprised that she knew me. "Hello, I don't think we've met?"

"Not at all," she affirmed. "Surprised that I know you?"

I nodded once.

She giggled softly. "Today's your anniversary, huh? Well, you're in for a big treat."

I found myself smiling. Did Jacob arrange this warm welcome for me? He didn't need to go through all the trouble.

"Are you ready?" She asked, wagging her brows.

I nodded shyly. Maybe he arranged a room for us, maybe he decorated it. Oh, I can't wait! My heart thumped heavily in my chest.

"Well, you'd have to wait about fifteen minutes, I guess. Just, let me get you the drink he paid for. He should be here any moment with your surprise."

The way she emphasized the word surprise got me feeling jittery. What could this surprise be? Did he finally get us an apartment? Did he clear my name? Would he propose to me?

Different thoughts and ideas flowed in my head, but I never would have imagined what the surprise was. The lady soon returned with a bottle of wine, and two glass cups. She opened the wine and poured in a cup for me.

"Enjoy," she whispered.

Sip by sip, I finished the first glass. Jacob hadn't arrived yet, and I poured myself another glass and continued drinking. The wine bottle was almost empty when I noticed the lady coming towards me.

"Are you ready? He's here," she said.

"Okay, I'm ready."

She led me towards the inner part of the club, and I noticed there were doors on each side of the corridor. So they did have rooms here too. She led me to one room and stopped.

"Go on, your surprise is in there." She said. "And, Eva, Mr Jacob didn't arrange this."

"Then who did?" I asked in confusion.

"Her." She replied and left.

Her? Who is her? I stood at the door, wondering who she could be. Jacob didn't have a sister, he was an only child. His mother was late, and his father's wife didn't know me either. So who could this "her" be?

Let it not be... I pushed the door open, and I froze in shock. Jacob was in bed with another woman. If he was just kissing or smooching, I could have forced myself to believe anything.

But he was totally nude, and was inside of her! I couldn't blink, I couldn't move, I couldn't breathe.

"Jake," I croaked.

The both of them stopped their actions and turned to me. Jacob soon noticed it was me, and climbed down the lady. He quickly put on his underwear and turned to face me.

"Jake..." I whispered. My eyes got teary, and the tears were hot. A thousand different things were running through my mind earlier, how much effort he had put into the surprise. Never would I have imagined that it was this.

But the waitress said it wasn't him, but her. Who could this ‘her’ be?”

"Babe, come back, let's finish what we've started," the lady said aloud. Was she so shameless that she didn't even care to know who was standing there?


"Today of all days?" I whispered. The tears began to fall freely from my eyes, and I didn't bother blinking them away. "You couldn't wait?"

"You said ten pm. Today is our anniversary, Jake," I cried. "How could you do this to me?"

The lady snickered and sat up in bed. "Eva, get over it. It's not like it's just starting. We go back a long way. You are the one who trespassed. Jacob didn't cheat on you, he cheated on me with you."

"What are you saying?" I turned to Jacob, "What is she saying?"

"Look, I know things are crazy right now, but everything will be fine by morning, okay?" He said calmly.

I raised my hand to hit him, and I suddenly felt my body slack. What was going on?

"Eva...?" Jacob called carefully. "Shit! Eva, don't die."

"Calm down," the lady said in a bored tone. "She's not dying, it's just some sedative."

"You sedated her? Why?!"

"Cause I want you tonight," she replied.

Although I had fallen to the floor, I fought to keep my consciousness, maybe they weren't aware of this as they conversed.

"Lauren, that's your sister."

Lauren? That was my fucking cousin sister. She drugged me? I wonder what they would do to me now.

"And I don't fucking care, you're my boyfriend! I'm doing this for us, for you! If we can lay hands on those properties, we'll be rich.” Her voice dripped with defiance.

“Don’t tell me you are falling for her? That would be in your dreams. Those inheritance belong to us and you would never get it without me."

Inheritance? What inheritance were they talking about? It didn't matter, I needed to somehow leave this place. Who am I kidding? I can't even move.

"What do we do with her?" Jacob asked softly, after a few seconds of silence.

"The waitress will take her somewhere safe until we're done."

The waitress.

I could feel my body being lifted, this wasn't the arm of a waitress. This was a man. The man crossed the street and entered a place. The familiar scent of drunkards and gamblers filled my nostrils, and I instantly realized where I was.

The man carried me into a dark room and laid me on the bed. He left.

I was starting to fall asleep, when I heard a familiar mocking voice.

"I told you you'll come crawling back to me, didn't I? Well, I guess I didn't lie."

Oh no! Trent!

Chpter 2 Death

Eva's POV

"Hehe, my pretty," he chuckled darkly.

Oh, dear God! Save me, just save me. I would do anything to be saved from this bastard. Was this how my life would go from bad to terrible? Didn't they say that good things happened to people who were always being sidelined?

My entire life had changed from that one fire accident, ten years ago.

Ten years ago, I was the happiest child, being in a complete family, loved by my both parents. Being an only child, I grew up without having to fight for my parents' attention. They had it on me 24-7.

There was nothing I wanted that I didn't get, nothing I asked for that I didn't receive. Some people felt like I was being unnecessarily spoiled, but it didn't matter to my parents.

So long as they could make me happy and comfortable, nothing else mattered to them. And this irked the jealous people more than anything. Of course, this meant I had so many friends in school. Some of them were just exploiting me, I


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