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Purple Love

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In the vibrant tale of "Purple Love," readers are invited into a world where love knows no bounds, sacrifice is a testament to strength, and a mother's devotion transcends all obstacles. Set against the rich tapestry of familial traditions and personal struggles, Sofia's journey unfolds with gripping intensity and unwavering resolve. Sofia, a woman of indomitable spirit, finds herself entwined in a web of love and turmoil, her heart torn between tradition and the fierce desire to protect her child. Her husband, Emaka, embodies both the steadfastness of tradition and the complexities of modernity, his presence casting a shadow over Sofia's quest for freedom and self-discovery. As Sofia navigates the intricate maze of familial expectations and personal aspirations, she must confront the harsh realities of her circumstances and the sacrifices demanded of her. With each twist and turn, she is faced with impossible choices that test the limits of her courage and resilience. But amidst the chaos and uncertainty, Sofia discovers a strength within herself that she never knew existed—a strength born of unwavering love for her child and an unyielding determination to carve out a better future. With every step forward, she defies the constraints of convention and defies the odds stacked against her. "Purple Love" is a poignant testament to the power of love, sacrifice, and the enduring bonds that hold us together. Through Sofia's journey, readers will be swept away on a tumultuous ride filled with heartache, triumph, and the enduring hope that even in the darkest of times, love will always prevail.

Chapter 1

My traditional marriage ceremony was halted and cancelled, because the wine I was asked to present to my husband mistakenly fell of my hand. Since that very day, I haven't set my eyes on my man, he blocked my lines, on all social media platform and relocated from the city he resided. Emaka and I have been lover, we couldn't do without each other. Emaka and I had been lover since Secondary School, he was in grade 12 then while I was in grade 10, he was the man that disvirgin me, and he has been the only man I had slept with. After I graduate from the university, Emaka had by then graduated and secured a job in his father company.

"Yes he came from a wealthy family, my dad wasn't that rich, we were basically the middle class set of family."

My mom had come from a wealthy family, my uncle's wife had pleaded with my mom to take me along with her to the city, one time when they came back home during the Christmas holidays, so I could look after her two younger children. since she was basically the working class type, a bank manager to be precise. Since she didn't want to trust her kids to a total stranger. At that time, I had just written my junior secondary examination. Few weeks, after school resumed my uncle enrolled me into one of the most popular and wealthy school in the city.

I was wowed, the very first day I arrived at the school, it was classy and had everything I had already wanted in school. Since my uncle was rich and had an excellent relationship with the rich people living in the estate, and my aunt too was not a low class woman.

Life was nearly perfect for me, since my aunt never maltreated me and even took me as her own sister, since she had none , she was an only child to her late parents. The next Monday, I dressed neatly cause, have been dreaming about my new school. at first I was lost , the school was so big I didn't even know my class room. After the assembly ended , all the students matched towards their various class room. I was trying to ask some students but they all snubbed me , giving me a foreign look. One thing, I already notice was that, on like my former school, this new school was totally different. I was trying to allocated my class by myself but I knew it wasn't going to be easy, when I sighted some set of three girls, wearing mini skirt and were neatly dressed. They walked pass me, they seems engrossed on their conversation, but I summon the courage to asked them.

"Excuse me please, I need help in allocating my class " I asked the girls

"Excuse you ?" the fair girl among them asked with her brow raised in mockery

"Can you help me allocated my class room"

"Is there something wrong with your dumb brain?

"Why?, is this thing, talking to us?" the other girl asked rolling their eyes at me.

"Will you, get out of here. Pig" the fair one, who seems to be their leader said while brushing pass me.

I turned around to leave but someone held her legs across my way but immediately I realized it, I had already fallen down on my butt. Their laugher echos on the hallway, I knew she had set her leg out , but why would she even do that. I was still puzzled at why she would have done that when I heard someone spoke.

"Hey miss " I gaze up and my eyes met with his.

Chapter 2

His voice was the most audible voice, I had ever heard. with his masculine feature and his well build body structures. No girl in her right senses, would say no to this guy. He held me up. and helped me allocate my class room.

"Your new here?" he asked as he held me up

"Yeah "

"Seems like "

"What your name?


"Such a nice name "

"Thanks " I said. Smiling speechlessly.

" I think you need help, in allocating your class room?" he asked

"Yes , thank you "

I couldn't get him off my mind for that whole day. For the whole week I didn't see him, and I didn't know what class he was so I could appreciate him.

The following Monday, I saw him but this time with two other set of handsome looking boys. Which I later realized they were his best friends, pater and Dante .

I was astonished, at how he spoke to me , on like


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