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Rebirth on a Deserted Island

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Stranded on an island from the start! No lighter, no knife, and no grand gift packs, just a backpack full of useless things! Relying on a hardcore survival system, he learns to make fire by drilling wood, extract water from mud pits, craft stone axes, and tear apart venomous snakes with his bare hands! After overcoming the initial challenges, he begins to create stone tools, pottery, smelt metals, domesticate animals, and cultivate crops... And in his spare moments, he teaches the girls some handy life skills!

Chapter 1: Stranded on a Deserted Island

"Whoosh... Whoosh..."

The waves lapped at his pant legs, and the scorching sun cast a blood-red hue over Lu Zhe's eyelids!

He shielded his eyes from the glaring sunlight with an outstretched hand, and as his eyes slowly adjusted to the brightness, he struggled to sit up!

In the distance, there were blue skies and white clouds, and an endless sea!

Turning around, he saw a dense, primeval jungle not far behind him!

The sand on the beach was scorching hot. He struggled to his feet, staggered over, and took shelter in the shadow of a broad-leaved plant.

At last, it was a bit cooler.

"Why am I here?"

He closed his eyes and pondered for a moment, vaguely recalling something!

That's right, shouldn't I be on a plane right now, heading to Australia with the student representatives of the humanities class from Longcheng Middle School for a week-long graduation season academic summer camp?


Suddenly, his face turned ashen!

The last images before he passed out surfaced in his mind!

The plane encountered turbulence, descended rapidly, and violently shook before hitting something!

Then, right in front of his seat, a large hole burst open, papers flew across the cabin, and many things were s*ck*d out of the cabin by the tremendous negative pressure. Even now, the howling wind and the passengers' screams echoed in his ears!

A plane crash!

He had survived a plane crash and ended up on a deserted island!

A blessing in disguise!

He was still alive!

He wondered how the other students were doing.

Thinking of this, he gave a self-deprecating, bitter smile.

He was barely clinging to life himself, yet he still thought about others?!

It was at this moment that a "ding" sounded in his mind: "Congratulations, host, you have obtained the Desert Island Survival System!

The system will initially provide the optimal solution based on the current situation!

After acquiring certain survival skills, the host will receive a potential reward for each type of freshwater, protein, carbohydrate, tool, and living item obtained!"

The system...

Lu Zhe finally felt somewhat relieved!

With the system's company, he didn't feel so alone!

How to use it?

He was still unfamiliar with it!

He licked his cracked lips, feeling an intense thirst!

Where could he find a coconut or something?

He looked around and sighed in disappointment!

There wasn't even a coconut tree nearby, let alone a coconut!

And even if there were coconuts, he didn't have the strength to open them now.

In his despair, a "ding" sounded in his mind: "New task: Find the residual freshwater in the bottles that have drifted onto the beach!

Reward: +1 potential point!"

Water bottles?

Water bottles on a deserted island usually drift from places where humans live. There might be empty bottles, and naturally, there might also be bottles that were discarded before being finished. If he was lucky enough to find a half-full bottle, wouldn't he have water to drink?

But now, with the sun blazing overhead, it would take a lot of courage to walk back to the beach.

But if he didn't go, he would just die of thirst here!

He gritted his teeth, tore off a piece of oak leaf to cover his head, and walked in the direction indicated by the system!

The distance of just 100 meters felt like running a marathon, and it took him a full five minutes!

Sure enough, he found several stranded bottles behind some rocks.

They were all unknown foreign brands!

He picked them up one by one and shook them; two of the bottles actually had water!

He eagerly unscrewed a mineral water bottle with more than half a bottle of clear water, but stopped before drinking, cautiously licking it with his tongue first.

Ugh, seawater!

Lucky he tried it first!

Drinking it directly would have been unbearably salty!

He sighed helplessly and had no choice but to unscrew the other bottle with water, sniffed it, and detected no smell.

His heart stirred.

He carefully tasted it!

Clear, with a hint of sweetness!


It was really freshwater!

At that moment, he felt as if he had entered heaven!

There was probably about 150 milliliters of freshwater left!

Not to mention 150 milliliters, even if it were 1500 milliliters, he could drink it all in one go right now!

But the more critical the moment, the more he desperately told himself, to survive, he must restrain himself!

He carefully drank a third of it.

"Ding! Congratulations, host, your fluid rate has recovered by 1%! Reward: +1 potential point!"

Then, several flashing options appeared: strength, speed, stamina...

Should he add to one of these?

And just then, he noticed something lying on the beach not far away.

At first, he was startled.

Then he shielded his eyes from the light, squinted, and took a closer look; it seemed to be a person.

Thinking it might be one of his classmates he had spent so much time with, a wave of sadness welled up in Lu Zhe's heart.

He should go over and check; maybe they were still alive!

He screwed the cap back on the water bottle, tucked it into his pocket, and walked over.

As he approached, he saw khaki suspenders, a plaid long skirt, black over-the-knee socks, and brown leather shoes!

This JK uniform looked somewhat familiar!

Then he noticed the beautiful chestnut-colored princess hair adorned with a crystal kitty cat hair clip!

His heart sank to the bottom of his chest!

Lin Qianqian!

It was his classmate, the study committee member Lin Qianqian!

Chapter 2: A Strange System Task

No way… Is she already dead? He forced himself to approach, turning her body over. A dirty but beautiful face, covered in seaweed, devoid of color, was heartbreakingly beautiful. As members of the student council, they had a good relationship. Seeing Lin Qianqian in this state, Lu Zhe felt terrible.

He used his sleeve to wipe off the seaweed and sand from her face. “Lin Qianqian, hey, wake up! Qianqian…” No response. He touched her nose, unable to feel her breath. His heart sank. He clenched his teeth, suppressing his inner sorrow.

As a last hope, he hesitated for a moment, then placed his hand on her chest. There, he felt a faint heartbeat. He was overjoyed, his heart also lifted. A heartbeat meant she was still alive, there might still be hope! If he could save her, at least he wouldn’t be alone on this deserted island!

If they were lucky, the rescue team would arrive soon, and they would be saved together. If they were a little less fortunate, they could still s


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